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Guernsey marriage
« on: Friday 29 November 19 12:15 GMT (UK) »
I fear that this thread died years ago, but I'll ask here anyway as the NEW POST button doesn't seem to be working.

My parents were married in St Peter Port in August 1934, and I'm wondering if their marriage certificate, if I buy it, will tell me what I need to provide evidence for for the authorities in France. They want a document that shows, in an official way, when and where they were born. Does anyone know if Guernsey marriage certificates include this information? I've ordered birth certificates, one from Nova Scotia and the other from Dublin, but it would be nice to have another document.

Are they written in French as well as English? The one from Nova Scotia will certainly be bilingual, but the one from Dublin won't -- certainly not English/French, and English/Irish won't be any use.
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Re: Guernsey marriage
« Reply #1 on: Friday 29 November 19 13:27 GMT (UK) »
Split from where you posted and relocated.

Hope you get a reply soon.
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