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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #207 on: Friday 18 December 20 20:21 GMT (UK) »

I have researched through the years in the way i do, i have found much information about the names you speak of, take a look through this old thread that i wrote on a few years ago, try and read all the pages in the story's from the link below, pages 1-5, true in this time i have found i am related to a Beaney from the South, we share dna, all these long Cousin links are coming to life through me testing with Ancestry dna, the links range from first Cousin to distant Cousin, in me it really starts to show up in the 4-6 Cousin range, this is when the whole range of England as a dna map appears with the South as in Family's connecting through the Cousin sequence, i am through dna related to the Coopers in England and America, i do not know how though, how can i share dna in this day with a man named W. Beaney from the South, he himself is related to all the names you would know, there is more information you may like to read in my dna, i may well in time put it on for you, its to do with the names you look for, i ask nothing of you, its fine you already done good by me, read all the posts on the link below, i also found many many storeys about the Beaneys that i never wrote about on here, it took me age's to find them, many days, for the name is spelled several ways, i enjoyed reading about the Ripley's, all about there life's and storeys, i respect all the Family's big or small fancy name or shadowed up, any one connected to the Gipsy's through breed is of the Gipsy's in my mind, no doubt about that, i will see what i can see in my dna that may bring a few names that may help you, i did find another Flora Scamp she must be related to the Flora Ripley Scamp that we are both linked to, this Flora is also of old she married a William Addley, this would be generations ago, floras Father was Gilderoy Scamp, now i was looking at this Addley man on my dna matches he is from New Zealand, it is stated he is related to me in this day in the far Cousin link, well then i took a look at his Family tree well the little parts that he lets people brouse on without contacting him, and long years ago there was a male relative of his named William Addley who married a Flora Scamp, now in this day me and this Addley fellow share old dna, i also share dna Cousin links with more from them of the South, ones like the Aryes and such and several Stanley's not to mention many more, the big truth that keeps flashing before me is that on the Gipsy dna Cousin links evan if you go back to the distant Cousin right at the end of the range that Ancestry can reach in this day well when you click on where it states related links as people you and your Cousin are both linked to, well in the Gipsy community evan in far distant Cousins from the long years you will find that several family's still have old sharing dna links, these links through dna may come in clusters, this means i match with say a Gray girl through dna, we then both match and share with several other family names like Smith Boswell and such, then when i find a new match maybe a Cooper it may not match to the grays or Smiths but Family's like Young and Buckland plus they all hold several same dna matches, so the Gipsy's in my dna Cousin matches have and hold many inter related Gipsy matches but often say a Stanley may match to several but not all the other Cousin links that i find, there seems to be clusters, what i mean is if i find a Cousin then we see how we both match with several other Gipsy Family's, but then i find other Cousins who may not share with the first Cousin that i found, there are several Clusters, on the Cousin links from my Fathers side the far Cousin links isolate to nothing but individual dna links that share only with the said old dna that has shown up yet on my Mothers side evan the far distant Cousins share links with other Cousins, i can not over state this, the Gipsy's of old are very strongly connected through shared dna, somehow this dna as come down to me and is still alive and going strong, the America links that are direct to me through dna are strong so seeing as the Gipsy's are stated to have gone over there in the mid to late 1800s or evan before this, well they left a bit in me, i will look for you to try and see if anything is of interest to your research or maybe just help you to understand more the bigger picture....good luck


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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #208 on: Sunday 20 December 20 14:30 GMT (UK) »
  I just wanted to show you a few things that the Addley who i dna match to and has the Flora Scamp long distance relative is holding dna from the Scamp Gipsy's, not just a Flora Scamp who which i am sure someone could find such a name if they tyred that as no relationship to the Gipsy Scamps, you see when you match to a name Ancestry then give you the option to see who you and your dna named match share dna with, that means you both are related through the Cousin sequence to which they evaluate your dna, so me and the Addley man from New Zealand are both related through dna to 17 people plus each other, all of these are in the 4-6 Cousin Groupings, most say the highest chance you could go as far as is a third Cousin but i would say that 4 to 6 Cousin range was a safer bet from reading as i do, they do not show you your Distant Cousin dual matches beyond sixth Cousin,
so these below are my dna matches that the Addley man also is dna related to, so me and Addley share these Cousin dna matches below, i have left out first names and such things, these are just the names we share through shared dna, each of us would have different matches that we do not share old dna with

 Fourth to sixth Cousin range

Big jack

Everyone of these people above are from the Gipsy's, everyone, their trees that show up are packed full of Gipsy's that everyone from the Gipsy Community who new of such things would instantly recognise, some do not show their trees yet i look at their dna matches to me that we both share and low and behold theres Gipsy's from top to bottom, all the clusters interlink yet if you look close just like me you will find the clusters, i seem to be related to many clusters, i will never find out how or why, that's the way of it i suppose, in the above names that me and Addley share old dna with you will find quite a few of them are in America and Kent in the South of England, everyone of them share these kind of Country's below in their Ethnicity, it consists of only several percent but you can see what needs to be seen, most of their dna is from Western Europe Britain but you can see the link that binds them

Central Asia—South
Northern Italy
Southern India
The Balkans
Germanic Europe
Southern Italy                                         
Northern India
Turkey & the Caucasus
Greece & Albania

Me and the Addley man also share dna with one more person from America, its a bit of a sad case and the person is looking for answers they go by the user name of  but they say they was adopted, and they found out i think they came from a Rhoads and a Butler this person matches to me and the Addley man and when you look at the Family tree they have learned of well right amongst the far off names there you will see Elias Boswell, Missouri Wharton Boswell, Major john Lee lee, Henry Harry Cooper, Myrle Cooper and more, i do see lots of trees like that and think often the person would not have much of an idea of such known names of the long distant past.

 I Just put this on above to show you i just do not try and guess at things, this above is strong evidence that needs to be looked at by all seeking the truth, offten the truth lays in the place you would not usually find yourself frequenting, i will not go on no more but if looking through my matches again i will write another day, i may not either but good luck to you and i hope and wish for the new year to bring your Family a great Kindness
 ps. just on a side note, i never had no idear about dna matches and names like Beaney, if you ever get a chance to read some of my older posts well i wrote about Dan Boswell who is buried over at Selston the Booths are there to i am related through dna to them to, but Dan as in Daniel Boswell the great Boswell of old well read of his story on the Gipsy Dan Boswell thread on rootschat, well guess what i have several Boswell dna matches, well guess what one of their names is, it starts with a D..... he is a  Distant Cousin
D.....l Boswell
5th–8th Cousin
how about that then, i went on where it shows you who him and me share old dna with up to the sixth Cousin range and its wild with them American Gipsy's and many many others evan some of them from above, then the Bucklands and Lovell's dna match to me and join this cluster and names like Jeffery's, Allans and Wharton's  i dna match to a Family named Bailey to and lots of names that i have never known of but if you again look at their trees or dna matches to yourself you just realise they must be new names that married into old names yet now they are Gipsy's names in their own right, fair play and respect to them all, i feel bad for leaving lots out but there everywhere, if i never came on rootschat i would never have of learned of such things, and i wrote about the Beaneys and Ripley's years back, who would think all these names one day would come to be connected to me through the story of life

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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #209 on: Sunday 27 December 20 16:01 GMT (UK) »


I wrote all this below for you to show you things that you may find interesting to read and hopfully help you in your Family research, there is much more than this and many more inter related matches, this is just a small sample of a very interesting story's of the old Gipsy's who live in this day through the eyes of their people

I have been looking at the Gardiners Mathews Lees and Scamps that i am sure are related to the beaneys and Ripleys, i found a male match to myself named Gardiner this is just some of his relations                       

Thomas Gardiner 1820
Sampson Scamp 1774
Abel Lee 1751
Johnathan Mathews 1786

I also found another  Male Gardiner
  5th–8th Cousin
  We had 59 Shared Matches 4th–6th Cousin highest predicted range 3rd cousin
I found a male match named Randell he had in his tree Elizabeth Gardener 1816 Richard Gardener 1784 Randle as matches to many known Gipsy names plus he as the India trace dna range

Another match a male Beaney who had a Samuel Beaney 1809-Henry Beny 1694-Emmaneul Hilton-1802 MentyScamp/ Mathews 1884 she is the daughter of Oliver Scamp and Maria Gardiner also there is a Mark Ripley born 1738 related to the above

There is a gardener in one of my distant cousin matches named T.C. they shares seven dna matches to me including names like Stanley Smith and someone named Riding who's tree is full of Lees Hearne and Prices, all seven of T.C matches are dna linked to related Gipsy names, they have in their tree names like Jane Boswell 1745 Wales Valentine John Wood 1782 Wales Alabaina Wood 1795 Wales Robert ? Jones 1765 Wales  Elizabeth (bet albbaina) Jones 1819 Wales George Gardiner 1739. T.C. is a distant Cousin to me right at the end of the range the Stanley Smith and Riding matches to me are in the 4th cousin range

i found a female Match named Price who dna matches to me and many other of my matches that are full of Gipsy's from long ago, in this Price tree you will find the names of John Price 1672 Joseph Ingram 1711 and a Gardiner who died in the 1990s I am not sure who in this Price match to me is from the Gipsy's but their dna matches are full of many Gipsy named dna matches I just put this on to show how a Gardiner may match to a name like Price yet could or could not be a person from the Gipsy's, its just a clue that may or may not lead you, now though this way of looking well it shows you the bigger picture, this female price match to me has the India trace Ethnicity plus 47 named dna matches that are also full of the Gipsy names of old

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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #210 on: Sunday 27 December 20 16:20 GMT (UK) »

I also found a male Match named Page they have ten dna same named matches to me like Stanley Boswell Lee Smith and People from the Scamps and such names plus many more but I just put the famous ones on to show you that this Page match to me is a Gipsy match to learn from just like all the others evan though you will never hear of the name Page, this Page mans ancestry goes all the way back to Cinnaminta Scamp 1847 who weds a William Henry Gardiner 1843, it will go back to an evan later time but this information is just on the free bit that they let you see, also evan though on the Page mans tree it only lets you see as far back as William Henry Gardiner 1843, well if you click on the map of England that is just below the named matches you will see a circle near a place called Chelmsford, well when you click on that a man named Thomas Gardiner comes to you from the year 1800, I think that may be Williams ancestor, there is a note that says Shellow Boswells, Essex England, I do not know what this meens. 

 i also found a match to someone named A.P. the person who is stated as being a manager for A.P. as in doing the computer work is also the same person doing several names that also are dna related to me, you can learn much by looking into this way of researching, anyway A.P. is dna related to me and again I found him by typing in the name Gardiner as in everyone named Gardiner who is in one of my matches trees will show up to me, so all the dna matches that relate to me with also the name Gardiner are now assessable in a format that Ancestry supply as in on your computer screen, then A.P. lets you see his tree to several generations back, if you write to him I think he may let you see more if you pass a sort of test, he would have to like you I think to some degree, to be truthfull I am not into writing to folk myself, I may one day who knows, anyway what was I on about, that was it A.P. well on A.P.s tree I can see no names I think I know of, but when you click on the map of Britain for all his ancestor's Alabaina Wood 1795 Wales and lots like the names from T.C., the match I have just wrote about, also theres about three more people along with A.P. and T.C. that all match to me and are managed by one person but each may offer a different clue, now on A.P.s map Abram Wood comes up from 1700 but hes not from Wales like them other Woods but England and now theres a Sarah Boswell, so now I will click on their related matches to me, that meens people like A.P. share dna with me from history, so all the people we both share with will come on at the onset of one click, now what comes up is strange for me and A.P. only share with two people, I Know A.P. is a distant link but evan Gipsy far links unlike others I have found still hold many inter related links, so I look at the two links that me and A.P. share, so the first of the people me and A.P. share with is a Lawrence but they are totally private and give nothing away so I click on who the Lawrence person is dna related to as in the same as me as in we both share, so now a name Hill comes up and only this name, so I click on who me and Hill are related to and the computer screen is lit full of Stanley's Boswells and Young, in Hills family tree there are people like Coopers and Mathews from long ago, this all started with me looking at a Gardiner who was in A.P.s tree, A.P. had two sharing dna matches with me, one was that Lawrence who lead on to that Hill man who then showed up all my many related links, the other one i now look at is a person named Young who comes under a fourth cousin range well Ancestry say you could be at best a third cousin in the 4 to 6 range but the Young name is in the fourth cousin column, anyway the Young ancestry dna match to me is from America his ancestry goes back to England right back to people named Daisy Williams who wed Thomas Stanley and William Young who wed Sophia Stanley, if you click on who I and Young share old dna with the matches now go over 40 with the Lees and more coming into share the dna, they all are packed full of well known names that evan I can instantly recognise, right from looking for the Gardiners who are related to the Scamps who relate to the Beaneys and the Ripley's I have ended up back with the Young's who I have several dna matches to, if you hop through my dna and only through shared cousin dna links then you will find yourself on a trip around Gipsy Britain with a stop or two in America, A.P as found several old Gardiner relations like T.C who went as far as 1707 with George Gardiner but evan tho you can see T.C. and A.P. are from the same family's through history A.P. goes back to the 1600s with the Gardiners as in Ariaantje Gardenier 1678, now these Gardiners may be totally not of the Gipsy's yet you come to find many answers or leads by looking at the bigger picture, just to finish this story of if you then click on who Young and me share old dna with many more names solid full of old Gipsy's come up as sharing matches, well within three clicks my nearest matches like first to third cousin come through, there all of the Gipsy's like the Wilshers Allens Smiths and more, this is all through shared dna. I have more Gardiner matches to but will leave that there

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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #211 on: Sunday 27 December 20 16:27 GMT (UK) »
 Regarding Flora Ripley Scamp well I found a dna match to me named Mendham, well on one side of His Family you have George Clarke 1889 wed to Flora Scamp 1890 George is the son of Thomas Clarke wed to sarah Newman, Floras dad was William J Scamp wed Louisa lea, the Lees in this Mendhams Family go right back to a Elisha Rightdoer Lee 1710 and the Mathews are there again in Sarah Lee Mathews 1818 the Scamps go back to 1712 with John Scamp, theres more to but I am not sure who is who, on Menhams shared dna with me we are both related in dna to 13 people like the Young's Stanley's Smith Wharton's and names I have come to know now like Sharp and Gallego that are full of the Gipsy old names, the Lees are there to in one of the 13 matches to me

I  found Flora, Flora Ripley Scamp, again through another dna match, this time its through a Clark, it states Floras dad William was born 1851 and her mother Louisa Lee 1857, now the Scamp line goes one generation back from the first Flora Scamp I wrote about, it goes back to John Scamp and Grace Lee there are Mathews Wells and Whites to, if you click on the English map you will see your family going back through Flora Ripley Scamp to John Scamp 1693 plus Scamps everywhere, the Lees now go back to 1595 Elsabeth Lee, the Kemp's go back to 1692, they maybe Scamps for Rose Kemp Scamp is there 1755 1751, if you click on this Clark's dna matches that i share with him you again find the Boswells and Grays and big Jack from Americas there again with all his big Gipsy old ancestry, the Buckley's Jeffery's Stanley's are there to and now someone named Hoyer who matches to all my close cousins, Hoyer is most likely a 2nd cousin but they put her in the 3rd–4th Cousin range then state and put her in a third cousin line, shes related through dna to the Holmes Wilshers and Smiths, no matter where you find yourself with these far of cousins you always end up back where you started.

Now I have just found Flora again this time through a dna match named Henderson, Flora is in this tree named as Florance Clarke, that's three dna matches to Flora Ripley Scamps Family tree through diffetrent people, so this is another far distant match, on this tree again is the Scamps and Mathews that would be connected to the Ripley's and Beanies, theres Reiley Scamp 1820 Samson 1774 John Scamp 1693 and lots of Williams and more Johns and more evan a Ceclia 1779 then a Rose Kemp (Scamp) 1755 theres Lees Mathews and such that you would have recognised along with many of the old Gipsy's of the past, theres evan a Gulielmi Stanley 1696 that's some name for sure, I think they are all of the Gipsy's, if you click on who Henderson is related to through shared dna with me the Grays and Bucklands now show up, if you click on the Gray persons dna matches that are the same as my shared dna well in their tree is the Smiths and Bacon's from Selston Nottinham way that I have researched, that thompson the so-called writer from the Gipsy society  stated them as so-called Gipsy's years back well now here they are related through breed to the Grays and Smiths two of the greatest Gipsy names of England.

I hope you found some of the information helpfull to yourself, if i find more that may be related to yourself i will write back for i am sure i came across more links to the Beaneys

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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #212 on: Sunday 27 December 20 18:57 GMT (UK) »
I dna match to this man below he as a Beeney in his family tree, i do not know if Mary Beeney is from the Gipsy's, its just i looked at all his shared matches to me and saw a link maybe, i have found many Gipsy links through dna yet offten the said person is looking for certain names that are not of the Gipsy's from the old times, yet in one part of their old Family tree are connections to very old Family's which have and hold old strong Gipsy Ancestry yet some people it seems are long out of all knowedge of such things or it just does not meen nothing to them in this day that it may do for others still close to their old Family's of a certain branch for i have found most times the Gipsy branch in a persons tree yet containing at times the oldest of the Romany dna is but only a small part in  Family trees that are vast and contain many types of folk, i suppose one mans poison is another mans wine

McCormack Australia small part of his Family tree below, maybe some of these are of the Gipsy's but i do not know for sure its just if you then look at is dna matches to me he must get his Ancestry of old Gipsy dna from maybe someone in this list below

Mary Beeney

John Blackman

Lucretia (Letty / Littey) Blackman

William Blackman

Charles Lee

Christopher Lee

Frances Lee

Lesher (Lethier) Lee

Diana Draper or Lee
Shared dna matches with me below

Highest range 3rd cousin
4th–6th Cousin
4th Cousin 

CRAMP....... India dna

Thiele..........  America ................India dna

Jeffery dna not shown matched to Boswell Stanley Buckland Young and many more
guinnevere ..........America

part of guinnevere Family tree 

Hamilton "Hamie/Ammie/Amy" Palmer/Parmer

Patience Palmer Woodruff Ballard Chase
Alice Adams

Nathan Boswell

Samuel Cooper

Jane Cuthwaite

Mart Jeffery

Robert Palmer

Patience Palmer Woodruff Ballard Chase

Ruth Small

Lydia/Liddia Smith

Purcella Wells


Phoebe Wells
Rotherhithe, Surrey

Florence (Francis, Fiance, France) Harrison Cooper Lee

Elmira/Elvira Lee

Phillis Gipsy's Lee

Robert Boswell (1735)
Edward (Ned) Boswell

Jennie E Boswell

Mary Ann Boswell

Sylvester Boy Boswell

John Stanley
1744 –1817
Hampshire, England

Mary Cooper
Norwich, Norfolk, England

Samuel Cooper
Norwich, Norfolk, England

Mary Lovick
Norwich, Norfolk England

Robert Palmer
Octagon Chapel Norwich Christening,,Norfolk,England

back to McCormack dna matches to me
R.Y.  Young's ........America
Adams ...............America
Seed ...........matches Wharton's Lovell's Jeffery's Bailey Camp Gallego Prestwich Allens Buckland Smith Anderson Parish and many more
T.C. ...........matches Boswell Young Stanley Wharton Jeffery Lee Smith Gallego Sharp
Young ..........America matches Lovell's Boswells and many more
Young .........America India dna

Most matches will show dna that traces the journey of the Gipsy's through many country's, I have seen the Young's go as high as the 20% range just in the Indian dna alone, in quite a few names sometime this South Asian dna shows up other times not, evan when this happends as an example say between two Boswell Family's they still hold the same dna matches connecting other Family's through shared dna yet one may show Turkey or Indian Ethnicity yet the other solid British or there abouts, the dna is strong yet the Ethnicity routes are not shown as in others yet they both inter link between all the other old names like Stanley and such

I dna match to this man his name is Potter from the South   

 On  Potters Family tree Cinnamentia Cooper weds Frederick Mathews, seeing how the Mathews are related to all your Family names I just looked for something that connected us all, I am dna connected to several Coopers in England and America they come in other clusters that then interlink between other Gipsy Family's, think of a big circle, then place yourself at the centre of this place, well from this circle that is made up of many Family's well several of these Family's join you in the centre and make an inner circle, this is a cluster of inter related dna matches, then they leave and others from the outer circle then join you and the inner cluster restarts, sometimes only a few join other times many, yet when they all go back to the outer circle they spin around you, you are the eppy centre of your own universe, this will be replicated by everyone, this Potter man I am matching to is also dna related to many of the very old Romany Gipsy names that have been known throughout Britain, it may soley be from his connection through dna to the Cooper Family, the same applys to everyone, i could hold dna that derives it origin from a single Gipsy Family or several, that then inturn are inter connected to others, in the future more truth will be revealed

Frederick Matthews

Cinnamentia Sinamentey Cinderella Limmenta (Senna) Cooper
1865–1943 Epsom Surrey

Uriah Spicer Cooper
1815–1882 Blackheath Kent

Margaret Rosalinda (Rosa) Bishop

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Re: Wilsher blood line, Nottingham, Joseph Wilsher
« Reply #213 on: Sunday 10 January 21 14:59 GMT (UK) »
Hello again ,we messaged some time ago ,i,m Elliott Smith Wiltsher butler deadman on my dads line ..I have done a dna test 2 in fact one with 237me and one with Ancestry ,i also uploaded my info to GEDmatch ...would be interesting to compare and see if we share dna gedmatch number is m123704 ...if you are interested in comparing ...i,m janey Smith on Ancestry and 23&me ...regards ,,Janey Smith
Smith, Wilson ,Elliot ,Ratchford Burnside ,