Author Topic: In jail or just visiting??  (Read 930 times)

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Re: In jail or just visiting??
« Reply #9 on: Monday 08 July 19 23:12 BST (UK) »
In the relation column it does describe John Stringfellow as 'prisoner in Newark jail'. Therefore I doubt he was a visitor

Does it specify marital status to help?

South Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland:- Bowie, Campbell, Cumming, Currie

Ireland:- Cullen, Flannigan (Derry), Donahoe/Donaghue (variants) (Cork), McCrate (Tipperary), Mellon, Tol(l)and (Donegal & Tyrone)

Newcastle-on-Tyne/Durham (Northumberland):- Harrison, Jude, Kemp, Lunn, Mellon, Robson, Stirling

Kettering, Northampton:- MacKinnon

Canada:- Callaghan, Cumming, MacPhee


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Re: In jail or just visiting??
« Reply #10 on: Monday 08 July 19 23:36 BST (UK) »
While I do agree that there are very often instances of people being listed at two different places, my feeling is that the reason for this was often face-saving., rather than

Could be as simple as the Head of the House saying '' dont forget to put John on the form , he still lives here even though he is in the nick''

And of course the head count at the gaol also counting the prisoners correctly

Ramember the question---

In every census year an enumerator delivered a form to each household in the country for them to complete. The heads of household were instructed to give details of everyone who slept in that dwelling on census night, which was always a Sunday. The forms completed by each household, known as schedules, were collected a few days later by the enumerator. From 1841 to 1901 the information from the schedules was then copied into enumeration books. Once the enumeration books had been completed, most household schedules were destroyed, although there are some rare survivals. It is the enumeration books that we consult today online or on microfilm.

In my instance a woman  ancestor had been deserted by her husband, but she listed him as present on the night.  He was also listed with another woman in another town. In another, a man could not feed his children and they were at his mother in law's home, but he listed them as present on the night

Our ancestors never anticipated cross-checking by future family historians!


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Re: In jail or just visiting??
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 09 July 19 07:44 BST (UK) »
Thanks all, Iím definitely leaning towards the idea that they are the same man.