Author Topic: State of Emergency, Coronavirus (part 2)  (Read 4338 times)

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State of Emergency, Coronavirus (part 2)
« on: Monday 16 March 20 16:49 GMT (UK) »
Moderator Comment: We've created a new topic so that you can discuss the COVID19 Coronavirus

I did my regular online Tesco shop at the weekend but couldn't get a delivery slot before next Monday. I haven't ordered anything over and above what I usually get but I am beginning to wonder , when it arrives, just how many items are going to be marked 'unavailable' because of these selfish morons?

I'm sure there are still plenty of decent people out there but I do wonder how many would swear at you and elbow you out of the way to get to the last pack of pasta even if they already have 10 packets at home in their cupboard?!!

I know supermarkets are doing their best to counteract these idiots. May I suggest that a good way to shame them might be to use the shop's cctv to film their behaviour and then post it online?  Finally, a good use for social media!

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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #1 on: Monday 16 March 20 16:49 GMT (UK) »
Aye folks back to the war times with rationing might be the only answer.

It could be quite simple to implement as the powers that be already have all our personal details already. Post out coupon books  :)

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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #2 on: Monday 16 March 20 16:52 GMT (UK) »
The following is an updated version of something I said on a separate thread a few days ago.

For much of my career, now over, I was involved in what was known as large-scale consumer logistics, basically ensuring that the major retailers never suffered any periods of empty shelves. That is very costly to them so they will go to great investment to avoid it happening.

There were  two main concepts.  Firstly, just in time delivery, which involved having very large out-of-town warehouses, typically close to motorway junctions that could be used to replenish stocks at short notice, during promotions or during any sort of disruption to manufacture.

The other concept was vendor managed inventory. This entails retailers providing their sales information to their suppliers so that suppliers could then be responsible for ensuring correct deliveries. If this short scale panic buying causes any disruption, then 10 years of my career will have been in vain. If people panic buy today, they won't be doing it again, it's a one-off event, the infrastructure of retail is designed to avoid this happening.

I think there might be a temporary shortage of fresh produce from overseas, but it will also mean that there is a glut of home-grown produce which can't be exported so some things will actually be very cheap while others might temporarily be missing. Staff shortages might occasionally cause minor delays.


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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #3 on: Monday 16 March 20 17:28 GMT (UK) »
Social distancing from this weekend for 12 weeks.

Social distancing - North Sea, south of South Shields this afternoon -

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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #4 on: Monday 16 March 20 17:45 GMT (UK) »
I am 77 Garrard and apart from a hip replacement I think I am almost as good as a younger person, even my butcher told me I was sprightly,  cheeky man!   we are as old as we feel, all this lark about keeping the over 70' s is a load of rubbish, there are a lot of over 70's still working and voluntarily

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Yes but I think you have missed the point!  If you ignore the stay at home advice and go out and get the virus, it is likely that to cure you of it more NHS resources would have to be deployed to you than a younger person who got the virus, thus reducing the level of care that the NHS could be giving everybody!

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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #5 on: Monday 16 March 20 17:50 GMT (UK) »
Supposedly, all shops to be closed tomorrow in Quito - at least that is the rumor on the street.  The closest mini-mart says they're staying open so at least I'll be able to get potato chips and pork rinds.  Deliveries of fresh produce from the countryside are doubtful. There are very few people out and about and it is abnormally quiet.  I got out and purchased a few last minute emergency supplies to beef up what I had already laid in - 2 lbs of coffee, 10 lbs of rice, 2 lbs of pasta, 6 liters of milk, a few fruits and veg.  The rice is mostly to supplement the dog food which I'm afraid I don't have enough of - from now on it's one quarter rice, three quarters dog food.

Now I'm just going to sit at home and watch the stock market tank.
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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #6 on: Monday 16 March 20 18:52 GMT (UK) »
All restaurants and cafes are closed here now, and President Macron is about to announce a curfew as well as other measures. We've booked our dog in at the vet's tomorrow to get her passport stamped and heading home on Thursday. France with no cafes isn't the same place!
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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #7 on: Monday 16 March 20 19:29 GMT (UK) »
Sorry your holiday has been cut short , but there  is no place like home in an emergency.
Have a good journey.

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Re: Re: state of emergency
« Reply #8 on: Monday 16 March 20 19:42 GMT (UK) »
I am confused (a frequent occurrence!)

Having watched the news tonight - am I right in thinking that over 70s CAN go out, but are not supposed to socialise and should just keep distance between themselves and other people?

Or have I misunderstood?
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