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Re: Marriage
« Reply #9 on: Friday 31 May 19 12:26 BST (UK) »
Hi BallyaltikilliganG,

Thank you, any information would be very much appreciated. My friend has only bits and pieces of info and with the other replies to my original query I seem to have got lost in trying to get the people right.

If you don't mind I would be grateful for any other historical info you could provide.

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Re: Marriage
« Reply #10 on: Thursday 06 June 19 19:41 BST (UK) »
sorry for delaywith the help of your past contributors a tree has started, yet even that has to be checked. so starting on the jamieson connection only
Your Alexander’s father was named as George from the marriage details with a witness a Richard T Jamieson  keep a open mind to spelling particularly Jamieson you can help us by giving any other memory. did either of  of the townlands in
Dromore readers help, could anyone check this volume for tombstones for all spellings of Jamieson Co. Down Vol 19 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballooly R.C., Donaghcloney Graveyard, Donaghcloney Pres. Dromara 1st Pres.,Dromara 2nd Pres., Dromara Reformed Pres., Dromore Cathedral, Dromore 1st Pres., Dromore 2nd Pres., Dromore Non-Subscribing Pres., Dromore R.C., Drumlough Pres., Finnis R.C., Garvaghy, Garvaghy Pres., Kilkinamurry Pres., Magheralin Old, Magheralin Church of Ireland, Waringstown Graveyard, Waringstown Pres.  Edited by R.S.J. by the Ulster Historical Foundation
Did your Alexander become a doctor and stay in Dromore area?
Regarding the horse farm, Dromore held an annual horse fair on the last Saturday in September from well before 1900.   however the nearest I could find was 1984 a photo by Frenchman Glles Peress

Dromore and District Local Historical Group Journal has online 1-4 volumes 1991-4 eg 
A ramble through Dromore : a lecture / by John F. Mulligan
A Short History of First Dromore Presbyterian Church by WD Patton 55 p 1982
Sunday School  ” The dedication of the teachers was impressive, being wisely and warmly guided by the good hand and heart of Mr. Jamison. In 1884 Mr. Jamison wrote . . . `I am today 27 years Superintendent of the Sunday School. .....a possible relative
George Jamieson probate 8th November late of Ednego  Co Down who died 2 Feb 1899 granted at Belfast to Jackson Jamison Farmer effects £5  see
was 68 in 1899so ~1831

from Ros Davies
{George   JAMI(E)SON   .   Dromore   son of Alexander Jamieson; married Margaret Hamilton 29 Aug 1856; father of Susanna Dorothea b. 4 Oct 1869   CR Rios Davies

Eliza Jane Jamison probate 30 November probate 8th November late of Ednego  Co Down who died  14 JULY 1906  granted at Belfast to Jackson Smyth Jamison farmer and
Joseph Jamison teacher  effects 679 15 shillings see

Alexander Jamison probate  5 March farmer died 7 Jan 1906 granted Belfast to William Jamison and Alexander Jamison doctors probate late of Drumaghadrone [Dromore] see

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Search Valuation Revision Books online
Drumaghadone-Drumaghadone   Dromore Down VAL/12/B/16/23A (1864 - 1875)
Drumaghadone-Drumaghadone   Dromore Down VAL/12/B/16/23B (1876 - 1885)
Drumaghadone-Drumaghadone   Dromore Down VAL/12/B/16/23C (1886 - 1897)
Drumaghadone-Drumaghadone   Dromore Down VAL/12/B/16/23D (1898 - 1911)
Drumaghadone-Drumaghadone   Dromore Down VAL/12/B/16/23E (1912 - 1929)
these books trace Alex Jamison as the continuing tenant farmer until 1906 when it changes to Margt Jameson who is crossed out in 1913 and replaced with Wm MCandless until 1929
the plot map ref was no 10;11 ho office and land £11.10 sh pa and house £3.10sh pa
this is displayed on a 1863 map note the will of this Margaret Jameson not found   

end of part 1.
Gracey Gracie Gracy Grassy Greacy

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Re: Marriage
« Reply #11 on: Thursday 06 June 19 19:56 BST (UK) »
part 2
Jamison, Alexr.   Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
Jamison, George   Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
Jamison, Henry   Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
Sprott, James      Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
Sprott, Mrs. Jane   Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
Strong, Samuel   Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
other areas in magherally

Jamieson, Alexr.   Townland: Ballysallagh Year: 1834
Jamieson, Alexr.   Townland: Skeagh Year: 1834
Jamison, Alexr.   Townland: Drumaghadone Year: 1834
Jamison, Geo.   Townland: Ballymagendless Year: 1834
Jamison, George   Townland: Drumbroneth Year: 1834
Jamison, John   Townland: Tullyglush Year: 1834
Jamison, Mrs. Martha   Townland: Skeagh Year: 1834
Jamison, Robert   Townland: Tullyglush Year: 1834
Jamison, Robt.   Townland: Lisnaward Year: 1834
McIlrath, Jas.   Townland: Balleny Year: 1834
McIlrath, Jno.   Townland: Balleny Year: 1834
Spratt, Wm.   Townland: Growell Year: 1834
Strong, Alexr.   Townland: Drumlough Year: 1834
Strong, John   Townland: Drumlough Year: 1834
Strong, Robert   Townland: Tullyglush Year: 1834
Strong, Robt.   Townland: Drumlough Year: 1834
Strong, Samuel   Townland: Ednigo Year: 1834
Strong, Widow Mary   Townland: Drumlough Year: 1834

Jameson   Alexander   Down   Dromore    Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 3   
lloks like in 1899 taken over by George , then in 1890,1891 taken over by Jackson
then by Hugh Lilbarr
Jameson   William H.   Down   Dromore    Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 4,5,6
1890,1891 taken over by Jackson Jameson same with sublet 4a    taken over by Jackson Jameson who is still there in VAL/12/B/16/23E (1912 - 1929)
 no Susan George remains but changes to
Strong      Thomas   Down   Dromore    Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 8   
Strong      Hannah   Down   Dromore    Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 9   
                                                                                                                Ednego Map Ref 9
taken over by Jackson Jameson

Spratt      David   Down   Dromore        Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 11-14
Spratt      David   Down   Dromore        Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 11-14
Spratt   David   Down   Dromore        Gv1863 Ednego Map Ref 11-14

Jameson, John   Townland: Ballycross Year: 1833
Jameson, John   Townland: Magherally Year: 1833
McIlrath, David   Townland: Mullough-Farnahan Year: 1833
McIlrath, Thos.   Townland: Mullough-Farnahan Year: 1833
Sproot, William   Townland: Magherally Year: 1833
Sprott, Hans.      Townland: Magherally Year: 1833
Sprott, John      Townland: Tullyhenan Year: 1833
Sprott, Thomas   Townland: Magherally Year: 1833
Sprott, Thomas   Townland: Tullyhenan Year: 1833
Sprott, Thomas   Townland: Tullyrain Year: 1833

over 30 Townland Kilmacrew entries but none of the sought names

Kilmacrew   Down   Iveagh, lower (lower half)   Magherally   Kilmacrew    gv
Jameson Jamieson Jamison; none: Strong Stronge; none: Spratt Sprott; none,
Jameson   Samuel   Corbet      Magherally   Down
Jameson   John      Ballycross   Magherally   Down
Jameson   George   Magherally   Magherally   Down
Jameson   Ellen      Corbet      Magherally   Down
Jameson   David      Ballycross   Magherally   Down
Mc Illrath        James                  Mullafernaghan     Magherally     Down
Mc Illrath        John                Mullafernaghan     Magherally     Down
Mc Illrath        William             Mullafernaghan     Magherally     Down
Spratt              Andrew           Magherally         Magherally     Down
Spratt              Jane                Magherally         Magherally     Down
Spratt              Robert              Corbet             Magherally     Down
Spratt              Thomas           Magherally         Magherally     Down
Sprott              Robert             Tullyrain          Magherally     Down
Sprott              Thomas           Tullyhinan         Magherally     Down
Strong              James               Drumneth           Magherally     Down
Strong              Robert             Magherally         Magherally     Down
Strong              Robert             Tullyrain          Magherally     Down
Strong              Samuel            Corbet             Magherally     Down
Strong             Samuel            Drumneth           Magherally     Down
Strong              William           Drumneth           Magherally     Down
 more if you wish
Gracey Gracie Gracy Grassy Greacy