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Williams of Abergavenny
« on: Monday 07 January 19 08:28 GMT (UK) »
Not sure if people have knowledge of Welsh Gentry from the 1400s/1500s I've come across a welsh line in Denton, Lincolnshire which originates from a 'Thomas Williams of Abergavenny' who was apparently Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Henry VII. I cant seem to find anything of the origins of this Thomas or much on the family, apart from a pedigree given in Lincolnshire Pedigrees by A.R.Maddison and records gleaned from the Church register. 
This is my ascent as per pedigree and Church records. 

CoA - 'Gules, A Cave Proper, Therefrom Issuing a Wolf at Full Speed Reguardant Argent' 
Crest - 'A Lion Rampant Proper' 

My 12th Grt Grandmother - 
Eleanor Williams 
Born - 1614 Denton, Linc. Baptised as 'Hellenor Williams' 
Marries 1633 Denton, Linc to William Welby, Esq of Denton Manor. 
Dies - 1688 Denton, Linc. 

Daughter of - 
John Williams, Esq of Denton, Linc. 
Born - 1584 Denton, Linc. 
Marries - 1607 Maxey, Northants to Selina Worsley, Dau of Richard Worsley, Esq of Deeping Gate. 
Dies - 1627 Denton, Linc listed as 'Mr John Williams, Esq' 

Son and Heir Apparent of - 
Richard Williams, Esq of Denton, Linc. 
Born - Jan 1540 Denton, Linc listed as 'Richard, Son of Mr George Williams and Alice, his wife' 
Marries - 1581 to Jane Allen dau and heir of George Allen, Esq of Grantham, Linc. 
Dies - 1606 Denton, Linc listed as 'Mr Richard Williams' 

Son of - 
George Williams, Esq of Denton, Linc. 
Born - 1515? 
Marries - Alice Cony/Coney of Bassingthorpe, Sister of Richard Cony/Coney 
Dies - 1556/7 Intestate 

Son of - 
William Williams, Esq of Stamford, Linc and Thurlby, Linc. 
Born - 1480? 
Marries - Elizabeth Upton dau of John Upton, Esq. 
Dies - C.1522? (Before his wife who died 1537) 

Son of - 
Thomas Williams, Esq of Stamford, Linc and Little Burley (Burghley?), Linc.
(This Thomas is sometimes omitted from pedigrees but present in Lincolnshire pedigrees publication and is probably the same Thomas as next)

Born - ? 
Marries - Elizabeth dau of Unknown. 
Dies - c.1529?
Sold the Manors of Stamford and Burley in 1526

Son of - 
Thomas Williams, Esq of Abergavenny, Wales. 
Born - 1455? 
Marries - Unknown 
Dies - Unknown 
Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King Henry VII. Burkes incorrectly gives him as of 'Aberconway' but this is apparently corrected by Deeds found at Harlaxton and Denton Manors held by the Welby family. Who on becoming Baronets Welby of Denton were representatives of the Welby, Williams, Upton families of this line. 

Any information on this Williams family would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Williams of Abergavenny
« Reply #1 on: Monday 16 November 20 21:25 GMT (UK) »
Hi, Thomas Williams of Stamford who died in about 1529 is possibly my ancestor.

I descend from the Slyford family of Willesthorpe near Stamford and according to the 1562 Visitation, a Thomas Slyford was the son of Richard and Margaret Slyford, and Margaret was the daughter of Thomas Williams of Stamford. Thomas Slyford, Esquire sold the manor of Willesthorpe to Sir Robert Carr in 1566. I have a strong feeling they are the same Slyford family listed in the visitation, just need to try and clarify it to see if it is true.

I descend from a Richard Slyford who had a daughter Margaret in about 1555 and a daughter Susan in about 1550. Richard was of Willesthorpe.

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