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Diary - Friday 15th May
« on: Friday 15 May 20 23:08 BST (UK) »
Today has been a better day and I hope for Roobarb, RTL ,Cd, Pharma and others who post their daily diary...

Was awake early again, read for a while then heard OH up so I got up too...
Sun was shining and I felt much better...

Usual breakfast then did some laundry, bits in the kitchen...

Decided I'd make an early start on the sewing front but was interrupted by OH who had decided to bake some bread using the fresh yeast I'd got from the bakers... first we had to look up to see how to calculate how much to use as he normally uses the dried stuff... crumble up add bit of sugar add little milk or water and wait 5-20 mins for it to start fizzing...
Men aren't very patient are they... well thus one isn't... as it had been kept in the fridge I did say it might need extra time... well it started fizzing after about 19-15 mins... if it hadn't no good to use..
So there I am rushing round the kitchen getting oil, pans, scales, water.... who's making this bread anyway!
It's put in a bowl with t towel over it and within the hour it's more than doubled in size... knocked back divided into two loaves and left on tray for final proving...
in the oven and the smell wafting round the house is really making my mouth water... we have wait half an hour after it's cooked so it's not too doughy to slice... ☹️☹️
It tastes like heaven... white flour mixed with grannery... we have half the crust and a couple of slices with butter AND cheese.. 😱😱😁😁 not good for my diet but who cares today!
Lunch over... whole house smells like a bakery
Upstairs to do more sewing now onto my 7th set of scrubs ...
OH taking old mower to bits so he's able to dispose of it... recycle centre open next week for essential... what are essentials... old mower?! They're not able to help you lift and only one person can get out of the car...
OH now trying to do another 1000 piece jigsaw... Terry Pratchett one... its b.....y hard only done outside going to take him a month of Sunday's this one.. if he doesn't throw it out the window first!
Dinner BBQ pork chops with roasted peppers, mushrooms, onions and courgette tossed in oil and herbs.
Early night as tired...
Didn't watch the briefing today as listened on the radio.... not sure about how they're going to sort out the schools...
I don't understand why they're reintroducing the congestion charge in London if they want to try and keep people off public transport.

Another day gone....

Stay safe everyone.. how was your day?

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Re: Dairy - Friday 15th May
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 16 May 20 08:38 BST (UK) »
Well done Caroline for making the bread AND getting back to the sewing despite sabotaged plans.

I TOTALLY agree regarding congestion charges in London... if anyone had still been in doubt about commerce being the primary consideration of the powers in UK during this global crisis, then they need wonder no longer!

During the initial shopping panic when all the shelves were cleared, I was forced to buy Lidl oats for my daily breakfast porridge.  I think they are smoother, so I shall probably continue with them.

After a video chat with some chums in the North, we took a walk over to the nearby nature reserve at lunchtime. The heron was sunning itself on the roof of the hut which has been built for kingfishers to nest in. That may deter the kingfishers I fear, but I got some good photos of the heron.

After a sandwich lunch I sat on the balcony to read. It was so windy I was very cold though in full sun, but persevered, as you do!!  :)  I very much enjoyed Tracy Chevalier's "Edge of the Orchard".

Salmon and veges for tea, then a late evening pleasant walk along the beach, which was fairly quiet after 8 p.m.  From our vantage point we can monitor the beach and park; noticeably busier than last week, and we expect mayhem over the weekend, as the barriers to the car parks have been unlocked, though the toilets remain closed.

Using catch up TV we watched the last episode of the Norwegian drama "Twin" which I found intriguing but sub titles annoy me.

Thence to bed.

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Re: Dairy - Friday 15th May
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 16 May 20 11:32 BST (UK) »
Hope everyone is still keeping well.  Was sooo tired yesterday hence late entry!

Diary: Usual, usual in the morning. Park quiet as it is a Friday ( ;D) Again really it's the Mum's with small children.  Not much in the way of vibrant colour but the park is lush and green, and somewhat shaggy.  A bit like myself - I'm just desperate to get my hair cut.  I notice that the courts are now open and being used!

Had to get back home fairly promptly today as I have a telephone call 'meeting'.  It is time to get  one of the voluntary programmes I am involved with and that is normally public facing back on track.  I have been trying to put together a 'digitial' option to get things moving again.

Have dreadful hayfever today and have had to take a tablet.  Something I rarely do.

A bit more deskwork and preparation for tea.  Homemade burgers and what is left of salady stuff.  Had to phone in my farm shop order which just seems to take an age.  So at least some more veggie stuff being collection tomorrow.

As it is Friday ( ;D) it is Andrew Lloyd Webber night.  We have been enjoying all his musicals that he has been showing for free on his youtube channel...well all except last week's which some Bertie & Wooster thing.  Anyway it was Cats, which we loved.  But I gather this is the last one.  I suppose as the world lurches back into some normalcy all these little 'perks' will stop.

Watched the news and a bit of Gogglebox and then wearily headed for bed.

Stay safe!

PS - Breadmaking reminded me of my childhood.  We made bread this way.  Not often as it such a palaver!  But sounded yummy.

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Re: Diary - Friday 15th May
« Reply #3 on: Saturday 16 May 20 14:13 BST (UK) »
Yes, a better day thanks Caroline. Well done with the bread, your comment about men having no patience reminded me of something a colleague used to often say - 'Patience is a virtue, seldom found in women and never in men'! I think perhaps she had the same frustrations with her husband.

I don't have the excuse of being tired for my late posting, I just couldn't be bothered last night.  :-[

Slept for nine hours and was feeling better, also felt better for washing my hair. Decided to go for my walk later as there were things I wanted to do and haven't been getting round to them later on. Despite getting sidetracked on Rootschat I managed to switch my energy provider (yet again!) as Martin Lewis had told me I was paying too much. At least that was one thing I could cross off my to do list.

Had lunch quite late, was keen to go for my walk and almost went before tidying the kitchen but stopped myself, no need to get slovenly and I wouldn't want to come back to it looking a mess. By the time I'd done that and a couple of other domestic things it had got round to 2.30.

It was a cool day and quite cloudy although the sun was warm when it did occasionally come out. Went into the woods, had walked a little way when two young girls, early teens I'd say, came cycling towards me. I stood back amongst the trees and they both thanked me, it sounds pathetic to say it made my day but it did. Then a man on a bike also thanked me for standing back, a bit later three younger men riding three abreast didn't even seem to notice I was there but it didn't matter after the people earlier being nice.

Back home and went out in the garden to do some jobs. Upset again to see that the damage to my ivy is even more extensive than I thought, I don't know whether it's been done later or just taking effect.  I don't know how people like that can live with themselves. She wasn't out in her garden though and I felt so much more relaxed being able to tend to my garden without being observed, no screeching children around either, it was very peaceful.

Decided to have some leftover roast chicken for my tea, did lots of veg and Yorkshire puddings. I buy the frozen puds these days, not worth making them for myself and too wasteful, I haven't managed to get good results from freezing my own. I must add that I can make great Yorkshire puddings, wouldn't dare show my face around here if I couldn't!

I'd ordered frozen blueberries in my supermarket delivery as I have berries and yogurt every day. They were substituted with mixed fruit salad, it was okay but I won't be ordering it again after I've finished the two packs. Must remember to indicate no substitutes next time.

TV, Rootschat and a glass of wine, was reading in bed till late.

That's it!
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