Author Topic: Why would a DNA test be useful to me?  (Read 1871 times)

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Re: Why would a DNA test be useful to me?
« Reply #18 on: Thursday 14 October 21 12:21 BST (UK) »
I took a test with LivingDNA and their ethnicity gave UK and Ireland 89.7%, with North West England 34% and South Wales 24.3%, which seems right as my family is English/Welsh. What did not make sense was North West Scotland 1.8%. There are very few in my present family, so the results were not surprising. My closest relative was a 2nd-4th cousin and then 3rd-5th downwards. But I do have Asia South Pashtun 8.6% and Africa Nilotic People 1.6%. Pashtun is the Iran area and Nilotic People are from halfway down Africa on the West side. I am looking for my Welsh great-great-grandfather; a Williams from West Wales. It is like looking for the needle in a haystack, but I doubt that spreads to Asia or Africa. Initially, I dismissed the ethnicity breakdown as having no relevance.
A while later, I uploaded my Autosomal to Gedmatch. It offered me a very different set of matches and none from the LivingDNA list. One was much closer than the others, so I made contact. It established the North West Scotland link, as descendants were living in Wales from around 1750. That was from a much smaller percentage than Asia South Pashtun 8.6%.
Within the LivingDNA list, there are English and Welsh sounding surnames, but also anonymised people that are of little use. From the GEDmatch list, there are no Welsh sounding names and many seem to be in America, which really does not make any sense, but they may be very distant relatives, as the Scottish line goes back to 1750. I still have not found my great-great-grandfather.
Was the DNA test worth doing? As a sole searcher, even with DNA it is very difficult. For those with large families, taking several tests to cross-check, the results and accuracy may be better. I am pleased I took the test, as it offered me more than I expected.

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Re: Why would a DNA test be useful to me?
« Reply #19 on: Thursday 14 October 21 12:55 BST (UK) »
I tested with Ancestry, five years ago.  The results immediately:

1. confirmed my research into a direct ancestor who emigrated to the US in 1855 and silenced his sceptical US descendants!
2. proved conclusively that my Dad was actually my biological father, which I had not expected.
3. showed a non parental event in 1874, which rendered 35 years of research on one line completely irrelevant!

OH's proved a family story that his great grandmother was fathered by a  member of the aristocratic family for which his mother worked.

I recommend it and wait to see what the results throw up next.

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Re: Why would a DNA test be useful to me?
« Reply #20 on: Thursday 14 October 21 14:07 BST (UK) »
One side result of doing a DNA test is that your family tree research will widen considerably - in terms of finding, and adding, siblings and children from your direct line.

This is because you will have a number of cousin matches who either don't have trees, or have only researched on a limited basis, and therefore even though you have a DNA connection you can't recognise any surnames or find the link between you.

So it will indeed depend on whether you're keen, or have the time, to put in the extra research required.

I've tracked down a few relatives on this basis, but still have a couple with a relatively large cM match which I cannot pin down at all!
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