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Re: Diary > Thursday 30th April
« Reply #9 on: Friday 01 May 20 18:45 BST (UK) »
I find it so frustrating as normally acts of kindness mean  you do something for someone,have direct contact etc,but this is so distant.
I phone lonely people ,my 93 year old neighbour almost every morning .
Check on relatives etc .
Always ask neighbours have they everything they need,because I can give things that I am well stocked with and other stuff  I can manage without but to date everyone has been alright.
Hope the lockdown is not ended too early or all we seem to have gained could  be lost .
I think the country will be in a great depresssion ,and without a recent history of making  do and  mending ,cutting your coat according to your cloth,etc etc.
We oldies remember well the pre war austerity that was the norm when we were children and teenagers.
Todayís youngsters have not known that.
But they sometimes surprise you donít they.
Somehow or other the country will get through, we have done it before and will again, even though things are very different.
I would not wish the poverty that was the norm pre war, on anyone.
Hope everyone is well and bearing up,especially those working to look after others.