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Re: Monday 30th March Diary
« Reply #18 on: Monday 30 March 20 21:37 BST (UK) »
I have felt a bit like you Lydart, I am clean but worn Jean's for longer than usual but hey ho, not been outside, no one is going to call, you are right, posh up when we get back to normal

My biggest problem is my hair, always had perms till 3 years ago,  my hair  started to break, no more perms, I need body in my hair so have to resort to the dreaded rollers, this last week I have been very lazy and I look as if I have been pulled through a bush backwards, I desperately need it cut, but when?

Ah well, not to worry

Louisa Naud
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Re: Diary > Monday 30th March
« Reply #19 on: Saturday 04 April 20 01:05 BST (UK) »
 Hospital appointment late afternoon. My volunteer driver this week is a teacher who would normally be working. Warned him he might get stuck behind bin-lorry.
 Fresh green leaves in hedges. A few more lambs born over the weekend in a roadside field. Roads quiet, even near the city.
Arrived home 5.30; return journey took less than 1 hour. Bins still in street. Went in house, washed hands, changed clothes. Meanwhile bin-lorry arrived. Neighbour brought bins back.