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Diary Tuesday 21 April 2020
« on: Tuesday 21 April 20 20:48 BST (UK) »
Thank you everyone for your supportive comments .. it has certainly helped me to be able to express my bus transport issues/anxieties on here. 

Todays diary ...

Woke up at the crack of dawn and suddenly remembered that I forgot to put the recycling bin out last night.  I put my coat on over my nightie and dashed out quickly to take this to the kerbside.  Hoped no one saw me with hair sticking up in all directions like a mad professor.  Quite a few people around where I live have put lovely rainbow 'thank you' drawings on their bin lids.  I think this is a good idea but I haven't had time to do that myself yet.

As it my day off I can have a cup of tea with my cereal.  If I am on a day shift I never risk having one now.  I have a long commute and all public toilets are closed, so I can't stop off anywhere when I reach Newcastle.

I start the day feeling jet lagged.  After breakfast I do some laundry then get some bills paid.  I have a savoury tuna baguette for lunch with an orange and read some newspapers - todays and yesterdays that I never got around to reading.  I skip all the scary articles - as a keyworker I have to keep my spirits up - and I look at the lighter, more entertaining features instead.

One article suggested that hairdressers might be able to reopen on 11 May in the 'partial lifting' of lockdown restrictions.  Now this is certainly good news to me if it turns out to be true.

I was delighted to see some Hugh Fearnley-Whittonstall articles promoting his new book  'Recipes for the Resourceful Cook' which gives ideas about how to use up left overs. I am a big fan of Hugh Fearnley-Whittonstall and this type of thing is right up my street!  There is a photo of him smiling and amusingly bedecked with potato peel and greens.  I cannot help but smile back in approval even though I know he can't see me.  One idea he suggests is to use cauliflower/broccoli stems in soup and describes this as being 'surprisingly delicate and delicious'.  Now this is interesting as I have my home made broccoli and cheese soup planned for tea.  Too bad that I tossed the stem in the bin last time .. I resolve that the next time I will do better and use the stem as well.  This all set me off thinking of my favourite ancestors - an Irish traveller family who made and sold besoms and baskets.  To date I have found out that they had ten children, possibly eleven but I am still in the process of checking that out.  I suspect these ancestors must have been VERY POOR and therefore must surely have been RESOURCEFUL COOKS!  I really want to be like these resourceful cook ancestors of mine! 

Well, I must say that Hugh Fearnley- Whittonstall feature brightened my mood a treat!   All feelings of jet lag vanished! Not even the prospect of an afternoon of housework dampened my spirits.  I put some music on and danced as I went about doing my chores.  I think this dancing and all the running I have been doing lately will certainly be helping me keep fit.  It was a bit embarrassing at one point though when I noticed one of the young boys next door bouncing on his trampoline and watching me through the window.  He probably thinks I am a mad old bat.

I unfroze my home-made broccoli and cheese soup for tea and had this with some garlic bread slices and a delicious dessert I got from M&S yesterday at a knock down price.  Technically, it was out of date today but I don't care - I don't think that will do me any harm and it certainly was yummy. Also, I don't know this for certain, but I do suspect that Hugh Fearnly-Whittonstall might approve of eating out of date food.  This is quite a pleasing thought to me.

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Re: Diary Tuesday 21 April 2020
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 21 April 20 21:07 BST (UK) »
I can't help feeling that HFW is trying to re-inventing the wheel.
 As a child I always expected some of my meals to be made up from previous meals, although they would appear in a form different from their original existence, especially the left-over Sunday joint.
We still use left-overs to make up other meals.
Waste not, want not is a good maxim.
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Re: Diary Tuesday 21 April 2020
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 21 April 20 21:36 BST (UK) »
Good to hear about your day off River Tyne Lass, you certainly deserve one (more than one!). It's thought provoking to hear about things we took for granted such as public toilets and the impact their closure has had on you. I bet that cuppa tasted great!

I woke up a bit earlier than usual today and also went for my walk a bit earlier. Another beautiful sunny day but a chilly wind again. I'd seen a man in a tractor mowing the field, I thought he'd finished and I couldn't see anyone on the field from my window. When I got along there I could see that the tractor was at one end and the dog walkers were skirting around the edges. I had to assess where he was going next so I could plan my route across to the other side. The grass cutter had actually done me a favour, there weren't many people in the woods so I did get a walk through there. Lovely to see the trees getting greener, I take a photo every few days so I can see the changes.

Came home and did a few chores before lunch then went out into the garden. Pulled out my garden table and chairs and hosed them down then treated the table with teak oil. I didn't do the chairs because the fumes can affect me if I use it a lot. They can wait for another day. Got my lounger chair out and sat reading my Kindle and enjoying the sunshine. Free vitamin D!

Came inside and did some Pilates alongside bits of different YouTube videos. They all spend so much time faffing around on these videos that what's supposed to be a 45 minute workout ends up being about half of that. I tailored it to myself using my experience of my normal classes. That's something else I miss.

Caught up with emails and Rootschat, not sure what else I did but it was soon teatime. Had some chicken and lots of veg, I confess I threw away the broccoli stalk! In my defense, I wouldn't have made soup with it anyway.

Felt okay today until tonight, feeling a bit down now, probably because I haven't spoken to anyone today. That's not unusual in normal life but at least then I could go shopping or to the gym and have a break from domesticity. Or even meet a friend! All these things we take for granted.

Tomorrow is another day .........

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Re: Diary Tuesday 21 April 2020
« Reply #3 on: Tuesday 21 April 20 21:43 BST (UK) »
I can't help feeling that HFW is trying to re-inventing the wheel.
 As a child I always expected some of my meals to be made up from previous meals, although they would appear in a form different from their original existence, especially the left-over Sunday joint.
We still use left-overs to make up other meals.
Waste not, want not is a good maxim.

I like to do that but my ex would get very angry with me insisted that there must be no ingredients the same 2 days in a row.  He would then punish me for wasting food.

Had a fairly quiet day.  Housework, got the washing hanging outside which was good.  Ham, egg and chips for dinner, and bag packed for work tomorrow .

Home schooling wasn't so much fun, younger daughter very resistant to doing anything and my older daughter was stressing a lot about her exams.
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Re: Diary Tuesday 21 April 2020
« Reply #4 on: Tuesday 21 April 20 23:38 BST (UK) »
The day started with a cup of tea in bed from Mr the luxury!  I was up promptly and now well into my trusted morning routine.  I added a new exercise this morning after my shower. I then headed to the park after breakfast.  After noticing the lovely bluebells at home yesterday, today I spied quite a few clumps around the park.  They are the ones with tall stems and a little cluster of bells at the top.  Most are blue but some few are white.  I'm never sure if these are English belles or the Spanish usurpers. Mainly men pram pushers in the park this morning. I think I have also identified who has been leaving chalk drawings in a small corner of the park.  I see different drawings most days and today saw a Mum & small youngster putting away a big plastic tub of chalks.  Not sure how I feel about the art work, but they obviously gain great pleasure from it.

Back to the Irish pronto as I thought I was on to something!  I find it all very fascinating but no great finds today.  It's a family I've been working on for years and years.  And, given I have time I have been looking at the others in the townland they are from.  Many despite not having the same surnames are related.  So, I have been building various family trees and have had some small 'Ah-ha' moments.  But not THE moment I need for my break through. Enjoyable all the same and really keeps my mind focused.

Lunch break outside in the sunshine- spent mainly watching a very large bird in the trees behind the house.  He has visited before and we have dubbed him 'the eagle'.

Sausage ragu and pasta for tea.  I still don't have much taste or smell since my presumed 'mild' does of the old corona some weeks ago.  It makes eating anything so much less enjoyable.

Funnily enough I saw briefly an article about HFW and his resourceful recipes. The one I saw I'm sure was making chips from vegetable peelings...sorry Hugh but that'll be a 'NO' from me!

Spoke with my NHS daughter tonight.  She's fed up and needing a hug.  Teenage daughter at home is not coping well and spends most nights having anxiety attacks.  Last night was no different and she spent some time in my bed crying into my arms.

Hoping Louisa Maud's better half is feeling better.

Another day closer to great unlock!
Stay safe!

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Re: Diary Tuesday 21 April 2020
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday 22 April 20 00:30 BST (UK) »
RTL and Pharma you both deserve medals for your work in these times. It must be very daunting and stressful going every day not quite knowing how things will be. I hope you all get the recognition you deserve.

I shall think again when I throw away cauliflower and broccoli stalks now! I do sometimes slice broccoli stalks up and cook but never thought of using them in soup.... having said that I do use the stalks of both coriander and parsley and they do add flavour. Daughter bought me a HFW book and I've made some recipes from it but not for a while... have to have another look at it I think.

My day started as usual... not to early but I did hear the bin men fairly early and my bedrooms at the back of the house so it must have been noisy in the front bedroom!

Usual breakfast of cereal, fruit and yogurt then into my keep fit clobber, onto FB for live Yogalates class from our teacher... good to stretch and exercise felt great afterwards.

Lunch usual sandwich, then another change and a drive to Waitrose to pick up wine I'd ordered the other day... in a 3 mile journey 20 cars passed me... by the time I got to the roundabout the traffic seemed like it used to be and Waitrose car park pretty full... as I was C & C I didn't have to queue just went to welcome desk showed relevant paper work standing required distance and was out of shop in about 5 minutes...

OH decided he'd go out on his bike... I'm not that confident going on roads and first one out would be downhill... only learnt to ride a bike in my 60's and anyway it would do him good to be out by himself for a while, we're not used to being together all the time so need some space!
I sat in the sunshine and read my book Tidelands by Philippa Gregory, quite enjoying it so far...
Cuppa when OH returned then we played scrabble and now score is 4-3 to him ☹️
Time for shower, dinner had BBQ then watched daily briefing we'd recorded.

We belong to our village investment club although quite a few not from village, usually meet once a month in local pub decide on shares to buy and sell & have a meal.... this month novelty having it via Zoom... took a while to get those that could manage it to come on stream but nice to see everyone and catch up... having lost all our shares when things first took a tumble we decided to venture back in to buying a few and see how it goes.... hopefully couldn't get any worse..🤞.

Watched some tv, then bed to read.... not done that yet as writing this!

Another day gone....

Take care.... could there be a slight glimmer yet at the end of this extraordinary long tunnel....

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