Author Topic: Hope for the future  (Read 6786 times)

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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #18 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 14:17 GMT (UK) »
Well done Kay - have you got the Trackword?         And, we saw a couple of yellow butterflies at the bottom of the garden, too far to see what variety.     Haven't seen fairies, though.
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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #19 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 14:34 GMT (UK) »
Not yet - I fell flat just after lunch, having tripped over a plank of wood  So I am lying down, watching the bruises develop and trying to unscramble my brain  :-\   

On the plus side my OH brought me our favorite berry bar we had been saving for a treat  ;D


PS - I think I did see your fairies !!

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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #20 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 14:35 GMT (UK) »
A bit of joy today - My first Radio Times arrived by post this morning!    I have been meaning order it by post for years but this crisis really made me do to.


Thanks, Kay, you've just reminded me to do that as well. They have an article about receiving RT by post in next week's copy which I picked up yesterday. There was only one copy left in the shop - surely people aren't panic buying the RT!!!

Seems like a good idea to get it posted in the present climate - as long as the postmen are stll working, of course.

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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #21 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 15:19 GMT (UK) »
Covid 19 and influenza are both viral respiratory infections with many similarities while not being identical. There is a belief that the similarities will include seasonality and if this proves to be the case then when that is coupled with the measures being taken by the Government we have reason to be optimistic that we will start to see a downturn in infections in two or three weeks time.

We should all try to remain optimistic; the old cliche is very true - "hope for the best and prepare for the worst". I hope that other posts on this thread will highlight positives - there are plenty of other places which seem dedicated to doom and gloom.

I couldn't agree with you more, It got to the point where I didn't want to come on here.  ::)

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That made me smile so I just had to share it.

Stay safe and keep smiling  ;)

I posted this on the CV thread and it went unnoticed apart from RTL's post about ending it on.

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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #22 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 16:36 GMT (UK) »
   "as long as the postmen are still working, of course." I believe postmen are classed as key workers.

  I have decided to write my granddaughter a letter, as it is her birthday in a few days! That will be a novel experience for her. I checked with my son in case he was likely to treat it as a health hazard, and suggested that he could iron it, as someone said on here recently about newspapers. :D
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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #23 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 16:44 GMT (UK) »
Sellotape the envelope and don't lick the sticky bit

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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #24 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 16:56 GMT (UK) »

So sorry for any negativity..

Let me tell  you a couple of positives that have come my way.

I had 4  mothers day cards  (last year NONE on the day and one a bit late then no more)  ---- so FOUR is wonderful  -- I have 5 offspring.. but one left the fold of her own choice some time back...

AND then on FB I got messages from my grandchildren ... love you Nanny messages... wow.. brilliant.. smashing.. and so I woke up feeling a little warm and happy....

The sun and grass and peace and actual clear skies  daytime and nightime are all wonderful.. so yes  lots of positives.. and beside that ... no point in counting calories.. so will eat things I havent eaten in years.. and enjoy..

ONE thing I must add... I have been a Rootschatter since forever.. now and it has helped me through a lifetime of ups and downs SARAH AND TRYSTAN --- thank you for starting this site and helping so many people gain wonderful knowledge regarding so many things   not only .. 'Where is my 6th GG buried'   -  I have loved the restoration pages in my day - and made so many lovely virtual friends... sadly some now no longer with us.. xxxxxx   whoops
slipping off the positive

going now xxxxxx  Love you all xxxxxxx with or without an 'ee'  ha ha

Xin ;D ;D

ps wheres mjb  and hippy and all from my day :)  sorry brain tired these days so many more names  not at front ...

gone  8) 8) 8) 8) ::) ::) ???

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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #25 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 18:58 GMT (UK) »
Rishile, I am glad you bothered! Positivity and an optimistic outlook are required and can lead to a better outcome. There is far too much negativity about and I am not prepared to succumb to it. It is a shame that some people are not respecting that this thread is looking to provide hope.

Well done Rishlie for starting a positive thread.

Well said ! The clue is in title of the thread, if people cannot find something positive to say then JOG ON, plenty of other threads to comment on.  There are many of us struggling right now, we need to think and hear that there might at least be a chink of light at the end of this tunnel
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Re: Hope for the future?
« Reply #26 on: Wednesday 25 March 20 21:49 GMT (UK) »
Rishile, I am glad you bothered too! Please everyone don't stop coming here!

There must always be hope.

How often do we look at some grim record of the history of our forebears, a tragic death of an infant, an early widowhood, wars, disease or poverty and wonder how on earth did they overcome that? Well they did. They hoped and they carried on. We are all the living proof of that.

We repay that hope and their trust in a better tomorrow by researching, recording and remembering them all today.

Take care all, Tony. x

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