Author Topic: Diary - Friday 1st May  (Read 349 times)

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Diary - Friday 1st May
« on: Friday 01 May 20 23:45 BST (UK) »
The start of a new month... spring lambs, sunshine and flowers and promise of better times to come... let's hope so!

Today much like any other day .... everytime we decided we'd go out for a walk the heavens opened and kept us indoors... never mind!
OH has his millennium jigsaw to do and I hardly had a peep out of him all day... I could have been in the house on my own, usually I like that when he goes off to play golf I get the place to myself but today I felt edgy all day couldn't really settle much..
Managed to get some washing done and out on the line keeping my fingers crossed it wasn't going to pour again...
I was going to do my Yogalates this morning but OH was on the lap top so after swanning around in my dressing gown for far to long to be decent I went and had a nice hot shower and washed my hair... been trying not to do it too often as the shampoo I use comes from my hairdresser and he's closed! It's lovely stuff and after I had sepsis 4 years ago and my hair started to fall out he recommended it and now my hair is thicker than it was before!
By now it's lunch time, neighbour came with bits of shopping from her c & c Waitrose shop.... nice fresh fruit and nibbles to have with our drinks as w/e treat.... oh dear how sad!
Decided to do some cooking so made a lemon drizzle cake and chicken, ham, leek and mushroom with tarragon for a pie for dinner.
Only half watched today's briefing, good to see testing figures are up but staggered to hear that people coming in to the country by plane are having no tests, no track and trace and no requests for isolation.. incredible!.
Watched some tv... gardeners world ... not much else worth watching, did some knitting... another day gone with very little to show for it...
Definitely out for a walk tomorrow come hell or high water!

Keep safe everyone

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Re: Diary - Friday 1st May
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 02 May 20 00:14 BST (UK) »
I am astounded the the UK is allowing flights into the country without any controls whatsoever. Here, anyone entering the country is quarantined in hotels for 14 days. It is so unfair on UK residents who are confined to their homes, when there is so much potential for the virus being continually brought in from elsewhere.  >:(

On a lighter note, have you searched the web to see if you can buy your special shampoo online? I donít think there is much that you canít find online these days. Obviously a UK supplier with stock in the country is preferable to ordering from abroad, though as you say there are plenty of flights, maybe there wonít be any delays in orders arriving from other countries.  :-\

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Re: Diary - Friday 1st May
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 02 May 20 08:45 BST (UK) »
Didn't post in the diary thread for a couple of days as not much to report.  Wednesday all I really did was feed the kids because i was so tired.  Thursday I didn't achieve much because I spent the day nagging about school work.

Got a bit more housework done today, and the wee one read me a bedtime story (was the only way to get her to practice her reading.  The girls copied you tube videos of the Lets Dance  game for Pe because the wee one was getting annoyed with Joe Wicks and I've decided to pick my battles.  The older one also did a full strength and abs workout set by her coach.  On top of that she has ticked off everything on her to do list for school apart from one task that's due on Tuesday and she's half way through that.  Had a quick take out the freezer and shove in oven kind of dinner tonight.
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Re: Diary - Friday 1st May
« Reply #3 on: Saturday 02 May 20 10:32 BST (UK) »
Caroline - it does feel very uplifting to read about all your industry in making bands and knitting in recent posts.  Your posts (and some others) and some articles in the press really point to how much good is being done and that things are not all doom and gloom.  It really helps create a feeling of togetherness at this time and highlights that we are all looking out for and supporting each other.

When my Grandson was due to be born things went pear shaped at one point but his life was saved by the NHS (RVI Hospital in Newcastle).  I remember that after birth a little knitted hat made by some anonymous, kindhearted person was placed on his head to keep his temperature up.  A little hat - and we were all very grateful to the anonymous person who made it - even though we have never known who they were.  Perhaps your sewing and knitting will help save lives, Caroline?  I would just like to say thank you anyway for all you are doing.  I know the recipients (families of the babies/front line workers) will thank you in their hearts .. you, their anonymous provider.  I am sure they will never forget your kind gesture just as we will never forget that someone once made a simple little hat which contributed in bringing our little one through to safety.


Woke up very early and had cereal and almost as a treat, had two cups of tea as it is a day off, so I can!!.  Initially, I found it hard to motivate myself for the day ahead so I wrote out a list of possible options which could fall into the category of 'should do/could do' to focus myself.  At the end of the day, I realised my list was a bit ambitious and that I might have to spread things out over the weekend as I ran out of steam in getting everything completed.

I started with the easiest thing first which was washing and getting this pegged out.  Next was paying bills and shopping for food.

There was a big queue outside the supermarket and at one point it didn't appear to be moving, so I got out my Kindle to look at RootsChat.   I was just starting to get engrossed when I heard a somewhat agitated voice behind me saying "Excuse me!  Excuse me!".  I looked up to see what the problem was and noticed that now I was socially distancing from the person in front by about 200 metres.  Well, I don't know if it was thereabouts that distance, I have never been a great one for maths, but I had fallen back quite a bit.  So I apologised and swiftly moved up.  Yikes!

I also treated myself to two books whilst shopping and this made me feel very happy.  When my book pile is running low I tend to feel a bit anxious like someone who looks in their food cupboard and sees that there is practically nothing there.

Whilst out I see that my local bank has reopened its doors, which feels reassuring.  I got a text message from them a little while back along the lines of 'our doors are closed .. but we are still here for you!'

I needed to go to the post office.  However, when I got there I saw a notice on the door which related that due to unforseen circumstances this was closed.  I saw through the glass that there was a man behind the counter and a woman standing nearby and I wanted to ask if there might be another post office open or if all might be shut.  However, they refused to come near the door and just pointed, unhelpfully, I felt, to the sign.  Several more people came and I told them that the office was closed and pointed at the sign.  One man spluttered "Closed! Closed?  What does that mean then?" .  Before I could answer another man, quite deadpan answered "It means .. it's not open".  "Oh, I see," said the first man.

After lunch as the weather is so nice I managed to get all the garden grass cut.  I am very pleased that the grasscutter men have now also got all our local public grass areas back to normal appearance.  It does feel somewhat calming to see things back to normal and not spiralling out of control so if any grasscutter workers are reading this please be assured your efforts are very much appreciated!

After this I did a little housework with the aid of some music that I could dance/sing along to.  After this it was tea time.  After tea, I realised I had ran out of steam for items on my list and decide list can be be spread over weekend.  I feel quite satisfied at what I have done though, especially with regard to cutting the grass.

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Re: Diary - Friday 1st May
« Reply #4 on: Saturday 02 May 20 16:20 BST (UK) »
Edinburgh's Beltane Fire Festival was scrubbed this year "You'll have had your Beltane!"  ;D
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Re: Diary - Friday 1st May
« Reply #5 on: Saturday 02 May 20 22:03 BST (UK) »
PharmaT, I'm writing this on Saturday so hope you're not quite so exhausted today. RTL, you did make me laugh at your tale of the events at the post office, nothing like stating the obvious eh?!  ;D
You sounded quite upbeat yesterday, hope that's continued. Do you always buy your books at the shop? I buy ones from Amazon for my Kindle but also buy second hand paperbacks as I like to read in the bath. That means I'm always reading two different books. I've had some that are in excellent condition and are much cheaper secondhand. Not in such excellent condition when I've finished them but I do pass them on to friends or the charity shop.

I don't have much idea about what I did on Friday. I had a few things on my mind so it wasn't that great a day. Usual walk, was a lovely morning, decided in the afternoon to get out in the garden, sit in the sun for a while reading then do some gardening. No sooner had I got outside than it clouded over. Did some gardening then came indoors and did some housework. The rest is just a vague memory although I did manage to lock the front door, unlike the night before when I'd gone to bed and left it unlocked all night. Perhaps it was my subtle way of rebelling against lockdown! I also remember that I put some earrings in, not because anyone was going to see me but in case the holes started to close over.
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