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Diary > Monday 13th April
« on: Monday 13 April 20 22:47 BST (UK) »
No entries today, I wonder if people are getting bored with the same stuff with minor variations. I guess that's a description of most of our lives at the moment.

It's been proper chilly here today, such a change from the weekend but the forecast is warm again on Wednesday. Four seasons in one week! I selected a jacket of the appropriate warmth for my walk this morning and set off with high hopes as the part of the field I can see from my upstairs window contained precisely no-one. No such luck. A number of people on the field and in the woods so took the usual convoluted route that didn't even include the woods this time due to cyclists along the path.

I wasn't tempted into the garden, instead I did mind numbing things like changing the bed, cleaning and ironing. Again. Logged into Rootschat while digesting my lunch and dipped in and out through the afternoon. Was pleased to read (elsewhere) that the new series of Killing Eve is available from today on iPlayer and broadcast on TV from next Sunday.

Not sure what I've done for the rest of the day but I've reminded myself that this will probably last some time yet, so no need to go at everything hammer and tongs, I've made a point of taking breaks where I do nothing but read a book and have a cuppa.

Long chat with a friend who lives in Devon, all is well there thank goodness.

And on to ...... what day is it tomorrow?  ???
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Re: Diary > Monday 13th April
« Reply #1 on: Monday 13 April 20 22:59 BST (UK) »
Thanks for today's diary, I'll add mine tomorrow.  :)
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Re: Diary > Monday 13th April
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 14 April 20 00:17 BST (UK) »
Thanks for starting this Roobarb.  I was going to but got stuck into Wolf Hall - which I was trying to find on telly at the start of lockdown.... and was pleased to find this evening.

My entry for today: Didn't sleep particularly well, had some very odd dreams.  Was aware of the dawn chorus but fell back to sleep.  Much the same start as normal.  But instead of a park walk today had a much longer family walk. Weather was a bit on the chilly side but otherwise just glorious. Quite a few people out but along the canal was just a steady stream of bicyclists....who obviously didn't know you must dismount and w a l k your bicycle  :-\.  Other than that small grumble a nice change.  Luscious green buds emerging on the trees - and on the route home an amazing white cherry tree in full bloom.

Left over lamb in a nice ciabatta roll and some salad for tea.

Watched the 5:00 government 'showdown' on BBC.

There seemed to be a real feeling of  restlessness when out today - just how much more of this can we all take?

Stay safe!

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Re: Diary > Monday 13th April
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 14 April 20 00:36 BST (UK) »
Roobarb, that's probably quite true...

 one day blends into another and whilst writing this daily diary you become acutely aware that it's pretty much the same and that can feel a bit depressing as life is passing by and there's nothing we can do but stay at hone, stay safe and hope to goodness that you and yours, friends, neighbours, work colleagues ( if I had any) and everyone else doesn't  surcome to this dreadful virus that's got us all gripped in its claws.

The highlight today was going to collect ours ( and some neighbours) shopping via click & collect from Waitrose. Having booked the slot, what seems like an eternity ago, and amending it constantly the email arrived to confirm the order with a few items not available. I arrived, parked, phoned and opened the boot, sat in the car and the very pleasant young girl came out and deposited it in the car. She wished me a happy and safe day and went inside. I got our shut the boot and drove home. It all worked extremely well.
 I bagged up the items for my neighbours whilst it was still in the boot so as not to bring into the house, sent a message and dropped it on their doorsteps, rung the bells and walked away. We've decided to create a tab so no money needs to change hands for the moment and we'll sort it out at a later date.
I then had the job of sorting ours out... washing some in soapy water, using anti back wipes or leaving in the garage for a few days to isolate!.... surprising how long this all takes...

We then had lunch, watched the news and went for a nice long walk over the fields... very few cars on the main road and we only saw 1 person and a cyclist today..... no dog walkers who'd come by car, perhaps they've got the message that staying local doesn't mean driving to a quiet village!
The wind was quite bitter in some parts of the walk but the sun was out and it felt refreshing.
The crops are all starting to sprout up with some fields further ahead than others and we saw and heard our first skylark, such a wonderful sight watching it bob up and down and skimming along until it dips down to its nest...

Once home we had a nice cuppa and finished off the last two hot cross buns... toasted! We sat down for a while as we thought we'd deserved it.

Dinner today was roast lamb... seems odd to have it on a Monday but really does it matter when one days much like the next and the one before.

Whilst it was cooking we had our third game of scrabble.. OH was keen to beat me this time... we had to stop when dinner was ready but resumed afterwards.... sadly I won... three games in a row, so now it looks like it'll be a daily challenge!

Ah well and so to bed....

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Re: Diary > Monday 13th April
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday 14 April 20 08:56 BST (UK) »
Still no results today.

Weather was lovely so sat the clothes horse on the back step to get the washing dry.  My friend dropped off some fresh milk and bread today.

Pizza again for dinner tonight but proper home made pizza instead of the cheat and shove it in the oven kind we had last week.  Had to make it half and half as the kids wouldn't agree on toppings.  Found the shipping records for a couple of cousins emigrating to the US.
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