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Re: Grants and Will
« Reply #18 on: Saturday 23 May 20 12:57 BST (UK) »
That was quick! It sounds quite an interesting situation - though actually I think the estate would have been shared between all 15 first cousin lines, and for the ones who had died, their descendants. (But I'm not a lawyer, so don't take this as definite.)

that's interesting - I assumed that as only one first cousin was still alive when my 'aunt' died all her estate would go to this first cousin.  I wonder if the other cousins and their descendants got anything?
(I'm not a descendant of one of the 15 first cousins.)
In fact the cousin who was alive (or her daughter who held Power of Attorney) may not be aware who all the other cousins were. I'm not sure how much money etc. mu aunt would have left - he wasn't wealthy and I'm not sure if she owned the smallholding where she farmed.  Also if she had the means she would have had to for her Residential Care.
Many thanks.