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Sweden - Lorich family name
« on: Tuesday 21 January 20 19:54 GMT (UK) »
Am trying to find out why my 6x great grandfather would have adopted his brother-in-law's family name which is Lorich.

My 6x great grandfather was Frederick Otto Hassal (14 Aug 1752 - 16 Oct 1824) & his brother-in-law was Nils Lorich (22 Jul 1742 - 26 Jun 1823).

The source I saw saying that Frederick adopted the Lorich name is this (but can't work out why):

See tab 3a & tab 10.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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Re: Sweden - Lorich family name
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 25 January 20 09:28 GMT (UK) »

If I am reading this correctly, by "adopting" his wife's brother it allowed that noble status to pass on to Frederick Otto and his descendants. It may have been a practical decision to do with land ownership and inheritance, or borne out of a desire to see as much of his extended family benefit as possible.
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