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Re: Gumley - Richard Boddyle
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 10 March 20 08:21 GMT (UK) »
I dont have a computer at home and my phone won't let me search on familysearch


Sorry jon  :)

I was mentioning that generally in case anyone wanted to look, often people are not aware that many parish registers are available to view on familysearch nowadays as it is not always obvious on the site. 

Good to see that Claire did find the record on FindMyPast, it has been transcribed by them as 'Badley' which is what it looks like
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Re: Gumley - Richard Boddyle
« Reply #10 on: Tuesday 10 March 20 23:50 GMT (UK) »

There is also a Will dated 1629 for the father Edward - surname Badley. Record on F M P too. But after a bit more searching I have found an old document which puts those family trees on Ancestry in doubt.

On F M P there is a write up of the marriage licence details (I can't read most of it ) but I can pick out that he was 22 years old (same age given to Eliza) It also states Rich. Boddiley ''Filis" Rich. Boddiliey of Lubenham, goes on to say Eliz. Lane "fila"  ? ? Lane.

If I'm not mistaken Fili and Fila mean son and daughter, therefore Richard was the son of a Richard Boddyle. There is an Admon record too for a Richard Bodiley of Lubenham dated 1633

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Re: Gumley - Richard Boddyle
« Reply #11 on: Wednesday 11 March 20 06:37 GMT (UK) »
As usual, it's one step forward and several steps back. Thanks for your efforts Claire - I need a rethink now.