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Woodwards of Hinckley
« on: Tuesday 19 May 20 10:16 BST (UK) »
I posted regarding my Siddons and or Norris family --- but they are so difficult to work.

So went down the family line to see what else needed sorting....

and saw that my John Siddon 1780 - 1856 was married to a Mary Gunn --- who is the daughter of:
William Gunn and Sarah Woodward.

So I had nothing on Sarah Woodward my 5th gg born Hinckley..

So decided to follow her line..

WOW  5 gens later up to 10 gens all Thomas Woodward... and with Wills and baptisms and other bits and pieces leading to a Johans  Woodward  from around 1590 ish  cannot find him as yet.. but the others are all from Hinckley and around.. and are Cordwainers etc.... so STILL have lots to research and verify..

BUT my main reason for posting this discovery is:

MY grandparents were Maud and Bob... right   --
Maud born Barwell and proud of her country background.
Bob born Leicester with no knowledge at all of anything other than Belgrave area as a child.

NOW yes most of Nans rellies are from 75% of the villages bordering Leicestershire  .. and that was expected and wonderful..
BUT (again) my discoveries regarding Bob my Grandad are that his line  - is also from the same areas ... on two separate branches   his Fathers Mothers were from Hinckley (and Nuneaton)  his MOTHER who lived in Belgrave all her life is part of the Siddons' which lead to the Woodwards' and Hinckley..

So I am convinced they were destined to meet ... even tho... they met on Abbey Park and niether one knew that the other had these connections..

They lived the longest fulfilled life until they were touching 90 and they were special so so special xxxxxxxxxxx 

Just felt I wanted to share that there is a bloomin reason in life for the connections that we have nothing to do with...

Referring to the what if post by Pharma   ..

they wouldn't have met (maybe) if My Nan's mother hadn't died of TB at a young age and Nan sent away to live with her Aunt in Leicester  when her father remarried..

ho hum xxx