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Diary > Sunday 29 March
« on: Sunday 29 March 20 15:43 BST (UK) »
Hi all,

I thought it would be good if we started a bit of a daily diary on here. One where you can perhaps what you plan on doing today, or what you've been up to to fill your day, or any thoughts you have.

If I forget to start one on a day or other then you're free to start one - and we can all add our diaries to that.

So this morning, woke up to discover the clocks had gone forward. All our clocks apart from one set themselves automatically, but we have an old black slate wind-up clock, so I had to move the hand round an hour.

Malted Wheaties (like Shreddies, but from Aldi) for breakfast, lashings of cold milk. I cut up some left-over pizza and put it out for the birds. Much colder today, a bit overcast this morning. They must have been watching as they were there like a shot.

Had a good read of the online newspaper (I've paid to subscribe so I don't go to the shop). It's a lot to read.

Sarah has been digging through the cupboard under the TV to see what DVDs we have. There's a few that we've never watched, including the whole series of Harry Potter films, On the Buses, a Peter Kay one and George Formby films.

Everything is eerily quiet. A few cars pass, but very few.

We had lunch, then afterwards headed out for our allotted daily exercise walk. Lovely strolling up the farm tracks. We didn't see many people today, I suppose the colder weather has kept them in. We saw a few rainbows that children had made in the windows of some houses. Very touching indeed.

We got home, washed our hands thoroughly, and then brewed up and thought I'd come on RootsChat and write this.

I'm looking forward tonight to make either a Thai Green Curry or a stir fry. We'll watch one of those DVDs too.

Over to you.
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Re: Sunday 29 March Diary
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 29 March 20 15:54 BST (UK) »
Like you, most clocks changed themselves, with the notable exception of the kitchen clocks. Wall clock, microwave oven and electric oven all had to be changed manually.

Woke early and put sourdough bread in the oven - I don't have to worry about any yeast shortages, but flour is another thing. Got about 2 - 3 weeks supply at present.

Played Hangman via Skype with our daughter and 5 year old granddaughter. Her spelling is coming along well.

Not been out today, it is bright enough, but very cold.

Regards Margaret
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Re: Sunday 29 March Diary
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 29 March 20 18:29 BST (UK) »
I had 2 analogue clocks to change, and 2 digital clocks. Plus my watch.

Don't do cereals, so had my breakfast of black-pepper muffin, toasted with butter ;D Yum!

Too cold to sit outside, so had a can of soup - carrot & coriander. On cold days, I usually have a soup.

Went for a walk to the (IoM) National Sports Centre; around the perimeter track and on to the Manx Auto Sport stores (I'm the Equipment Officer?!).
Tidied away some directional arrows, from our last rally.
Then walked home. (5000 steps in total).

Tea was a helping of ham and asparagus risotto - home made, including the chicken stock.

Spoke to daughter #2 on phone - she works at a large hospital in Bristol; pharmaceutical stores.
Now waiting for daughter #1 to become free. She's a kitchen manager in a primary school.
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Re: Sunday 29 March Diary
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 29 March 20 19:32 BST (UK) »
Boy, its cold today !   

My home-made mini-poly-tunnel had blown down in the gales; put it all up again; it had blown down again by 5 o'clock .... so put the plastic flat on the deep bed it covers .... the broad beans haven't come up yet so nothing will be squashed.

To think I sat in the garden a week ago and ate my lunch in the sun !

No-one around; the village street was deserted all day, except for a male pheasant walking past; my cat decided to stalk it, but decided it was too big a challenge !

Went for a walk; too cold to stay out long, so picked up an armful of blown down twigs for kindling, and cut the walk short.

(Yawn ...)  quite a boring day, really .... never mind, only another ten weeks of this .... (yawn)
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Re: Sunday 29 March Diary
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 29 March 20 19:36 BST (UK) »
Got up late, even later thanks to the clock.
Had brunch, down the greenhouse to check what needs watering.

Made apple pie between us, cleaned up the flour off the floor, the clean bit was embarrassing so had to clean it all.

Did a couple of rows of digging on the veg plot while Mazi phoned sister, cousin, and kids.

Just had evening meal, will do a deadly killer sudoku, maybe a bit of Rootschat.

Exactly what we would have done anyway.


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Re: Sunday 29 March Diary
« Reply #5 on: Sunday 29 March 20 20:56 BST (UK) »
I was going to take up a diary (again) in a book my daughter gave me the Christmas before last, which I gave up early in 2019.

However with my right hand in plaster currently, my handwriting is not up to much.

So, joining in here - today I had my usual two cups of coffee which I enjoy making on my Gaggia machine, fed the cat, and then went out for a 5 mile walk in beautifully sunny but very windy weather here.

Carefully distanced myself - as did others - on the country paths I walked on.  We all waved hello.

That's the only walk I've had for the week, as I've been working from home otherwise.  A project is finishing tomorrow, which will mean I can have shorter and more regular trips, as well as getting out into the garden.
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Re: Sunday 29 March Diary
« Reply #6 on: Sunday 29 March 20 21:03 BST (UK) »
Nothing too exciting.

My main clock broke and I can't repair it. Set a travel clock and turned it off in my sleep. Got up "an hour late" by default.

Put the rabbit out into her grass enclosure and had to watch her so she and I mutually spent about six hours doing a fat lot of nothing  ::)

Now snuggled up on my bed with laptop and a mocha.

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Re: Diary > Sunday 29 March
« Reply #7 on: Saturday 04 April 20 00:41 BST (UK) »
Confused by clock change. Thought I was getting an extra hour for some reason. Forgot to change a digital clock.
Chatted to a neighbour over high garden wall, at a safe distance. She's using the time constructively (literally), laying paving in her garden.
Early evening: wheeled bin for paper & card round to street for emptying tomorrow, although there isn't much in it. I thought I'd better put it out in case council decides to stop the service soon. I'd checked weather forecast to make sure it wasn't going to be windy. There's still litter in the street from storms on previous paper-bin days. Noticed I'd acquired an extra bin for glass since last week. Walked along the back lane and looked over fences to see if anyone was missing it. Identified possible owner, rang doorbell and stepped back into the street before door was opened slightly and cautiously (the person is usually friendly & outgoing). Returned bin to its' own back garden. Bin-day is likely to be the social highlight of my week from now on.