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Culling - Yelverton, Norfolk
« on: Sunday 01 August 04 11:40 BST (UK) »
My great-great-great grandmother Fanny Layton Culling was baptised in Yelverton in 1832.  Her mother was Hannah Culling.  I believe Fanny may have been illegitimate and Layton may have been her father's surname.

Is anyone else researching the Cullings in Norfolk?
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Re: Culling - Yelverton, Norfolk
« Reply #1 on: Monday 22 June 20 14:56 BST (UK) »
Fanny is a cousin of mine.  She was Chr in Yelverton 7th April 1833.  She had an interesting life. What follows is my take on what the records tell me (but I could be wrong).

Her mother was Hannah CULLING. who was 20 when she was born. I have not found any information on who her father was, but looking for someone named LAYTON in the vacinity 9 mionths prior to her birth could well bear fruit.  I have not done this.

In 1850 Hannah was Baptised as an adult) in St Marylebone. She married 1 month later, so I think we can assume she was Baptised so she could marry in the church. Fanny was a witness at the marriage. As far as I know, Hannah and husband John George HEDLEY did not have any children.

Fanny was a live in pupil at the Elm Tree Private School in 1851

She had 2 children with Josiah James GREEN in 1857 and 1859, Named James Green CULLING and Josiah Green CULLING.

In 1861 she  was with Ann E LYANTEY a widow aged 53 born in Yelverton who was a lodging housekeeper.  Ann was the mother of the illegitimate Cornelius CULLING and he is the father of the 2 boys with her. There are also 6 French egg merchants listed as lodgers, and Fanny Layton CULLING is a governess who is a visitor, but who must surely be a distant relative

More Green CULLING children were born 1862, 1863, The Fanny died of TB in 1867.

This quote is from a very old message on a board - An old message from cousin connect says -    I am looking for information about my great-great-great grandmother, Fanny Layton Culling, who was living in east London in the 1860s. She gave birth to my great-great grandfather Charles Winchester Green Culling, later known as Charles Winchester Giesen, in January 1862. Winchester was the name of the street where Charles was born. Fanny had another child, Ada Ann Green Culling, in August 1863. Both children seem to have been brought up by their grandmother, Ann Green. Where did Fanny come from? What happened to her after Ada was born?

I have this - Charles Winchester Green Culling was born 25 January 1862, the illegitimate son of Frances or Fanny Layton Culling. He was born in Mile End Old Town, London. Fanny was baptised in Yelverton, Norfolk, in 1832. She had two older sons, James Green Culling and Josiah Green Culling, and a daughter, Ada Anne Green Culling, born August 1863.

Charles and Ada were adopted, Charles at least be the GEISEN family. Charles' name was changed to Charles Winchester Giesen, but Ada's name remained the same.

William Giesen died accidentally in 1875 after a fall in which he fractured his skull. I think after that Martha gave up the children and Charles and Ada were brought up by Ann Green. They were living with her in 1881, and Ada committed suicide in June 1881.