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Diary > Wednesday 15th April
« on: Wednesday 15 April 20 21:43 BST (UK) »
Shall I start again? At least when I do this I can remind myself what day and date it is, every day seems to be a Sunday these days.

Got up very gingerly this morning as I'd pulled my back yesterday and wasn't sure how it would be. It felt a bit stiff at first but once I got moving it seemed okay. Decided to treat it gently today whilst trying to get on with a few things too.

Had put my shoes on and was just about to leave the house for my walk when the landline phone rang. It's always good to have a chat so off came the shoes and the chat went on for a long time. After that I decided to leave my walk till after lunch so emptied the dishwasher and did some other non strenuous things then had lunch.

It's been a beautiful day here, warm and sunny. Same walk as usual but didn't even get to walk through the woods at all today, as soon as I got onto the path people appeared, also cyclists. When I got home I changed into shorts and sleeveless tshirt and got my garden chair out. Alternated reading with deadheading daffodils etc and later decided to cut the lawn. Quite a lazy day really.

I'm running low on potatoes so decided to have an alternative. I'd taken a chicken breast out of the freezer and was pondering what to do with it. I ended up stir frying it with some straight to wok noodles I'd had in the cupboard, the best before date was 2016. I didn't really enjoy it, not because of the noodles, more because the broccoli wasn't properly cooked and I'd used a bit of chicken soup as a sauce, not successful. Ah well, it filled a hole.

Rootschat, TV, phone call from a friend. Will have a hot bath soon. What delights will tomorrow bring? I should count my blessings. Don't forget everyone to clap again tomorrow.
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Re: Diary > Wednesday 15th April
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 15 April 20 21:53 BST (UK) »
Well, I am not best pleased after being charged 1.69p for a litre of milk today at a shop I would not normally shop at, not for me but for an aged neighbour,  that is all I will say about today except  that it has been a lovely day

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Re: Diary > Wednesday 15th April
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 15 April 20 22:04 BST (UK) »
What a wonderful day, as far as the weather. Lovely.

Experimented further with my porridge adding mostly water (milk is becoming low), quite acceptable but not as tasty, but fine.

Had a very relaxed day, our walk was enjoyable but I wished I'd worn a T shirt as it was so warm.

Stir fry chicken with ginger and pineapple for tea, enough left for Friday (Salad day tomorrow).


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Re: Diary > Wednesday 15th April
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 15 April 20 23:17 BST (UK) »
Some mornings I just seem to be aware that I'm 'awake', if that makes sense, and today was one of those. Usual start but I decided to do a few exercises after my shower this morning rather than after my walk.  Realising that an earlier start in the park is best - I made it an hour before my usual time.  Really nice and far less stressful than normal.  The few people in the park this morning all said 'hello'... obs obeying social distancing!  Two little squirrels having a game of chase today, very sweet.  Had a brief few words with a pair of 'twichers' that I've noticed in the park a couple of times.  They were thrilled to see a a goldcrested tit, which they pointed out to me.  They were also enthusing over some blue tits and a couple of pairs of nut-hatches. 

Once home a pretty lazy afternoon with amazing weather.

Late afternoon I finally opened up a family history project that I have been working on.  In truth, I've just not had the heart to do any FH since this crisis began. I don't know why it's really hard to explain.

Tea tonight: a baked spud and filling.

Observation here -  the traffic seems to be busier than usual.

Getting fed up with government propaganda.

Stay safe!

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Re: Diary > Wednesday 15th April
« Reply #4 on: Thursday 16 April 20 00:49 BST (UK) »
Today started like any of the other days.... what day is it... oh yes Wednesday as for the date... not a clue until I look on here!

Beding off and in the machine, looks like it's going to be a lovely day, sadly I'd already decided it was going to be house cleaning day ☹️, so I got on with it, cleaned some windows, bathrooms look sparkling polished all woodwork, dusted everywhere, conservatory had a good going over too....

What's that noise I hear outside.... OH's got the pressure washer out and he's out the front cleaning the paths round the house..

Time for lunch, we sat outside and it was delightful, not a cloud in the sky and silent! You could hear the silence , apart from just the was wonderful. No time to dawdle so on we both got with our chores..

He's round the back of the house now and the patio which has pale slabs with a pattern of the odd pinkish one dotted around has suddenly come to life and it makes the whole place so much brighter...

It's 5pm by now so we decide to call it a day, I've finished in the house anyway, so it's a shower, watch the daily briefing and get dinner organised. I can't watch all of it today I'm finding it too stressful and I can't watch all these people airing their grief in public either... I'm not hard hearted I just find it upsetting and something I could never contemplate.

Then I see the 99 yr old chap from Bedfordshire raising money walking in his garden... up to 12 million and it brings joy to my heart to see what a great thing to do.

I've been part of a prom swap and I've received some really lovely ones that have cheered me up too.

My daughter sent me a message this evening to say she was finding things stressful today and feeling quite emotional, it's still Easter hols but they are both trying to work from home and split their time with keeping the boys occupied... too late for me to phone her as I know they're working in the evenings to catch up... SiL very stressed as his client is Astra Zeneka and they are right up to their eyes in everything to do with this CV..
You feel so helpless, would love to be able to have boys here to give them a break but who knows when that's likely to be.... eldest ones Birthday 1st July... will we able to be visiting by then?

Just have to sleep on it all,hopefully, and speak to her tomorrow.

 Stay safe everyone and healthy...

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