Author Topic: Diary< Wednesday 22 April  (Read 439 times)

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Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« on: Wednesday 22 April 20 19:01 BST (UK) »
I'll start off today:  Well an uneventful start but slept not so badly. No cups of tea in bed  today sadly.  Another really bright sunny day which is always welcome.  Up promptly with usual routine now in place.  A companion for my park walk today (!), which was a nice change.  We are trying to encourage one of our family to have a better routine which we hope will help with her sleeplessness and anxiety.  It was a great morning to be in the park with barely anyone there.  A few pram pushers and fewer joggers.  Of note today a lovely young pine tree with the 'cones's just starting to form.  A really lovely colour as well.  I look forward to seeing how they develop!

Back home, threw in some laundry in order to get it hung out to dry in the good weather.

Put together a list of online learning for daughter to try and keep her busier than she has been.  Amazingly she found a number of free courses on offer that appealed to her. I'm hoping this will give her something to focus on.

I watched a couple of brief online talks myself offered by  various places - the National Gallery short curator talks are always interesting. Back to the Irish.  Need to type up some notes etc. but may need to put them back in their box for awhile.  A clearer idea of family connections is coming together, but of course no main burning questions answered.

A brief break in the sunshine.  No 'eagle' today.  A late after noon visit from the very large bothersome neighbourhood cat who scares my poor elderly pc (pussycat) to death.

Listened to the government briefing - so wished I hadn't

Chicken salad wraps for tea.  Hoping something nice on the box tonight....

For me a gentle day really. Hope yours was as well...

Stay safe!

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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 22 April 20 21:03 BST (UK) »
Not such a good day for me. One of those where I've just been feeling a bit down and like all of us, wondering when and how on earth this is all going to change.

Fantastic sunny day again, walk was same as usual. I know the rules have been relaxed a little bit in terms of travelling by car somewhere nearby for exercise and I'd love to go to the beach for a change of scenery, but I shouldn't really go when I have somewhere so close to take my walk that enables me to actually stay more than two metres away from other people. No point in risking anything at this stage.

Haven't done much at all today. Sat out in the garden sunbathing and reading my Kindle again. Neighbour on one side drilling and one at the other side banging, I hope they're soon finished what they're doing. Had a WhatsApp conversation with my sister, she said how thankful she was that we've had such great weather and how awful it would be if it was wet and cold. She's right of course.
Got some paints out onto the garden table and painted a vase with a pouring technique, will varnish it tomorrow if I'm happy with the result when it's dry.

Some junk mail in the post, I wish they wouldn't, I don't want to handle it.

Usual checking of emails and catching up with Rootschat then tea and TV. Was watching Coronation Street and thinking how much I miss having a cup of tea at my friends' homes or them at mine, or going out to lunch or the pub with them. Last night I texted a friend who I don't see very often, she hasn't replied which worries me as she's not the sort of person to not respond. I've checked on WhatsApp to see if she's been on there and am relieved that she has been, I just hope there's nothing wrong with her family. I'd much rather she'd just forgotten to reply to me.

Haven't spoken to anyone again today, hope I can feel a bit more positive tomorrow.
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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 22 April 20 21:35 BST (UK) »
I have Gout!
Painful big toe and “ bunion joint”, red,swollenand excrutiatingly painful.
Telephone consultation with Dr, she agreed it did sound like it so a prescription sorted and deliver by Pharmacist.
Unknown cause but possibly one of my others prescribed medicines!
Lovely day,not so cold and windy,got washing out .
Measured up for blinds for the utility room which faces due South and gets extremely hot.
Spoke with tiddler GGrandson yesterday ,by phone,I asked him what stories did he like?
Well he obviously knows Goldilocks, Little Red  Riding  Hood, The three little Pigs and The Wolf and seven little kids.
He seems to think though that it is the same big bad wolf in the last three.
Told me lots ,then said that the wolf’s paws were black and the little kids would not let him in,I asked what did the wolf do,he said the wolf put his paws in flour and put them on the window sill.
I asked what did the kids do? —-   They let him in,the daft things!
He is four next month ,going on 18!
I will make him a story book bag for his Birthday,the book and props to use
such as masks, a tail(  for the  wolf) etc etc.
He is a great dresser upper, bat man etc ,
The only thing is he is so independent and gets a bit frustrated, that’s when he says “ Is anybody going to help me with this ‘cos It’s doing my head in!”
Amended my order at Tesco’s delivery May 5 th.
Does anyone know if you can reheat Tesco’s brand of vegetable protein” Naked”, did a batch today, Spag Bol but tomorrow with some chilli and red beans a Chilli,
But I think you can’t reheat it.
Label went with bin today!
Hope everyone is safe and well.
Trust  me to get a condition associated with rich food,wine etc !
I must have been wicked in a former life,just don’t  remember it!
Cheerio, just hobbling off to make a cuppa and have the last biscuit :'(

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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 22 April 20 22:01 BST (UK) »
Start the day with the big decision. Which fields to walk across for today's exercise?

Come across one of the regulars from our market day bus and, keeping a safe distance, actually have some human interaction. That really perks me up for the rest of the day.

For lunch put a pack of frozen teriyaki noodles in the microwave, then remember that there is some cold lamb in the fridge. Hopefully that will last until tomorrow.

After lunch spend some time on a course at FutureLearn and order some food and wine from a local deli which should be delivered tomorrow.
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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 22 April 20 23:26 BST (UK) »
Awoke to lovely warm sunshine filtering round the sides, topand bottom of bedroom blind... reallymade me feel like getting up....

Usual breakfast of cereal, fruit and yogurt... OH up late didn't speak to him, he's quite stressed out being cooped up and I left him to himself and went and did the ironing in my work/craft room... my space to escape to sometimes.

Had a late lunch usual sandwich, he'd gone up to his shed and vegs beds, I started to do some gardening and sweep patio, sunshine was lovely, it's made a difference being able to get outside and not be in the house.... to hot to go for a walk but have been busy.

Had long chat on the phone with friend in the village whom I'd not spoken to for a while... blackbird flew into the conservatory as I'd got the doors open...
OH came and rescued it fortunately it didn't make too much mess poor thing but it flew off quite happily.

Sat out for a while with  a cuppa then watched daily briefing... think I'm going to have to stop watching them as I'm finding it quite stressful...
went to start dinner, Thai green chicken curry tonight, I make it all from scratch, it's quite easy to make green paste bung all ingredients in a blender and it's done.

Daughter FaceTimed us as eldest grandson wanted to show us the 500 piece jigsaw that took him two days to finish before it got all put away again, had a lovely chat with him and the youngest one too he showed us the toilet roll holder he'd put up with dad at the w/e was still on the wall and working well! they'd found some charcoal in the garden and drawn a picture to show us.

Daughter and eldest one go out running every day they're up to 5k... he's not 7 yet but good runner.

They're having a difficult week too not helped by Tesco delivery ... chap had apparently had to break hard and three of the milk bottles had split and spilt the milk... she wasn't too happy they can't replace to busy so just going to refund... not a lot of use as they need the milk!

She said eldest grandson was upset because he's missing all us grandparents and he's worried about when they'll see us all as he misses us... he's such a sweetie and a really thoughtful, kind little boy... we miss them too..

Dinner, spent time writing an article for our village Newsletter that is now emailed to everyone...
Watched tv then bed...
Tomorrow I'm going to collect the shopping and go to post office and butchers yipeeee.. highlight of the day and get away from the house..

Keep safe all and stay sane... finding it hard

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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #5 on: Thursday 23 April 20 10:36 BST (UK) »
Work today, had difficulty getting up so was chasing my tail a bit.

Was lovely and sunny all day so got really warm with the sun shining through the windows.

Got a lovely new mug.  It says "all in it together and has cartoon style pictures of nurses in scrubs and masks on a background of rainbow colours. As part of our cake buying frenzy

Saw more seals basking on the way home.
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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #6 on: Thursday 23 April 20 18:15 BST (UK) »

I think today is Thursday 😏 but no one has started one for today so I’ll carry on here because I did the washing yesterday, Wednesday. Today, Thursday, I thought I ought to put it away.  Up the stairs I go and can hear a buzzing sound.  Having already had a Queen wapsie in one of the bedrooms I thought she was back.
Washing put away and bzzzz - silence - bzz - silence - bzzzzz - silence - bzz - you get the idea 🤔 sooo, I’m going room to room, swishing the curtains, pulling blinds up and down. It would have helped if it hadn’t been for the silent bits in between.  Not a sign of the darn thing, I’m even looking under the beds by now.......then it dawned on was a neighbour a few doors away with some kind of power tool  ???

Did have a chat over the fence to neighbours, watered my pots, did some ironing and I’m looking at a spare, no one wanted it, couldn’t give it away, now stale loaf and thinking of turning it into bread pudding 😋

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Re: Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« Reply #7 on: Thursday 23 April 20 21:11 BST (UK) »
Gorgeous day today,Thursday 23 rd,  sat out a while and finished some painting ,bits needing a “touch up” as the sun was so bright in my eyes when the first coat was done and a few bits were a bit thin.
Not a bit hungry today , perhaps the Gout  tablets .
Son came and left some essentials ,in a crate at the front door .
 Did not  Come in, left some Foxglove plants for a dark corner of the garden.
I was flabbergasted that a small box of Kleenex tissues from Morrison’s  was £ 3 50 !

Out clapping for NHS this evening.
Missed the news so must get that later,then after a bath to bed with a fiendish  crossword.