Author Topic: John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?  (Read 1085 times)

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John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?
« on: Thursday 31 October 19 03:51 GMT (UK) »
This is my first post so am unsure whether I have posted it in the correct place.  Advice would be appreciated.

My wife is a descendant of an English convict John Cory Asgill, the son of John Asgill who died in a Workhouse in London in 1831.  Many Family trees on have this man as the son of General Sir Charles Asgill 2nd Baronet yet I have no corroborating evidence.  Online biographies of the Baronet differ as to whether he and his wife Jemima Ogle had children.  I've also read that she had children with other lovers.

Any help in clarifying whether John Asgill was related (or not) to the Baronet would be appreciated.

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Re: John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 31 October 19 05:54 GMT (UK) »
Welcome to Rootschat.

It may be an idea to post info. on John Cory Asgill, B/M/D, children names/dates/places in order, all you know to give an idea of family whereabouts, occupations, witnesses to marriage/baptisms etc.

Have you found where the name Cory comes from as there may be some sort of clue there?

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Re: John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 31 October 19 06:36 GMT (UK) »

Welcome from me, too.

I think I have some info on a John Cory ASGILL in one of my local history folders.

May I ask if 'your' chap was transported to New South Wales or Tasmania and perhaps after his emancipation,  spent much of his life in regional NSW ... perhaps Central Western districts around the Lachlan River?   

I am not related to anyone surnamed ASGILL,  but I have a reasonable knowledge of researching  19th century NSW families,  especially from central and far western districts, and always happy to lookup my files....  :)

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Re: John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 31 October 19 08:34 GMT (UK) »
This is an absolutely fascinated read, about people's obsessions, Wikipedia editing, the Asgills, from someone believing themselves as descended from 'Charles Asgill (my g-g-g-grandfather)'.
It is very long, and I have not read it all, yet.,_2nd_Baronet

The lady is 75 and has spent years on her research and travel visiting many countries and original documents so would think that we, here, are a long way behind in finding the truth.

Is it just coincidence of you posting here and the current editing in that article?

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Re: John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?
« Reply #4 on: Thursday 31 October 19 15:48 GMT (UK) »
Sir Charles Asgill's will doesn't mention any children. His sister-in-law & nephew are the main beneficiaries.
The Wiki article mentions a disinherited son which may account for that but he couldn't be disinherited from the Baronetcy.
As the Baronetcy became extinct after his death indicates he had no legitimate children.
Any illegitimate children either of them had wouldn't have had the Asgill name unless he acknowledged them as such which appears not to have happened as per his will.
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Re: John ASGILL - a pauper or son of a baronet?
« Reply #5 on: Sunday 04 October 20 23:50 BST (UK) »
I am the Great grandson of john Asgill/Janet Fulton. He is definately not from the gentry. He was a cobbler convicted of theft, sent to Tasmania married Janet Fulton also a convict from Scotland. they moved to Wellington N.S.W.