Author Topic: Elizabeth Clark, wife of Philip Buried Rye St Mary 1823. Philip in America  (Read 154 times)

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Hello Rootschatters,   You have helped so much in the past with probates.  It just occurred to that Elizabeth Clark, nee Gravett might have left a will.  Her Mother Mary Gravett left her real property to Elizabeth when Mary died in 1820.  Elizabeth is married to Philip but he has been in America since 1819.  They have 5 minor children,  who leave for America in 1825.  Elizabeth's father in law is alive to administer any property and was an executor of Mary Gravett will 
      Any help suggestions etc more than Welcome   LizR
CLARK Waite Ashley Gravett  Vousden Lilbourn
Daniels Marten Craft Beale Rye Sussex,
Morgan, Pranch, Rees, Thomas Llantrisant, St Fagans, St Lythans Glamorgan
Howell Glamorgan, Pembroke
Davies Glamorgan Merthyr and Llangafelach
Perkin, Beynon  Pembroke
Grey David Thomas Williams Llangyfelach Parish Glamorgan