Author Topic: Diary:- Thursday 23rd April  (Read 264 times)

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Diary:- Thursday 23rd April
« on: Thursday 23 April 20 23:37 BST (UK) »
I thought I'd start this one off although I know some people may have added today's to yesterday.....
in the great scheme of things does it matter?....

Today up with the lark... well nearly lovely sunshine, the birds singing, the garden looking beautiful... if only someone else could see it!

Breakfast, shower... OH got up whilst I was getting ready to go out...

Went to PO first posted two lovely T shirts I bought for the boys to give them at Easter, they've got all the planets on and they glow in the dark... I bought them one each last year and the three of us had to squeeze into their downstairs loo turn off the light so we could see them glowing.... sadly they'll have to do that bit on their own this time..😢☹️

Next the butchers.. luckily I was the only person in there and the PO so that worked out well

Next I drove into Lidls car park and out again too many people so went to Waitrose for my C & C all very smooth in and out in about 10 mins...
back to Lidls... shorter queue, one in one out ended up standing behind my neighbour so we chatted 2 metres apart whilst we waited to go in... too many men on their own in there with no idea how to wait for person in front to move so ended up almost in some of the racking to keep distance from them... along with another lady and we did have a smile... men totally oblivious! Honestly ..

Once home put shopping away something that took about 10 minutes to do seemed to take an age... washing in soapy water what I could... wipe with antibacterial other things and rest left on the bench in the garage to fight amongst themselves whilst in isolation...

Lunch time... sandwich... washing out..

OH on hand and knees edging the path... comes in and put ice pack on his knee as he shouldn't really be kneeling down! Said I'd have done it for him but he couldn't wait  for me to finish what I was doing!

Delivered shopping round to my other neighbours stood distance away and had catch up with them

Sat in the garden with a cuppa and read for a while...

Watched briefing... better today.. media questions not as dumb as some days.
BBQ marinated pork chops with salad and nice glass of wine.
Out at 8pm to clap along with others then some tv and bed to read.

Felt better today.. OH seemed in better frame of mind too despite trying to find some creakote for the fence and shed... only place that had it was Wickes and they're not open!

Hope everyone else has had a better day too...
Still surprised at amount of traffic around and more people...

Night all
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Re: Diary:- Thursday 23rd April
« Reply #1 on: Friday 24 April 20 08:55 BST (UK) »
Spent a lot of Thursday putting cream on my hands, I guess that sounds a bit vain but my hands were bleeding when I got home from work Wednesday night, so were very painful.

Got 2 loads of washing out on the line but accidentally had a bit of paper in my uniform pocket so that is something I need to deal with Friday. 

Went out to the front door for the clap, our neighbour was playing the pipes again.  Got grief for driving my car, apparently it's clear that I was not going to work as I wasn't in uniform.  I don't travel in uniform for infection control purposes and it would be instant disciplinary.  I have told the person I would be happy for the police to pull me over, check my ID and contact my employer to confirm my shifts.  Don't know if this means that I will be stopped on Saturday on my way to work.  Better make sure I leave the house sharp so that I don't end up late.

Fish for dinner and have taken stewing steak out the freezer so I can make stew in the slow cooker tomorrow.
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Re: Diary:- Thursday 23rd April
« Reply #2 on: Friday 24 April 20 17:04 BST (UK) »
Had an awful day on Thursday, felt weepy from waking up and it didn't get better. I couldn't even see the point of getting up but did so eventually. Couldn't be bothered to do much, in fact I have no idea what I actually did do other than going for my walk and getting annoyed by people who seem to think I'm the only one who should show any consideration in getting out of the damn way.

My friend who does my shopping was going to the shop on her way back from doing some work for a charity, so when she asked if I wanted anything I asked for some more orange juice and yogurt. She left the bag near the door as usual, when she saw that I was upset she had a chat for a short time but she has a problem with her knee, it's okay when she's walking but not standing for long, so she couldn't stay long. I so miss being able to just invite her in for a cup of tea. However, she rang me later on and we had a long chat.

Reading about you PharmaT, I feel so sorry that someone would take that attitude towards you, in fact it makes me feel angry. The person who complained must be really petty, they should be grateful that people like you are keeping things going not moaning about where they thought you were going. I hope your hands are better for the cream, it doesn't sound vain at all, it must be awful.

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