Author Topic: Trying to date these two but which wife?  (Read 3403 times)

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Re: Trying to date these two but which wife?
« Reply #36 on: Sunday 02 June 19 20:55 BST (UK) »
Just a few more details about the Furness family.

The photograph shows, of course, Godfrey John Furness, born 1868 in Taddington, Derbyshire.

Going back into his family, I mentioned his parents Samuel and Jane, and his siblings, in the 1881 and 1891 Census.
Samuel was a farmer, born c 1831 in Hope in Derbyshire.  Jane Barnsley Furness, his wife, also came from Hope.

Going back further in 1871 the family are at the same farm as previously, Highfield House in Middleton Stoney, Derbyshire.  The two youngest children, Godfrey (aged 3) and Gladstone (aged 2) are not there - they're staying with their grandparents, George and Hannah Barnsley, at Hazelbadge in Derbyshire, about 6 miles away.

George is also a farmer, of 100 acres, and was born in Derbyshire as was his wife Hannah.

It seems that Samuel Furness, Godfrey's father, comes from a line of farmers.  His father - James Furness - farmed Cartledge House Farm, in Great Hucklow.  Looking at the 1851 Census, when James and wife Sarah are there with son Samuel (aged 20), daughters Margaret (18), Martha (17) and Sarah (12), the farm is said to be of 109 acres.

Samuel Furness and Jane Barnsley married on 4th October 1857 in Hope Parish Church (snip of the marriage certificate attached), and both could sign the register, which wasn't always the case at the time.

So both families were very strongly of Derbyshire

Japeflakes - reading in - I know you are sending through the details which everyone has found to the owners of the photo.  If they are interested in the family history, there will be more details to be found, and they should just ask here as I'm sure Rootschatters would be pleased to track down more information.

The farmhouses mentioned do seem still to be there if you google them - and if these were my ancestors, I would be very tempted to visit the villages mentioned, as not only is Derbyshire the most beautiful of counties, but the small villages will still have many of the original buildings.

I did myself go back to Eyam (not far away!) where a relative of my OH's was living at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries, and not only did I find where they had lived, the family name was still remembered in the local shop!  I'm sure the Furness name (and quite likely the Barnsley name) will still be there in the locations.

Pay, Kent. 
Barham, Kent. 
Cork(e), Kent. 
Cooley, Kent.
Barwell, Rutland/Northants/Greenwich.
Cotterill, Derbys.
Van Steenhoven/Steenhoven/Hoven, Nord Brabant/Belgium/East London.
Kesneer Belgium/East London
Burton, East London.
Barlow, East London
Wayling, East London
Wade, Greenwich/Brightlingsea, Essex.
Thorpe, Brightlingsea, Essex

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Re: Trying to date these two but which wife?
« Reply #37 on: Sunday 02 June 19 21:29 BST (UK) »
Hello from NZ.

Edited ...Thanks for that. I have found an Australian link but not NZ.

If you do find a NZ link. When I started beef farming in the 1970's I was often at the cattle auctions with three brothers, their father and a number of their uncles. The one I had most contact with, decided to try growing Blueberries on their peat farm. The rest is history. Another case of NZ pioneering and innovative farmers.


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