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More online than you think.
« on: Monday 26 February 18 17:04 GMT (UK) »

Another member told me about online marriage licences for Essex so I delved further into other counties and found there are lots of records available online that many do not know about from parish registers, wills, poor law records etc. Not sure if a thread has already been posted on this.

Some of them are only available to LDS members of at a Family History Centre but lots of them are available to anyone who has a free FamilySearch account.

Norfolk for example has a lot of scans of wills online to anyone. There are some years that are not yet online but many are.
Essex also has many overseers records/churchwardens accounts/ratebooks which mention parishioners.

The format is if a "camera" symbol has a key above it then it is for LDS members but if there is a "camera" symbol on its own it is available to all people who have a free account.

If it is a "reel" then it is a family history centre.

The free records online will no doubt keep people busy as it has certainly kept me busy.

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