What Country is your main research centred on ?

England and Wales
1768 (49.9%)
725 (20.5%)
663 (18.7%)
240 (6.8%)
148 (4.2%)

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Author Topic: What Country is your research ?  (Read 234063 times)

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #45 on: Thursday 11 November 04 22:18 GMT (UK) »
      England was my last search.  I don't mean that in a disparing sense, but the rest of my family had already ready researched Sweeden, Norway, and Germany.  I have all of that on flopping discs.
       However, I have always known my paternal grandfather came from England.
        With the help of this board, I have been able to obtain a birth certificate for him, Edward Rutter.
         He died here, the US, when I was about 2, so I really didn't know him that well.
         I have been able to fill in most holes, but a few will still exist, e.g. what happened to his siblings Elizabeth and Richard, and what happened to his mother afer he got here?
Rutter name

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #46 on: Saturday 13 November 04 15:53 GMT (UK) »
My lot are all from Norfolk, with some just popping over the Suffolk border.

How great to be able to go and visit villages where my ancestors lived without taking ages travelling. 


PS.  My parents still live in the same village where my Mum's family has been since at least 1620.
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Weasenham village history and families connected to the villages of Weasenham All Saints & Saint Peter in Norfolk.  Happy to carry out research in Norfolk.  Please PM for details.

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #47 on: Sunday 14 November 04 23:16 GMT (UK) »
My ancestors are all home grown, I am yet to find a foreigner. I did have one who was born in Ireland, her father was stationed there as a customs officer, but it is hardly exotic is it?

They didn't emigrate either...  boring lot.  :(
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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #48 on: Saturday 20 November 04 16:47 GMT (UK) »
Although I only found your web-site recently, i seem to be logging on quite regularly, and would like to say that it leaves others in the shade regarding links, advice and friendliness.  I'm surprised to find out you are only 6 months old - a big CONGRATS to you !! 

As for me, i'm happy to have found out recently that my background is mostly Irish, which is where i've hit my wall.   I also have a complicated family history which makes research difficult but i'm not willing to give up that easily.

On another note, i live in switzlerland - so if anybody needs any help in that direction or with the german language, i would be happy to help.

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #49 on: Sunday 21 November 04 23:08 GMT (UK) »
My grandmother always told my mum that she (my grandmother) was a 'yella belly'      (ie born and bred in Lincolnshire)

Reasearch has disclosed that not only was she born in Hull, Yorkshire, but her mother was German! (incidently, her father had been born in Lincs)

My mum's becoming more facinated by my findings than me.


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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #50 on: Monday 22 November 04 15:33 GMT (UK) »
hello everyone
I've been researching England and Wales and Ireland.
However all my avenues end up in Ireland, both North and South.
So, will soon come to a grinding holt, Umm I think alittle trip to Ireland will be called for in the New Year. Oh I like holidays.
Talking about Hloidays Incase I don't remember to say it later
Merry Christmas to all on RootsChat.
PS This is the Best Site Ever!!!!!
Horgan,Morgans,Richards- Wales

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #51 on: Monday 29 November 04 01:59 GMT (UK) »
Greetings Everyone :)

My research is in various counties of England.  We think there may be a Welsh branch of one family but have no concrete evidence of this.  Also it is thought that one branch of my family originate in Scotland.

I also have branches in America, Canada and New Zealand. One time a branch was in Kenya, Africa but returned.

A recent discovery is the possibility of relatives in Jamaica but it is not yet proven.

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #52 on: Wednesday 01 December 04 23:48 GMT (UK) »
Hi All

If I had answered the question a couple a weeks ago I would have said England ONLY

Now I have found some of my relations in Scotland,Isle of Man and possibly even Wales.
I do know my Uncle went to Australia and then New Zealand and joined up in WW2 - but leaving him for another time - as struggling enough at home!

I found out at school [that was a long time ago] that there is a Batemans Bay near Sydney Australia so whether some of mine were convicts - perhaps they were Guards!! ;D ;D

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Re: What Country is your research ?
« Reply #53 on: Friday 10 December 04 11:25 GMT (UK) »
My lot didnt seem to move very far at all - all the Hiltons seem to have stopped in Wolverhampton except for a couple of great uncles who moved to London and a great aunt who moved to Newport Pagnall.

It seems to be a case of family members partners moving here from other places rather than us moving elsewhere. The Bowkett side comes from Droitwich and great great grand parents moved here from Ledbury Hereford, Cookley Worcs, Appleton Lancs, Griesley Leicestershire, Nantwich and one great uncle from Wales

We seem  to be a boring stop at home lot even though I know we have a long history of military service they never seemed to have been tempted to stay in the places they were posted

Mind you it does make my job a bit easier on the research side lol

Willow x
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