Author Topic: Marriage habits of C18 sailors  (Read 271 times)

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Marriage habits of C18 sailors
« on: Monday 22 July 19 17:33 BST (UK) »
Continuing with my transcription of marriage records in early 18th-century Liverpool, I have noticed that (a) as one might expect, a high proportion of the grooms are Sailors or Mariners, (b) that they seem to prefer marrying in the summer months, and (c) many of their wives are widows.  I was wondering if that meant those widows' husbands might have been shipmates or known to them?  It's an interesting question.
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Re: Marriage habits of C18 sailors
« Reply #1 on: Monday 22 July 19 19:29 BST (UK) »
I seem to remember from somewhere,sailors  lodged when ashore with widows who ran lodging houses.
It makes some sense ,.they could manage drunken sailors very well, were not without some savings and usually good for a “laugh”.
They knew sailors and what they got up to,but were broad minded.
Ideal really.
There is something about this in Thomas Hardy’s Trumpet Major I seem  to remember.The brother of the Trumpet Major brings home a woman of uncertain vintage, she keeps her veil on all the time,but he fancies the heroine and the Trumpet Major goes to blow his trumpet on the plains of Spain.)Peninsular war).