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Re: HS2 and Cemeteries
« Reply #9 on: Monday 05 October 20 16:15 BST (UK) »
Good morning.
Just not sure if this is the right thread or not.
Has anyone been watching The Big Dig with Alice Roberts? We are finding it fascinating TV.
I'd be interested to hear other viewers in-put.


We are watching the programmes.

Interesting, yet sad that the resting places are being disturbed for a dubious transport project.

I usually enjoy archeology programmes, but not the big dig: probably because I believe the bones are to be re-buried in a different county.
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Re: HS2 and Cemeteries
« Reply #10 on: Monday 05 October 20 17:30 BST (UK) »
Very interesting article

Fascinating link, thank you.

In the mid 1960s there were plans for a dual carriageway to connect the Coast Road from Tynemouth with the Central Motorway East along a widened Jesmond Road, encroaching on part of the cemetery. In 1967 the private company was wound up and returned to the City Council. About 600 graves (nearly 1,100 burials) some more than 100 years old, would need to be exhumed and reinterred, and John Dobson’s magnificent entrance gateway and chapels would have to be moved.

Notices were issued and the attempts made to contact the relatives of the burials involved. Relatives were given the option to carry out removals to any other cemetery, or to allow a transfer to another part of the cemetery. The Council undertook to re-erect all monuments and tombstones unless in a ruinous condition. Years later the number of unclaimed graves was ‘considerable’, and of those families successfully contacted only two opted for private removal. Only one was ‘not keen to have remains disturbed’. The rest of the tombs had to be moved without consent.

The estimated cost of re-siting the gateway and chapels amounted to £100,000. Because the buildings were of exceptional architectural and historical importance the Environment Minister offered a 75 per cent grant to re-site them. In 1971 work began on the removal of the graves, ‘with the utmost reverence’ by the London Necropolis Company. Public access was not allowed. All soil was sifted for remains which were then re-coffined and reburied. The work on the Jesmond Road border took several months. At a later date more exhumations took place on the Sandyford Road and in the South West area. Eventually the whole bypass scheme collapsed because of legal difficulties and when the project was resurrected nearly 30 years later the ‘dualling’ of Jesmond Road and the widening of Sandyford Road never took place.
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Re: HS2 and Cemeteries
« Reply #11 on: Monday 05 October 20 19:21 BST (UK) »
  "Central Motorway East" I guess that is the road my mother used to complain about that was driven through the centre of Newcastle? Was it originally going to carry the A1?
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