Author Topic: Tips for safe shopping  (Read 1251 times)

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Re: Tips for safe shopping
« Reply #18 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 09:56 GMT (UK) »
Your store cupboard sounds a bit like mine Viktoria - I too have custard powder and jellies also some very hard trifle sponges!  On Sunday we treated ourselves to a small tin of evaporated milk, was still OK despite the best before date being Nov 2016  :o  It went well with a meringue nest and some tinned fruit salad.  At least it's finished now.  We can move on to the last packet of blancmange powder (vanilla, April 2018) - but our Co-op is out of milk so that will have to wait.

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Re: Tips for safe shopping
« Reply #19 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 10:24 GMT (UK) »
I — and it pains me to say it— threw away a tin of Fray Bentos( the best )
Corned beef extra lean, dated August  2019.
Dared not risk it.
The home made jam is going sugary and I have as little sugar as possible ,waiting( I will have a long wait now) for  assessment —my Blood  Sugar levels are at 42, it is preferred they be below 41.
I often used to mix the jam with apples for apple and strawberry pies,apple and blackcurrant etc etc .
I hope the present crisis brings home how shallow many lives have become ,led by the media and so called celebrities they seem so hedonistic and pointless .
It will be a hard lesson and let’s hope it is learnt, as a Nation we will be all the better for it .
Best wishes to you all , thank goodness for RootsChat,laughter, ,support,
advice( even though gullible dafties like me are taken in by false advice seemingly from a reputable NHS source, because given it by a sensible person!)
I hope that made a good few of you laugh,we need laughter just now.
I shan’t be offended,the info supposedly  came fromThe Welsh NHS.
Serves me right for singing very loudly:-
My hen had a haddock on top of  a tree ———,to the tune of “ Land of my Fathers.”
The phonetic version seemingly of the Welsh National anthem.

Cheerio for now.