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David Francis Clun Shropshire
« on: Saturday 27 April 19 10:38 BST (UK) »
Hi, I'm looking for any guidance on David Francis, wife Susannah (James).

David died in Clun, Shropshire in 1784 buried 20th January 1784 and also his wife on the same date -paupers.  (I have this info from the Shropshire Family History Society transcripts)

They married on the 5th of February 1724 and as far as I am aware had five children
Elizabeth 1725
John 1731
Mary 1735
Susan 1740
Benjamin 1743 (My 6 times Grt Grandfather)

I want to know where he haled from, his wife Susannah was from the Mainstone Shropshire and baptised in 1702 so I'm thinking David was around the same age - with his death being in 1784 he would have been a big age then for those days so I don't feel that he would have been a great deal older that her.

If anyone has any ideas I would be extremely grateful.
Thank you.

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Re: David Francis Clun Shropshire
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 27 April 19 11:36 BST (UK) »
There are some Wills for the Francis family of Clun which may interest you.These are at Hereford archives.
                                    Deceased               Executor                                    Value
W   11/06/1855   Francis   John   Clun   William Downes, William Chelmwick   <100.00.00   Diocesan
W   17/05/1839   Francis   Matthew   Clun   John Maklin   <5.00.00   Diocesan
W   10/05/1814   Francis   Benjamin   Clun   Elizabeth Francis (Widow)   <40.00.00   Diocesan
A   28/03/1809   Francis   John   Clun   Ann Brown (Sister)   <200.00.00   Diocesan
W   07/12/1789   Francis   John   Clun   Ann Francis   <300.00.00   Diocesan
W   22/05/1733   Francis   Eliza   Clun   Thomas Gough, Henry Law   69.16.00   Diocesan
W   02/05/1732   Francis   Henry   Clun   Elizabeth Francis   89.01.00   Diocesan

Could Benjamin who left a will in 1814 be your 6 x gt grandfather?

No David or Susan .
But there are one couple in Clun having children around the time David would have been born -John and Catherine

John and Catherine's children-John 1689
                                           Catherine 1690
                                           John 1693
                                           Henry 1695
                                           Matthew 1696
                                           John 1704

Catherine was buried 5.6.1740. or 14.6.1716  John Mar 1735 or 14.10 1751

A copy of the bottom 3 Wills might help especially john who's executor is his sister Ann as there might be bequests to wider family.
They cost 12 through the post though.You never know someone might be visiting Hereford and be willing to take a look.

There are also documents in the National Archives which give details of the Francis Family in Clun.
One deed 1721
John Francis senior has a brother Humphrey  and son John Francis junior  at Whitcott Keysett

John senior seems to be  baptised 17.4.1659 s of Henry and Anne and his brother Humphrey 11.2.1661.

It 's a matter of getting more info on the larger family and seeing where David might fit in.
Every other Francis seems to be the son/grandson  of John and Catherine.I'd be surprised if yours came from elsewhere.


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Re: David Francis Clun Shropshire
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 27 April 19 13:04 BST (UK) »
Thank you Ciderdrinker -

Funnily enough I am doing a separate tree of the John and Catherine Francis family as I'm convinced there is a connection from David Francis to Henry/Humphrey (John's Father and brother)

I have come across the deed of John Francis Senior brother Humphrey, which corrected my original wife Elizabeth to the right John born 1693 not 1700.

Henry Francis died in 1693 and married an Ann and I can't find a baptism or marriage for those to either which stops me finding out where Henry came from.

The will of Benjamin Francis 1814 is definitely my 6 x Grt Grandfather I manged to find the death duty register.

I'm extremely intrigued now to check out the wills and this will in particular

 A   28/03/1809   Francis   John   Clun   Ann Brown (Sister)   <200.00.00   Diocesan

because in Clun Church yard in a row are John 1781 - 1865 and Mary Francis (son of Benjamin)  next to that is Benjamin 1746 - 1813 and Elizabeth's and next to that is a head stone that just  made me take a photo as it says " Francis son of Francis and Jane Brown" - with it being adjacent and a christian name Francis I thought it might be of some connection, now I see what you have written the a will of a John Francis who has a sister Ann Brown so hopefully there is a connection.

I'm really grateful for you guiding me in a different direction - thanks for your time