Author Topic: Bertram Mills Circus post-war Sept/Oct 1946 - would they hire fairground workers  (Read 200 times)

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Hi, have several posts on here as searching for my bio father (probably long-gone). I and newfound paternal 2nd cousins have discovered many showground family names amongst the dna matches.  I have been researching fairgrounds around my conception time (Sept/Oct 1946). I have just spoken with a new Ancestry person in that world who suggested a Circus... I looked and found that Bertram Mills Circus returned for first time after war around Sept/Oct 1946.  What's more, they toured in the area where my Mother had been  a Land girl - i.e. Bulwick area. (Northamptonshire area).  I wonder if she encountered my father at the circus?  She might have had my then 6 year old brother with her.  (Not putting that very nicely - sorry Mum - she was a very proper person!)... but could that be the connection.  Would the circus hire fairground workers? Would anyone still remember those days?  And I'll just throw in a curved ball... all the info I have about my unknown Dad is that he was a "friend of the family and POW" which may well have been made up never know.  Any thoughts gratefully received.  We have already cracked one puzzle on here.