Author Topic: Information on Telkes/Kaszab family in Nicaragua (Bluefields, Rio Grande)  (Read 74 times)

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Information on Telkes/Kaszab family in Nicaragua (Bluefields, Rio Grande)
I’m looking for information of a Hungarian family who owned/rented a plantation in Nicaragua between 1911 -1930.  They have some involvement of the Hungarian plantation Company Limited. (Magyar ültetvényes részvénytársaság) but they owned/rented some another plantation around Bluefileds/Rio Grande. They were a contractor for the Cuyamel Fruit Company according some letters.

Mrs. Marie de Telkes ( born : Maria Szonnert ) : She lived in Nicaragua between 1911-1927. She died there her letters always was addressed Rio Grande without any indication of an address.
She used the Name Maria Telkes de Kelenfoldi sometimes.

Ilona Telkes Kaszab : In 1912, Ilona became ill and was advised to go stay with her mother, who had a homestead in Bluefields, Nicaragua. 1910s, Ilona acquired management of a 500-acre banana plantation in Bluefields, She lived there till 1921.

Bela Telkes : He lived there between 1911 -1915 . A Unitarian priest  He was killed by locals according family history.

Mathew Kaszab (Born : Mate Kaszab):A convert  to the Baha'i Faith lived as a child in Nicaragua (1912 -1915) and later returned to work in Bluefields around 1939.

Eva Raab( later Tinozzi): Lived as a child in Nicaragua from 1911 and later she maintained a home in Bluefileds till 1950’s.
If anybody has any information on the family would be really appreciated.

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