Author Topic: Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)  (Read 384 times)

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Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)
« on: Sunday 12 April 20 11:52 BST (UK) »
Woke far too early this morning, just gone 6:40.

With the resulting "far too much time on my hands", I thought I'd have a quick look at the Asda "Click and Collect" app. To my delight I found there were available Click and Collect slots for next Sunday. Another miracle of Easter (for us anyhow). So I managed to book the things that we'll probably need for the following week.

Porridge for breakfast, today with a little Golden Syrup. It's hard to believe we were drizzling this Golden Syrup on our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day. (Or "Dydd Mawrth y Crempog" as we'd say in Wales). Has it really only been fourty days. I sit there in disbelief. Wow. How much has changed.

I went into our lounge and opened the curtains. A shadow was cast on the wall of the lounge of a cross. We'd made a little window display yesterday. The shadow of the cross struck me this morning, very poignant.

I watched a church service on YouTube that my local church had made for today, and I emailed them to thank them. I got a message back quickly, which was lovely.

That's the day so far. Roast chicken for tonight, we were fortunate enough to be able to gather the veg, chicken, and stuffing on our Click and Collect yesterday.

We also have Easter eggs for each other that we bought weeks ago.

How is your Easter Sunday?
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Re: Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 12 April 20 15:12 BST (UK) »
Didn't have a great night - awoke with a racing heart.  No idea why. Re-positioned myself, fell back to sleep and woke up again about 930.  Had to rush somewhat as I wanted to watch the live Facebook stream of Easter Mass at my local church.  After a lot of fiddle faffing trying to get my Facebook on the TV I gave up and watched on my ipad. A lovely service, but not the same as being there in person.  The priests have been doing a great job broadcasting their services.

Had my morning park walk which was really an afternoon walk by now. All I can say is that it was very 'irksome' today.  Full of big kids on bikes, who shouldn't really be tearing round the pathways, this was not allowed even in non-corona days. It was like a speed way.  I generally like to feel fairly opened minded about the 'corona rules', you know within reason whatever gets you through but between them and the 'grey prowlers' as I call them I did not return home refreshed!  The 'grey prowlers' (sorry to those who fall into this category) are the group we were asked by the government to 'shield'. I understood the idea was that they were suppose to stay at home.  How can I help them if they will not help themselves! Many sat on the park benches. Aren't they off limits as they may be contaminated? I don't know....  The bright spot of my visit was a lovely clump of forget-me-nots that had escaped from someone's garden - and had obviously escaped my attention until today!

A (hopefully) nice roast leg of lamb for tea tonight.  Which I hope will provide some left overs for next week.

Writing 'quiz' questions this afternoon for a family quiz that we have started to do by Facetime every Sunday.  I feel my section is inspired - "How well have you been listening'  If it is anything like last week the answer is not at all well!

I send greetings to those feeling low today and hope that there have been no more loved ones lost to our RC family.

Happy Easter
Stay safe!

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Re: Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 12 April 20 17:55 BST (UK) »
I read this week in a paper that  someone  thought the church had been "silenced"  over the last week or so, well from 2 replies here and adding my own church it  seems this is not so and they are pulling out all the stops to make sure we can have a church service, most priests or incumbents haven't done this sort of thing before, so well done all of them, in fact I say " bless  'em all' they are doing their best

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Re: Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 12 April 20 21:31 BST (UK) »
Had trouble rousing myself this morning, woke up once and fell asleep again, was still feeling tired when I got up. Decided to have a lazy day. Remember those? They were what happened sometimes when we didn't feel like we had to be productive every minute of every day. The weather had cooled a lot here today so I didn't feel obliged to go out and work in the garden again. It's a fine line between enjoying gardening and overdoing it. So, aided by large quantities of tea I read my book and eventually got round to emptying the dishwasher and hanging out the washing, tidying, the endless bits of cleaning etc.

Went for my walk thinking that there would be less people around as it was lunch time. There weren't all that many but the ones who were out were the ever circling and changing direction dog walkers and cyclists who I had to get out of the way of on the path through the woods. Really getting fed up with the part time exercisers who normal inhabit their sofas on Sundays. Just because you're allowed out doesn't mean you have to. I shouldn't discourage it but it's like January when you can't get booked in for exercise classes because all the people who have decided to get fit have taken the places, they last a couple of weeks then give up. This time I gave up and came home, although I had managed to put some time in.

Fancied something different for lunch so opened a tin of soup that I'd bought a while ago from a discount store, unknown brand. It was butternut squash and sweet potato, surprisingly good and I used the crust from the sliced loaf that in normal times often ends up in the bin. Not now, or in the future.

Logged into Rootschat, then actually did some real family history research. Faffed about on the computer, did some ironing, don't know where the day went but suddenly it was teatime. Couldn't be bothered messing about so took a portion of Spag Bol out of the freezer, had it with wholewheat pasta.

Hoping I don't feel so washed out tomorrow, I should go to bed early but somehow it never happens. I get crabby when I'm tired, can you tell?

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Re: Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 12 April 20 23:46 BST (UK) »
Had a dreadful nights sleep... another one! I woke up in the night far too hot, took me ages to get back to sleep and because I'd opened one if the big windows as well as the small one that's always open the birds were making a racket....

sent daughter a text and my niece who is holed up in her flat in London having moved ipback from two years in Brighton in January poor girl. Also one to my cousin and SiL.

Got up to lovely sunshine and had usual breakfast, cereal, fruit, yogurt and honey.

Decided to do one last check for my C & C order adding things for neighbours it seem to take me for ever...

Put some washing on, usually we'd be reading the Sunday papers but I decided to change our Sunday times to Saturday telegraph... going to phone up newsagents on Tuesday and change it back again... can't think what I was thinking of! So no paper reading!

OH wasn't up to going for a walk as it was too warm for him so after lunch we sat in the garden, him in the shade me enjoying the last of the sunshine and played scrabble!

Phone call from a friend which was nice, we had a long chat...

Message from daughter to say boys said thanks for the Easter eggs ( that she bought!) and to say they'd been up and out early and 7 yr old grandson had done a 5.5km run with her... very impressive, he loves running and entered the Ealing mini mike last year and came 52 out of 287 children... taking after his dad I think! They'd had an Easter egg hunt in the garden and daughter had given in as they'd had some chocolate with their cereal for breakfast!

Decided we'd have our roast lamb tomorrow instead as I'll have some proper vegs after picking up shopping tomorrow morning. So we had chilli out of the Freezer!

Busy day tomorrow collecting shopping, ironing and good tidy up and house cleaning.... can't wait!

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Re: Diary > Sunday 12 April (Easter Sunday)
« Reply #5 on: Monday 13 April 20 10:20 BST (UK) »
Luckily I'd already bought the girls Easter eggs so was organised. 

A day completely in the house.  Pesto pasta for dinner.
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