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John Whitehouse & Ann Maria Smith
« on: Monday 14 May 18 18:24 BST (UK) »
I'm stuck on the Whitehouse branch of my family. I finally found a lead, but I'm a little stuck again, and hoping someone might be able to help.

so, hopefully I can make this relatively clear.
My great great great grandfather was born in England. His 2 daughters and his wife were also born in England, then they came to the USA in 1858 (according to the census note from one daughter), and his son (my great great grandfather) was born here in Pennsylvania.

that great great great grandfather's name was John Whitehouse. His wife's name was Ann Maria Whitehouse (nee Smith). Their daughters were Alice Louisa Whitehouse, and Sarah Jane Whitehoue. Their son (my great great grandfather) was John Edward Whitehouse. I can back all of this with documentation.

Where I am lost, is that I found John and Ann Maria's marriage information. It lists John's father as John Whitehouse (this name is getting old... everyone down to my grandfather was John Whitehouse), and it lists Ann Maria's father as Edward Smith. Unless there happens to have been another Ann Maria Smith marrying a John Whitehouse with roughly the same birth years, then I'm sure this is the correct record.

Here's the link for that marriage info, hopefully links are permitted.

Now... apparently John Whitehouse was an insanely popular name in staffordshire.
I'm fairly certain this is the correct 1851 census as Sarah's age matches to the month

but I can't confirm WHICH 1841 census would be correct for John Whitehouse's side, and for Ann Maria Smith's side. There's several different ones that match the john whitehouse father/son names, and while I thought I found Ann Maria's, there's another census that doesn't list her, but does list an edward smith that is a "Machine keeper" by occupation, as is stated in the marriage.

Does anyone have a better idea of how I can confirm this? Or perhaps some concrete documentation that might help me confirm their mothers' names? I do have a dna test if I'm lucky enough to find someone that also has one and can trace back to either of John or Ann Maria's parents.

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Re: John Whitehouse & Ann Maria Smith
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 15 May 18 13:28 BST (UK) »
Let's start with baptisms for each of them.The 1851 gives births 1826 ish at Tipton.
Ann Maria Smith bapt Tipton Green Wesleyian Feb 24 1825 born Jan 25th
They then moved to Dudley and she got baptised again at St Thomas Dudley 25th April 1830 with the same birth date.
The later gives Edward's profession as labourer but the former gives no occupation.
It looks like she is their only child at least the only baptism.

John Whitehouse is a very popular name but let's assume he did come from Tipton and his father was John.

John Whitehouse bapt Tipton St Martin's 30.7.1826 s of John and Hannah engineer Cross st.
Presumably John snr is an engineer in the Mine.
Siblings Mary 12 Oct 1817, William 6 Aug 1820, Jane 6.Dec .1823,Hannah 30.Nov .1828

The 1841 censuses I'd go for are
Quarry Lane Tipton
Edward Smith 45 boat gauger y (on the canal).
Sarah 50 y
Ann Maria 15 y

In 1851 they are still at Quarry Lane
Edward Smith 55 machine keeper Sedgley
Sarah  62 Tipton
James 27 son messenger Tipton
Adeline Whitehouse grandchild 2 Titpon.(mothers maiden name Smith)

and Coppice St
John Whitehouse 50 coal miner y
Sarah 35 y
John 15 y
William 7 y

It looks like Hannah has died (there are several burials which could be her) and John has remarried .
But looking at baptsims for John and Sarah in Tipton (St Martins)gives us
Pheobe 2 Sep 1821 Brickhouse lane miner
John 28 Dec 1823 Owen St miner
Abraham 3 June 1827 Owen st miner
David 3 Han 1830 Owen St Miner
Job 3 Apr  1831 Wood St miner
Susan 18 Nov 1832 Wood St miner
William 7 Sep 1834 China Buildings miner
Diana 4 Jan 1835  Wood St Miner
William 5 Mar 1837 Wood St miner
Rachel 11 Aug 1839 Princes's End miner These last two are maiden name Mason.
Abraham 21 June 1841 Princes End lab

So which fits better John Whitehouse born 1826 father engineer or John Whitehouse born 1823 father miner ?