Author Topic: Diary Monday 20 April 2020  (Read 743 times)

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Re: Diary Monday 20 April 2020
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 21 April 20 00:40 BST (UK) »
Woke at 4am... as I've been trying to get a c & c slot for Waitrose and so far not succeeded I thought I'd try as who else would be daft enough to do it at that time! Well I was lucky and had a choice so took one for Thursday! I then added some items to the basket before going back to sleep...

still woke earlier than usual so had a read before getting up for breakfast at the same time as OH which is unusual as I'm always up before him!

After General tidy up,making beds, sorting bins out for bin collection I thought I'd do some kitchen stuff... deboned yesterday's chicken, usually make stock from the carcass but got plenty already in the freezer and can't fit any more in anyway... made some coleslaw with carrot, cabbage, red onion, radish, coriander, lemon juice, fat free Greek yogurt, pint nuts and sultanas, chilli flakes, & low cal Mayo all ready for chicken salad tonight. I also grated courgette and raw beetroot added lots of pepper and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Time for lunch! Usual sandwich ....

Neighbour arrived with few items she got for me from her shopping trip... had a chat on the doorstep... social distancing! Washed items.

Letter came for OH with parsnip,spring onion, beetroot and pea seeds sent from daughter and letter signed by grandsons so off he went to plant them, put up his poles ready for beans and hung CD's from wire over beetroot and radishes to stop those pesky pigeons eating them!

Lovely sunny afternoon so sat outside with my book for while...

Game of scrabble... score now three all!

Watched briefing..

Had dinner watched finals of university challenge we even got some of the answers... then we watched Bridge over the river Kwai made in 1957 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Part of it, hospital scene,  was filmed at the Mount Lavinia Hotel in Columbo where we'd stayed... looked quite different! Very nostalgic! Apart from the loud naff music the quality of the film was very good considering its age.

Retired to bed.
Another day gone and nothing really to show for it.. thank goodness the weathers good.

Keep safe and well


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