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Re: World War One. Gipsy Roll of Honour.
« Reply #18 on: Saturday 02 February 19 17:32 GMT (UK) »
The story first started about the Bacon's when i read that they stopped at Hawthorne Street the Meadows Nottingham on the camping ground where the Smiths and Wilsher Families that i was reseaching sometimes stopped, i then read this below from the journals of the Gipsy society, thomson was refering to the Bacon's.


By Thompson
These notes are compiled almost entirely from the large volume weighing seven pounds of Press cuttings collected by the Society's Honorary Secretary On March 15 some so called Gypsies were evicted from a camping ground in Hawthorne Street, Nottingham.
 So i thought who are the Bacon's, this thompson says they are so-called Gipsies. Well they seem to be connected to a few Gipsy families, they could of come from the South, they may not be Bacon's, they could of married a Gipsy famly and took to the road, but i dont know what the real truth is, i will do my own best to find it.

 The 1901 census shows Charles Bacon aged 30, b Selston, Notts, a coal miner, living at Wilson's Fields Caravan with his wife Charlotte. Charlotte was aged 42 and was born in Barrow-on-Soar, Leics.
In 1891 Charles was living at "Caravan, Sand Hill", Worksop with his parents William and Emily and siblings including a sister named Parthenia.
1881 census RG11 3323 Folio 72 page 20
Charles Bacon with siblings inc Parthinia living with grandparent Harry Bacon widower 61 a farmer of 13 acres at Selston born Essex
William Bacon 40 labourer born London with wife Emily 38 born Selston.
1871 census RG10 3479 folio 54 page 27 Selston
 Boffits Farm - Henry Bacon 51 farmer wife Hannah 61 granddaughter Hannah 2
1861 census RG9 2432 folio 11 page 18 Selston
Dog Kennels - Henry Bacon 41 farmer 20 acres. Wife Hannah 50
William Bacon son 19 farmer’s son

Saturday 02 September 1905
Grantham Journal

 —Fined John Smith, alias William Bacon, Ambrose Bacon, Charles Bacon, and George Garratt, gipsies, Cremorne-ground, Nottingham, were summoned..........(Cremorne-ground is right next to Hawthorne Street or maybe it was one and the same)

 Friday 13 November 1914
  Mansfield Reporter

A SUCCESSFUL ALIBI.—An alibi was set up as the defence in a case in which Ambrose Bacon. Aged 15. who lives in a van with his father at Sutton, was summoned for stealing a purse, 

Nottingham evening post Wednesday 14 June 1916
Two described as van-dwellers, were remanded at the Nottingham Shire Hall this morning upon charges of having obtained money by false pretences.  In the case of the first defendant, William Smith, the Deputy Chief constable said he was unattested and unregistered. The other defendant was a youth named Ambrose Bacon, who said he was only 17, but Mr. Harrop remarked that he had been unable find his birth certificate.
He was, however, quite willing to  " join  the army. "
Service Number 59552
Died 17/08/1917
Aged 31
16th Bn.
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
Son of William and Emily Bacon, of Meadows, Nottingham.
then it also mentions Johns address. (Mr. J. Bacon Caravan, Burn St., off Garden Lane
 Ilkeston Pioneer
Thursday 29 November 1866 

Emily Nowby, alias Bacon, hawker, Selston, was charged by Elizabeth Woodward, of Castle Donington, hawker, with assaulting her Husband, on the 27th Nov. Prisoner admitted the charge, but said she did so under circumstances of great provocation from the complainant. The Bench having heard the evidence of the prosecution, and the filthy language said to be used by each side, dismissed the charge, considering one as bad as the other. —The parties are stepsister's.

From these stories below there must have been a few Ambrose Bacons……..  all record just extracts.

Friday 08 July 1921
  Mansfield Reporter

  —Ambrose Bacon, Sutton in-Ashfield, admitted to being drunk and disorderly at sutton   
Friday 16 December 1921
  Sheffield Daily Telegraph
  South Yorkshire

... Edward Elliott and Ambrose Bacon, living in a van in Lindley's Yard. Marsh Gate, were charged at the Doncaster Borough Court, yesterday, with attempting to obtain £4 by false pretences from Oliver Edward Bunting, licensee of the Salutation Hotel. 
Wednesday 24 May 1939
 Nottingham Journal

NOTTINGHAM MAN FINED A Nottingham dealer, Ambrose Bacon, was charged at Melton Petty Sessions yesterday with driving a motor car and trailer without due care and attention at the Sea grave crossroad's. Thrussington. 
Thursday 10 February 1944
 Nottingham Evening Post

... COURT Sequel To Police And Military Visit John Bacon and his wife, Emma, residing at Coombs-yard, Sutton-in-Ashfield, were at Mansfield, to-day, summoned for aiding and assisting their two sons, Ambrose and Wm. Bacon, members of the R.A.F., to desert. 

I will next try and write everything i have found regarding the Bacon's, the people they are with and the people they are related to, the places they travelled to and stayed at, who they are and where they came from, who was from the Gipsies or anything rearly, then i will write of the Scamps from the South. 

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Re: World War One. Gipsy Roll of Honour.
« Reply #19 on: Sunday 03 February 19 09:17 GMT (UK) »
I have just updated the Roll of Honour, with the Gipsies that Mel found and also William Smith who was with Ambrose Bacon in one of the records, i am sure he went to war to, if anybody can add to the list of these i think it would be a fine thing todo, if i find any information on the Genealogy of any of the Gipsy people that others find i will write the records up for there relatives who look for more than just a name on a cold piece of stone or hidden away old papers dusted with time, i have found so many people who are in no way related to a single Gipsy who themselves suffered the same plight as that of some of the Gipsies of who i talk of, it looks like to me that the truth was kept away from the public as in historical teachings, after the first wave of casualties in their thousands the government was very desperate and went looking for more soldiers from just everyday types of people, people that they used to victimise, people who were getting on in life and not rearly up to it were also targeted as the body count rose, people of the times i speak of who saw with their own eyes soldiers going away and never coming back must of thought what the hell was all this for, Mothers were trying to hide their sons, the government changed there age requirement's and several other different categories so as to be able to get more people to the front line, they were evan fighting in an old fashion way that they used to use in the 1800s, they just made thousands of men charge the enemy, the trouble was this tactic was used against swords yeares ago now they made men and boys run straight at machine guns, it was told by the German gun men that their guns would glow hot from the thousands of bullets that they pumped into the soldiers that were ordered to charge and get cut to threads, my pals Father who now is in his nineties told of a story from an older man he new who was in the trenchers, this man told how he and his brother survived the war by listening to the noise of the machine guns, he said the officer in charge would sound the charge for hundreds of men and boys to climb out and over the trenchers and attack the German lines the guns would then mow everybody down cut to bits but if you listened as best you could a person could follow the sway of the machine guns, so as they made a bussing or some kind of noise you would know that they was shooting in a wave like left to right and the noise would sound slightly different, he said this is how they saved there own life, at the moment the noise of the guns were just going to the left or right they would jump up and run forwards then hide down again, i will write up much more soon

 Roll of Honour
  Worled War One
    28 July 1914 – 11 November 1918.
Thomas Cunningham
Mathew Cunningham
John Jack Cunningham VC
Ambrose Bacon
Charles Bacon
Samuel Brazil   
Sidney Harris MM
Abraham Keat 
David Keet 
Benjamin Lee
Abraham Ripley
Abraham Ripley 
Alfred Riley Scamp
Samuel Scamp
Riley Scamp
Silvester Gordon Boswell
John Cole
William Smith

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