Author Topic: State of Emergency Covid-19 (Part 8 - Lockdown)  (Read 7517 times)

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Re: State of Emergency Covid-19 (Part 8 - Lockdown)
« Reply #189 on: Tuesday 07 April 20 22:53 BST (UK) »
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Re: State of Emergency Covid-19 (Part 8 - Lockdown)
« Reply #190 on: Wednesday 08 April 20 06:29 BST (UK) »

Guy if you reread what I said in the sentence you yourself quoted I said that people were being advised not to drive places to go for a walk.   At no point in my post did I claim that the legislation stated that the legislation required this.  And people are being advised this.  Our local council have closed a large number of car parks, they've sent letters to all residents asking that we take our exercise close to home, our local radio stations constantly advise this so people are being given this advice. 

I realise that English is my worst subject but there is very much a difference between saying that people are being advised and legislation requires.

Yes I agree but the advice is bad advice as it is being misinterpreted and driving part is only wrong but has been dismissed by various police forces and Matt Hancock (Government Health Secretary).

The rational of parks are being closed is because people are ignoring the social distancing and in some cases the shear numbers of people attempting to use the park may even be dangerous.
If there are too many people in any particular area it is still possible to be breathing in someone else's expelled breath even if one keeps to the 2 metre guideline as the airflow does not have time to disperse it.

Common sense has to be used, for example I, my wife and my disabled granddaughter go for walks everyday. We used to wait until the day warmed up but we noticed that the numbers of people walking & cycling were increasing from us seeing perhaps 5 people during the walk to about 10, we now go at 6.30 a.m. to avoid meeting others.
All three of us need exercise to improve our cardiovascular system and in the case of our granddaughter to increase her lung function as being wheelchair bound (without assistance) these are below par.

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Re: State of Emergency Covid-19 (Part 8 - Lockdown)
« Reply #191 on: Wednesday 08 April 20 19:48 BST (UK) »
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