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Dora/Dorothy Stone-Barrett
« on: Monday 13 January 20 20:54 GMT (UK) »
Hi All,

I am hoping that you can help me trace some information regarding Dora/Dorothy Stone-Barrett. I've started off in the Durham section (as this is where she was born), but in truth I haven't really got a clue as to where to start.

I am seeking your help in finding a newspaper report on Dora Stone-Barrett. I am researching a family tree for a friend of mine, who is looking for further information regarding a trial, and quite possibly a prison sentence.

Dora as born 13th. June 1915 Lanchester, Co. Durham under the name of Dora Stewart. On the 28th. December 1935 she married Charles William Stone-Barrett, although for some unknown reason she called herself Dorothy Stewart.

They had the following children:
Removed 1936 Lanchester,
Removed 1939 Durham North Western,
Removed 1940 Durham North Western,
Removed 1943 Newcastle,
Removed 1946 Richmond, Yorkshire,
Removed 1948 Richmond, Yorkshire,
Removed 1950 Richmond and,
Removed 1953 Newcastle.

It is believed that she had a bust-up with her husband. Hitting him over the head with something and nearly killing him and she received a prison sentence. It is also believed that she was pregnant at the time and they split up. She died May 1994 in the Lancaster area under the name of Dora Stone-Barrett.

I wonder if there are any newspaper reports on the trial although I cannot say where and when.  I can only presume that it happened before the birth of her last child in 1952/53, Her birth is registered 1st q. 1953. I have access top British Library Newspapers (which only go up to 1950), and The Times newspapers - neither have found anything relating to any incident.

If this story did happen. Given the nature that it would have been a sentenced based in today's terms as ABH, would this have been BIG enough to make the tabloids - possibly not! Therefore I was wondering if there are any other external resources which I could try that mind unearth something?

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

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Re: Dora/Dorothy Stone-Barrett
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 15 January 20 13:50 GMT (UK) »
I tried the British Newspaper archive and nothing immediately coming up.

That doesn't mean to say there wasn't anything just that I am failing to find it. I tried the surname and also varied the searches by just using her first name and keywords such as trial/sentence/attack etc and still nothing. I limited it to the 1950s but didn't specify an area or a newspaper.

Its free to search so you could try and may have more luck. I believe you can view a few articles for free if there are any likely results, or a local library may have access to FindMyPast who also carry the same database.