Author Topic: Wednesday < 13 May 2020  (Read 305 times)

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Wednesday < 13 May 2020
« on: Wednesday 13 May 20 20:47 BST (UK) »
Hi all  - hope everything continues to remain well for you all

Today's diary:

Slightly earlier start today as I had to get to the bank before noon but didn't want to miss my routine park walk.

A slightly different mob in the park today mainly Mums' and children and a couple of dog walkers.  I am now on nodding terms with two older couples and a older lady who has a very strenuous looking exercise routine.  Noticed  two Mum's obviously taking the government up with their new directive that you can meet with one other person outside your own house hold if you social distance in the open.  This seemed  great then I noticed each had a tot with them (say about 3 years old ish) they were off playing together.  I had to smile. Someone else was trying to access the tennis courts but they were still firmly locked.  Noticed that one of the many neighbouring gates that access the park directly had been painted blue!  I had to do a double take!  There are a number of houses that back onto the park and most have installed  their own gates. All are either just  natural colour or painted brown.  I can't believe I missed the blue gate and am sure that was done in the last 24 hours!  If not I must be going 'do-maley'.  :-[

I had a companion on my walk today! One of my lot.  It was good that I was able to get her up and out of bed, but she's not really a great walking companion.  Conversation nil and my attempts to try and have an interesting conversation fell on deaf ears. 

Once back in I had to get changed, makeup on (!) and quickly into town to get to the bank before 12. It's a real problem as the local car parks aren't open so I do have to walk.  Long queue but managed to get my banking done.  Then over to M&S to get some top up shopping in.  Quite exhausted by the time I got back.  A marked increase in traffic for sure, but didn't think M&S or the town was particularly busy at all.  Did bring my 'mask' but reluctant to wear it, however no-one else seemed to have one on either, only the odd one or two.

Had lunch and sorted the shopping out.  I didn't bother with any clean down and got it all sorted and put away.

Have been trying to get some family history research written up, did some scanning and doubled checked some notes.

Moved the hoover around.

Mr CD has been busy ordering goodness only knows what as two very large boxes were delivered late this afternoon.  I left them in the porch as they are far, far to heavy to move.

A salmon stir fry tonight and later some telly.

Stay safe!

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Re: Wednesday < 13 May 2020
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 13 May 20 22:37 BST (UK) »
A better day for me than yesterday.

I'm not a morning person at the best of times and there's nothing pressing these days so I didn't do much in the morning. Was thinking quite a lot about how I should have been flying off to Cyprus today for a fortnight's holiday.  :(

Made sure I went for my walk before lunch, the sun was out but disappearing behind some clouds when I came back. I usually walk fast to get breathless but don't run. My brother is quite a bit older than me and last night he told me how far he ran, I thought I'd see how I got on, I alternated fast walking with running. Will try and build that up.

Home for lunch then made some pasta sauce, put in lots of cherry tomatoes and peppers, put it in the slow cooker so I didn't have to keep an eye on it. Then out in the garden to remove the bits of ivy that my neighbour has killed, when I'd done that I put the plastic sheet across that bit of fence and nailed it on. It wasn't long before I was aware that what I was doing was being investigated. Put a trellis across it and pulled the surviving ivy across that so that it can't be touched from the other side of the fence. The clematis is looking worse every day, I'm still upset about my garden being vandalised in this way.

Cut the lawn and tried to get the cuttings into the bin that's already stacked with weeks' worth of garden rubbish and all the bits of dead ivy. I hope the collections start again soon. Washed out and refilled the birdbath so the little tweety things can have a drink or a bath.

Came indoors and had a look at Rootschat and emails. Cooked some pasta, mixed it with some leftover chicken from the freezer and the pasta sauce, it was lovely if I say so myself. Will freeze the rest of the sauce for another time.

Watched TV, had a glass of wine because I fancied one. I'd made a lsit of things I wanted to do today, I didn't do any of them but nevertheless I felt my day was quite productive.

Over to you  :)
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Re: Wednesday < 13 May 2020
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 13 May 20 23:10 BST (UK) »

Well, I didn't need to worry about a mass rush of passengers this morning after all.  I was the only one on when I boarded and just a few what seemed to be pensioners boarded thereafter en route.

I have been waiting at the bus station waiting for a bus to take me home.  Can't wait to get in and go to bed .. I feel like I could fall asleep now standing up, I am so tired.

I had to hide behind a board at the bus station as a man at a nearby stand  was shouting and swearing and I didn't want to attract his attention.  It sometimes doesn't feel too safe at the station late at night these days when there are less people about.  Although, I have heard there is CCTV. 

Never mind I am now safely on the bus.  It did feel like it was taking forever for the bus to arrive though.

I think when I do get around to writing my Mass Observation diary for this year the buses and the subject of lack of toilets en route will definitely feature.

Roobarb, I am glad to hear you have had a much better day today.   :)

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Re: Wednesday < 13 May 2020
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 13 May 20 23:40 BST (UK) »
Roobarb - thanks for your concern and I'm pleased to hear you've had a better day today too... I think this cold weather hasn't helped my lack lustre feeling after several weeks of warm sunshine... having spent a large part of my life living in warm African countries I still get affected with cold and definitely dull weather....

RTL - glad to hear your buses weren't swamped with people unlike the London transport system... so glad my daughter and SiL can work from home...

CD Hope Mt CD enjoys the contents if his boxes!

I definitely admire you all going out for daily walks can't say I do it every day I'm afraid.

Today's diary

All intentions of getting the house cleaned went out the window today....
once up and faffing around in my dressing gown, read for a while after breakfast... good book can't put it down!

OH swatting up on lawn mowers!
The wife of one of his golf buddies runs an on line garden tool business and it's gone through the roof... she's done last years turnover in a month 😳😳 and had said she'd sort out a mower once he'd chosen what he wanted... so now it's all sorted and ordered so he's a happy bunny!

Decided we'd go for a walk, dressed quickly wrapped up as it was quite chilly and windy... thought of you Roobarb as my hands were cold and wished I'd worn my gloves!  We did the long walk 6 miles felt much better after it too. There was certainly a lot more traffic on the road we cross out of the village today.

Late lunch and sat in the conservatory to finish my book as it was nice and warm in there...

OH over the moon as he can now go up the golf club to play... only with one other person and only 9 holes ... so he's playing tomorrow morning with one chap then on Saturday morning with his other golfing partner...
Yipeeee.... I'll have the house to myself and I can go through it like a dose of salts!

You'll be pleased to hear Roobarb we had that bung it all in one pot fish dish with pesto etc I mentioned the other week this time with cod..

Watched a programme about the WWII Tanks... second one tonight, was interested as last nights all about them in western desert and battles around Tobruk ( where I lived) and El Alamein ... Dad was in ROAC in Egypt and as a fluent Arab speaker heavily involved with vehicle distribution and my mum was a decoder in British Embassy in Cairo... I have seen him on various tv programmes about that area before which has been amazing!

Watched The Repair Shop and The Sewing Bee... had enough after that so time for bed...

Looks like weathers going to improve by w/e so looking forward to that!

Love reading everyone else's diaries, it makes you feel were all in thus together...
Stay safe and watch out for all the other idiots!
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