What Country is your main research centred on ?

England and Wales
1817 (49.8%)
749 (20.5%)
688 (18.9%)
243 (6.7%)
151 (4.1%)

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Author Topic: What Country is your research ?  (Read 282359 times)

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #18 on: Wednesday 08 September 04 13:21 BST (UK) »
On my father's side: London, England going back three generations, then Germany and Wisbech (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk or Lincoln, depending where the boundaries were, in that particular year !).

On my mother's side:  Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Lithuania, Galicia, etc. etc.

On my Wife's father's side. Dorset, moving to Lancashire (1870)

On my wife's mother's side: The Hessies (the first daughter was always called Hessie) from Scotland to Ireland to Scotland, with the youngest generation in Berlin ! (don't need to look hard to find her ... she finds me -- "Daddy, can I ... " )

p.s. she drew my "mug shot" !
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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 11 September 04 12:41 BST (UK) »
im living in australia and all 5 surnames im doing  are all english and 3 round the Staffordshire area and 2 lancashire   

My G Grandfather Sampson BYRD did the exctitng thing and came to aussie  bad timing was the 1st ww lol

Heyworth,Diggle,Byrd,Ashley and Yardley

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #20 on: Tuesday 14 September 04 01:23 BST (UK) »
My countries include (so far) Australia England, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, New Caledonia (but I have buckleys of finding anything there unless anyone has any leads - its a french colony).
Norfolk England: Barlow (convict to Australia), Star Winter, Herres, Houghton, Ivory, Gorbiel
Fife Scotland: Stark, Hereford: Stanton (Convict), Shrewsbury: Simmons/ens?? (Convict)
London: Lipman (London Jew - Assisted Immigrant to Australia),
Lancashire (I think)(Immigrated to Australia): Timmens, Starr
Ireland: Twohig (Immigrated to Australia)
Norway: Klausen Jørgensen, and so on and so forth,(not sure if its relevant here)
New Caledonia: Bousseaux (if anyone knows how to find this one)..

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #21 on: Tuesday 14 September 04 21:53 BST (UK) »
I just found out that my husband's family were travellers. at least for a few years.

His GG-grandparents were born in Scotland; his G-grandfather was born in Africa and married in Canada to a woman born in Canada to Scottish parents; his grandfather was born in Canada and married in the USA to a woman whose father was born is Scotland and mother born in Maine, USA.  His father was born in the USA and married a woman whose parents were Russian/Polish. 

He and his father were career military, so both travelled.

Tharratt, Smith - London
Canham, Harvey, Ship - Suffolk
Higgins. Bowden, Ayres/Eyre - Buckingham
McDonald - Scotland, Africa, Canada, USA

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #22 on: Friday 17 September 04 09:24 BST (UK) »
I was born in Kent
My mother was born in Yorkshire
Her father was born in Lancashire
His father was born in Wiltshire
and so was his father (b.1812)
 I think we must be a long lost tribe of Bedouins  ;D
Blowers of Suffolk
Goldspink of Suffolk
Newruck (anywhere)
Gardner of Wiltshire
Kitney of Kent

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #23 on: Saturday 18 September 04 00:41 BST (UK) »
Hi Everyone,

Ive been researching my family for the lastfew years.
Mostly Lancashire and Essex and a few inSomerset.

I've also done a considerable ammount of military research as it seems most of my family were in the forces at one time or another.

This is a really good site and Im pleased that i found it ;D
So many great people doing things for others and for free
 just as it should be.

all the best Mojo

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #24 on: Saturday 18 September 04 12:01 BST (UK) »
My main area has to be Surrey, Sussex & Hampshire, with a line in Warwickshire
and I also have links to Canada and Australia.

I am also half Italian, with my specific family research in Sicily, although I am conducting a one name study for my Italian surname of Orlando, and seek them anywhere!

My husband's line is from the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border, and Huntingdonshire, then to Yorkshire and finally to Edinburgh on his father's side. His mother's side is mainly in the North East.

ORLANDO - One Name Study (everywhere & especially Sutera Sicily) - (GOONS 3925)
BUDD (Puttenham Surrey)
ELSTONE (Bramshott Hampshire)
GOUCHER (Scarcliffe Derbyshire)
MATTHEWS, Edith married Charles JELLEY 1902 Guildford. Descendants sought!
WORSHIP - One Name Study (especially Huntingdonshire)- (GOONS 3925)
BUTCHER - One Name Study (especially Wonersh Surrey) - (GOONS 3925)
Puttenham Surrey - One Place Study
Sutera Sicily - One Place Study

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #25 on: Wednesday 22 September 04 22:53 BST (UK) »
My research is Warwickshire, Worcester, Essex, Cumberland, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Wales, Ireland (that is hopeless), New Caledonia, France.  Between hubby and me we have someone who came from nearly every county in England.

Lisa re your New Caledonia - yes it is difficult, I wrote to the embassy over there in 1995, and this year I received a reply, giving me the name of the only other person researching the same name.  It turned out to be my sister, and she had written in 1997.  So there is always something, sometime.

BONUS: Meath Ireland
BULL: Warwickshire
CHILDS: Hampshire; IOW
COLES: Worcestershire, & Newport Wales; Australia
GAUDIN: Nottinghamshire; Australia, New Caledonia, France
HIGGERSON; Middlesex;
LLOYD: Montgomeryshire Wales
LITTLEWOOD: possibly Cornwall
POOLE: Llanymynech Wales, Sussex, Shropshire, Oswestry, Warwickshire, Australia;
POWELL: Shrewsbury, Shropshire
RAINBOW: Worcestershire
RAYNER: Wivenhoe, Essex, Australia
WILLIAMS: Monmouthshire;

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #26 on: Sunday 26 September 04 16:25 BST (UK) »
I always thought we were 200% cockney - East End - which was where I grew up, before I started on the research a couple of years ago. What did I find. Some were Huguenots which I have traced to 1750 up to now. Some from Norfolk and the rest seem to come from East Sussex/Kent, but all moved to the Bethnal Green/Shoreditch area eventually, probably looking for work. The East Sussex/Kent (Ticehurst/Etchingham/Burwash and a bit of Sissinghurst/Cranbrook) all seem to be Farm Labourers. That all changed in East London and all seemed to become Gas Stokers and Bricklayers.

The future generations will have to start looking for their roots in Switzerland
Relf - Kent & East Sussex, Lay - Deptford, Baldock - Ticehurst, Camroux - Huguenot/Shoreditch, Parker - Norfolk, Pankhurst - Ticehurst/Etchingham/Burwash, Desveaux - Huguenot/Shoreditch, Sloper, Quinton - East London, Taylor - Bethnal Green, London, Gurr - Cranbrook, Balkshall - Ardingley, Sussex,