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Re: Irish place name on 1871 census
« Reply #9 on: Saturday 25 May 19 14:15 BST (UK) »
The family had been living in Workington for over 6 years and were previously from Coatbridge Scotland as shown by the census 1871 birthplaces
English census 1871 in case you are wishing to hide the actual name you are tracing  its not the Patrick McClean entry 2 Middleton yd, your entry is No 4 with 4 lodgers three from Newtownards
The actual entry it refers to is James McC.... b~1832 iron worker birth Ireland  Leay,
his wife Mary McC.... b~1833 is the person b  Ireland Newtownards

Leaybut I thought Lícay
his capital L is used elsewhere for Labourer and has an o and an a below
next letter is a small c is used elsewhere as in Scholar
next letter is a small a is used elsewhere as in Scholar
last letter  is a small y is used elsewhere as in Mary
so my opinion an abbreviation for Lícay but I found nothing in Niplacenames, Logainm ,Ros Davies  extending my search to as far as Ringcreevy as Ríery , I switched to the lead  mines at Conlig in Bangor parish and southwards  over the parish border of Newownards to Whitespots lead mines. Whitespots townland is the next northern townland above Newtownards Corporation North Even wondering Cí lig

Whitespots in 1863 griffiths valuation has  a number of unoccupied house and then a
Hugh McC...agh map ref 81 see     but no Doherty
An early record 1823-37 the Tithes Applotment books entries only exist for one townland Ballyskeaugh in 1833 no McC.. or Doherty

The family had living in Workington for over 6 years and have come from Coatbridge Scotland.   I found a family with some similarities in Old Monkland, Coatbridge Lanarkshire in 1861 English census with James MccC..... b1831 ireland ,a pudler,  Ann! his wife b1838 Ireland, children William aged 6 Rebecca aged 4 Robert age1 ie James William and Robert match but childrens births marked as ireland and a visitor Rebecca Docherty b 1833 ireland who could be the wifes older sister

notes picked up on the way
Coatbridge, a village, in the late quoad sacra parish of Gartsherrie, parish of Old Monkland, Middle ward of county Lanark iron-works in the neighbourhood are conducted on a large scale, and afford employment to a great part of the population. extract from Lewis
Pudler see Puddler Yorkshire An iron puddler or (often merely puddler) is an occupation in iron manufacturing. The process of puddling was the occupation's chief responsibility. Puddling was an improved process to convert pig iron into wrought iron with the use of a reverberatory furnace.extract from Wiki

thanks to mylucky !, hallmark,rattus,
and youself Flemming
did you exhaust
retiring at this stage good luck in your venture
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Re: Irish place name on 1871 census
« Reply #10 on: Saturday 25 May 19 16:14 BST (UK) »
Hi there, many thanks for all the info and the time you've taken with it - very much appreciated.