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Diary > Thursday 16th April
« on: Thursday 16 April 20 20:35 BST (UK) »
I'll start today:  I was so warm on waking I wondered if I were ill! However I quickly discovered it was because PC (pussycat) was snuggled up with me! Gentle rumbling from PC  ensued rather than the loud banging from my broken boiler! All very relaxing.  However, I thought I'd better not lag about!

Usual earlier than normal start and after breakfast I headed for the park. Hard to believe it is April as it was just like a summer's day. A delight.  The cherry blossom seems to have reached its peak and is already starting to drop. I was thinking that perhaps later today the government's graphs might show something similar.....

The warm weather was just too good to waste so I put a load of laundry in when I got back from the park.

After that it was back to the Irish.  I spent most of the afternoon chasing two Jane's and seeing if I could find any leads which might help me out. 

I spent sometime in the garden.  We have loads of birdy visitors including four robins!

Later, I listened in via the computer to the latest news from the government and was left really depressed. Rousing stories/clapping/platitudes are just adding to the anguish for me. 

The one lovely piece of news is that my daughter (who works for the NHS in London) interviewed for a higher grade position yesterday and was told today she got the job. We are immensely proud of her and the way she is coping during this crisis.

The day started well but by the time the extra three weeks lockdown was introduced well....hopefully I will feel brighter tomorrow. 

How was your day?

Stay safe!

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Re: Diary< Thursday 16th April
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 16 April 20 20:50 BST (UK) »
Well I too spent a long time,most of the day ,in the garden.
Got an enormous amount done .
It is my second sonís 61 st Birthday today ,phoned him early but as he is working from home at the moment I made it brief.
Varnished a garden bench and table and my neighbourís back garden gate.
Emailed my daughter as she had heard of someone looking after three dogs for someone who has died from Corina  Virus.
New homes needed ,my daughter put in a query but they had already been  re homed .
Not the best time at the moment,I will wait until this is all over.
Scrubbed all the patio , washed the black window frames and doors .
Had a lovely hot bath,hair washed and going to bed early  with a  hard Cross word puzzle .
Tulips( in pots) out of cold frame and in amongst other plants,already started to open .
Purple,pink,red,red with yellow edges,white .I find it easier that way, no digging up to do after they have flowered,just move pots, the other plantís foliage hides the pots vert well,.
Gigantic Alliums too .
A good day , and ready for bed after a last cuppa.
Hope everyone is well
Goodnight all aViktoria.

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Re: Diary< Thursday 16th April
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 16 April 20 20:58 BST (UK) »
My day today CD was pretty good... got up to the sun blazing through the window and the birds singing!

After a quick breakfast it was wellies on, pressure washer out and into the garden. I did all the top layer of the patio as OH had done all the rest. It was quite therapeutic to see the grime and dirt lift from the slabs and to see the original colour. It immediately made the whole area look light and bright.

OH went off to mow the lawns and we stopped for our usual sandwich lunch which was enjoyed sat outside. Then it was the next part removing all the stones that are between the patio and the wall of the flower beds, allowing draining from heavy rain to flow away without flooding the patio. I have to say it's not my favourite job! I put them all into a bucket filled with water and then put in to a sieve while Oh used pressure washer to get rid of any excess mud and leaves... needless to say we were both splatters with muddy water! All paths cleaned stones returned so a good job done over two days.
 we've not had a walk but think we've probably had a good amount of exercise over the last two days.

Watched the daily update and as expected we're in for a further stay at home, I'm sure our daughter and family will be finding a further  three weeks quite testing but it's for the safety of us all.

After a lovely hot shower dinner of sea bream and veg were having a well deserved sit down!

Went outside to clap at 8pm along with our neighbours...

Keep safe everyone and remain steadfast over these testing times.

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Re: Diary > Thursday 16th April
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 16 April 20 21:02 BST (UK) »
We've had a lovely day, we went down to our allotment, and planted the rest of our potatoes, and planted Mange Tout (peas) and put up pea netting.

We clapped at 8pm for the carers, and waved at as many people as we could. Even Dodgy Sean was out clapping and waving, which was lovely.

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Re: Diary > Thursday 16th April
« Reply #4 on: Thursday 16 April 20 21:21 BST (UK) »
Didn't do a lot today .. just some shopping and hung some washing out.  I also made an attempt to cut my hair.  I decided to only cut the side fringe and not risk the length just yet.  My cut is not perfect but I daresay it will do.

I went out as usual to clap and then it was straight on with my coat to head off for the start of my nightshift block.  I am now at Newcastle waiting for my second bus.
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Re: Diary > Thursday 16th April
« Reply #5 on: Thursday 16 April 20 22:34 BST (UK) »
I'm being put to shame by all you busy people! However, I'll share this that I read in a magazine, it's someone's thoughts but I can't remember who, I never know who half the celebrities are! So with apologies to the author for my forgetfulness:

"You don't always have to do stuff. Or achieve stuff. You don't have to spend your time wisely and productively. You don't have to be doing Tai Chi and DIY and artisan bread-making. Sometimes you can just be and feel things and get through and survive and that is more than enough."

And as for my day.....

Levered myself out of bed as a result of pulling my back a couple of days ago, it's the bit in between lying or sitting and standing that's stiff, the rest is okay. Pleased to report that it's improved as the day has gone on.

Another gorgeous day but not nearly so warm, the wind was coming straight off the sea, through the streets to my garden, it was proper chilly. Cut the front lawn but avoided doing much around the borders as bending down didn't seem a good option.

My friend phoned and said she was doing some grocery shopping and would get mine. She phoned later this afternoon to say that unfortunately she wasn't able to go after all and said she would go in the morning instead. Enjoyed a long chat with her anyway.

Hung the washing out and went for my walk after lunch, the usual. Logged onto Rootschat, was a bit upset by something I read. I know people are getting stressed about the situation we're all in but it was a bit unpleasant.

Did some ironing and put it away, paired up some socks, I seem to have had several pairs going through at the heel lately. Took the washing in later and got the ironing board out again, thought I may as well get it out of the way. The rest of the day was taken up with bits of cleaning and general faffing about.

Curry for tea. Then TV, went out to clap for the carers at eight, always good to see my neighbours out paying tribute. Had a chat to my next door neighbour then came inside and decided to have a glass of wine, I just fancied one. Had just drained it when my friend rang to say she'd been for the groceries tonight and would be round in five minutes, bless her. Gave everything a good soapy wash and put it away, transferred the money to her.

Can't settle now, I might end up going to bed a bit late. Never mind, there's nothing I have to get up for.

CD, I hope you feel better tomorrow, I was expecting the further three weeks so it didn't really affect me this time but I know how depressing it can feel. Try to bear in mind that it's for our own safety, we will get through this. Congratulations to your daughter, your pride is absolutely justified.

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Re: Diary > Thursday 16th April
« Reply #6 on: Friday 17 April 20 09:56 BST (UK) »
Ventured to the supermarket today and boy was it stressful.  Had to take my daughters with me as couldn't leave them home alone.  I left them in the car though, they're old enough to open windows and step out next to the car if it was too warm, not that warm here yet.  Had to queue to get in which was long but moving well, everyone keeping well apart which made it look longer. 

Started to get stressing in the queue because I could see a big family (2 adults and kids) who were all wearing gloves but hands in mouth and touching everything.  The shop staff were very organised, they'd set out a one way system around the store, had organised the till well and were smiling while working hard to keep the shelves stocked.  They were getting so much grief but the most stressful for me was the people so completely and utterly incapable of following social distancing.  People in general were pausing at the top of the aisle if people had stopped to pick something up, in general people weren't dilly dallying though and were being as efficient as possible.  This man however, randomly ignored the one way system, would storm up aisles charging at people some of whom had no escape route getting way too close.  Annoyingly he was on the phone to someone complaining that everyone in the shop was stupid that they didn't know what they wanted kept reversing up aisles and running like frightened rabbits.  He was completely oblivious to the fact he was the cause.

Home made pizza for dinner tonight, the kids new favourite.  Younger daughter has gone on vegetable strike and is refusing to eat vegetables, some may have accidentally been blitzed in the sauce used for the pizza. i also used veg in the toppings.

Went out for the clap.  Some of my neighbours are off work just now and were saying they were bored (conversation across the street from windows).  They have as a result decided that next Thursday they'll have a sing song.

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