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Diary - Thursday 21st May
« on: Friday 22 May 20 08:44 BST (UK) »
It just goes to show that the days blend into one another as I didn't know what the date was and had to look it up!

Two things have certainly become more noticeable over the weeks that we've all been, mostly, confined to our local area.
One is the wildlife and bird song has increased as its not being drowned out by traffic noise.
Secondly because of the good weather in the area I live in the skies have been clear blue with very little cloud and no noise from aircraft.

But now sadly as I write this I can again hear the noise of traffic. Despite living in a small village we do have a main road nearby. It was once an A road before the building of the A14 and since has been classified as a B road but sadly it's still used a great deal by commercial traffic trying to avoid the congestion on the A14.

Thursday started in the same way as every other morning since our enforced remain at home request with a slight feeling of apathy... with no social events to look forward to the days stretch into ones of emptiness and missing the company of family and friends.

The gardens looking the best it's ever looked and all outside jobs that needed doing have now been done.

The house inside is up to scratch with all cupboards sorted and cleaned just leaving the usual weekly dusting, polishing, hoovering etc....

Fortunately the weather has been exceptional, for this time of year, almost as if it's said ....well we have to cheer people up somehow and allow them to enjoy the garden as there's not much else going on at the moment. So for that I'm thankful and it does  encourage me to get up in the mornings.

I've never been a very good sleeper but over these weeks I've found my sleep patterns all over the place ...
I can read till the early hours of the morning and still wake early but not feel tired... or have restless nights when I seem to be awake more than I'm asleep.... but still not tired...
are our body clocks being reset because we're not rushing around, keeping appointments, constantly looking at the clock...
Now it's get up when you wake, eat when you're hungry, go to bed when your weary... I very rarely look at the clock so often have no idea of the time...
Only when we've got a Zoom or FaceTime planned do I check the time!

The sun was shining again and it was going to be another hot day.
I sat outside to eat my breakfast as it was already warm..

After doing some household chores I decided it was time to do some Yogalates... I spent the next hour and half going through our teachers latest videos and felt good afterwards and more relaxed.
As I'm not able to pay her for the sessions as a thank you I decided I'd have some flowers sent to her with a little note of appreciation for trying to keep us all fit and healthy.

I'd also managed to find the hair products I usually buy from my hairdresser online so ordered some as I've no idea when hairdressers will reopen...

I also ordered some of the natural face cream I use... the small company is in a village not far and they usually deliver... I wonder if they still will or perhaps it'll come by post...

How exciting to be able to spend a little money on things that aren't food!

Lunch usual sandwich sitting outside and read for a while until it got too hot..

Up to my work room to continue with the next two sets of scrubs...listened to the radio ...

Time for shower and dinner... decided I'd put a dress on and look more human than in just any old thing... no chance to look decent these days so thought I'd make the effort!
BBQ steak and sausage with salad sitting outside...
Out at 8pm to clap and have a chat with neighbours who now only see once a week...
Watched tv.... Killing Eve.... it gets more bizarre with every episode, Jodie Comer is such a good actress, her facial expressions are wonderful along with her accents...

I wonder how others are finding this continued isolation and if you feel like I do?

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Re: Diary - Thursday 21st May
« Reply #1 on: Friday 22 May 20 12:45 BST (UK) »
Caroline, so many of your comments resonate with me. I regularly wake up and have no idea what day it is, although the last couple of Saturdays I've been convinced it was Sunday. Like you, I feel so apathetic about life, nothing to look forward to, no idea when I'll have the company of another human being. I too, have strange sleep and waking patterns, at first I was sleeping really heavily for many hours. More recently I've had some nights when I couldn't get to sleep but that's been because of the vandalism to my garden. I've had some mornings when I've woken up late and a couple of early ones this week, that's not so unusual for me at this time of year, I go back into hibernation mode in autumn. As far as all cupboards etc being sorted .... well they're still on my to do list! Eating and sleeping when I want isn't unusual for me, living alone means I don't have to cater to anyone else's habits. I hope today is proving more positive for you

My diary for Thursday:

Up earlier, usual walk, not too many people about. Was cloudy but the sun had started to come out. 
Back home, can't really remember what I did then as I'm writing Thursday's diary on Friday. Had lunch at some point. Went out to cut the front lawn, it was getting a bit messy. The young woman over the road said hello, she works at the leisure centre I go to, she said she's missing work and is bored. I told her that I'm not bored, just fed up.

Dug all the narcissi and (mostly dead) pansies out of the flower beds, I have nothing to put in them, I'd usually be putting in bedding plants. Took the bulbs through to the back garden for the rest of the foliage to die down. Had some good news yesterday, the council will be emptying the garden waste bins on Sunday, hooray.

Got my lounging chair out, dressed in usual sunbathing attire with Kindle at hand. Got a phone call, didn't want to talk outside with ears flapping next door, brought me back indoors for some time, too late to resume sunbathing after that.

Wasn't hungry till relatively late, hadn't long finished before it was time to go outside and clap. Nasty neighbour and her daughter were out there clapping, their hypocrisy makes me angry. If the daughter had lived alone and been self isolating it might be more forgivable that she should decide to come and stay with her mother for several days, but neither of those apply.

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Re: Diary - Thursday 21st May
« Reply #2 on: Friday 22 May 20 13:30 BST (UK) »
Whilst I always read the daily Diary have not contributed since my days seem somewhat mundane compared to most of the contributors!  However, feeling a little self-satisfied as I assembled a DIY bathroom cabinet that I must have bought almost a year ago - looked too difficult to do myself when I first unpacked it and so the various pieces have been looking at me for quite some time.   Monday I decided to 'seize the day' and finally, albeit slowly, was able to put it together.   About to paint the bathroom so needed to do it now and not 'manana'.   

Although I have all the time in the world right now my favourite word is still 'manana'.   I guess it's another word for 'laziness' when it comes to myself.

Since I am 72 and high-risk have not been out since shutdown - until Tuesday!   Although I have started my car and let it run a few times my brother in law said I ought to go out and give it a good run.   However, I was terrified the battery may suddenly die on me so didn't want to do a journey on my own.   Stephen agreed to follow me with jump leads to hand if needed so that's what we did.    I needed to get some cash from ATM so drove to supermarket on outskirts of town, parked right beside it leaving engine still running, donned my gloves and luckily there was no one else there.   Got my money and then drove onto the bypass and finally entered the town from another direction and came home.   

Yesterday, my sister got some bedding plants for me and I really am so grateful.   She brought them over late afternoon.   Pots will soon be full of colour again.

My only exercise is walking to the rear of our car park (I live in a flat), or walking around said car park!

At 8pm I clapped out of my study window as I usually do.   Then did some of the current jigsaw (a particularly difficult one), some TV, some Rootschat and then a read in bed.  Trouble is, if it's a book I'm really enjoying I don't want to stop reading and can be 3 or 4am before I go to sleep.

Stay safe, everyone.


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Re: Diary - Thursday 21st May
« Reply #3 on: Friday 22 May 20 16:02 BST (UK) »
Hello. I very much agree with Caroline's thoughts, and couldn't really have put it any better.

It was a lovely warm and cloudless day yesterday and I enjoyed our walk along the coast a bit further than usual to some high ground looking over the bay.  We had to walk along the road as the actual coastal path is too narrow for passing at a social distance, but I love this time of year with very beautiful flowers and blossom everywhere.

Sitting on that grassy plain and gazing out over the sea we noticed some blue flowers in the grass and wandered over for a closer look.  I was really surprised that among the white clover were many bluebells, but all of them only about 6cm tall.  Clear evidence of rabbits too. 

The rest of the day was much as usual, though I can report the beach and prom were not overly busy during the afternoon, and the vehicle traffic was certainly double that of the same time last week, which was double that of the same the week before.

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Re: Diary - Thursday 21st May
« Reply #4 on: Friday 22 May 20 16:20 BST (UK) »
I am getting confused and answering on the wrong days.
All stocked up but there is always some little thing I think of too late.
But it is more something I want than something I need.
Have not had a statement for my foreign pension ,but Bank explained that as staff working from home I will not get one,but as I am all set up for online banking!!!! Well that is news to me!
Anyway I will get something acceptable re tax man as it is counted as unearned foreign income!
Why is it always people who toe the line etc who get the hassle over relatively small amounts.?

Gosh windy today..
No  idea what to do for tea, maybe some smoked salmon and pasta,tagliatelle,  with olives and cream pesto sauce.
I have money in my purse from well before the lockdown and whilst I do not like the new plastic ,won’t lie flat in my purse notes,I can wash them to pay neighbours if they do an errand for me.
Now that is a term I have not heard for years “ errand”.
The weekly grocery shop,all carried home by women or little kids like me a slave ,driven by a cruel heartless mother!
I loved shopping , but meat, no Mum would not trust me to shop for that.

Mind you most shopping was corner shop shopping and not far from your home.The main thing was cleanliness , as there were so many corner shops
in close proximity you could pick and choose .
If the shop cat sat on the butter,well no ,Mum would not patronise that shop.
No price wars etc,it was so much easier in many ways.

Well folk ,off to put the last lot of washing on the madly dancing lines .
Cheerio ,and another week gone by.
Hope you are all well and safe.


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Re: Diary - Thursday 21st May
« Reply #5 on: Friday 22 May 20 16:27 BST (UK) »

Just  trying to catch up


Thankfully, the first bus that came along after my nightshift was a double decker so there was no trouble with boarding.  I had no trouble in getting on second bus either although these morning buses do seem busier now. 

The other day there was a lady working for the bus company who told me that she was 'monitoring' the buses.  She told me this when I left stand D to ask if she might know why the bus I wanted was running a little late.  "You need to go to stand D" she said.  (I knew that, perhaps she hadn't noticed that I had approached her from stand D). "It hasn't been yet.".  I tried to politely her know that I  knew this too and that I just wanted to know if she knew if it would definitely be coming.  She was quite affirmative in confirming that it would be coming and added that she was 'monitoring'.  I wanted to ask about the monitoring such as was she monitoring the timing or the number of passengers or whatnot?  However, I didn't want her to think I was a right nosey parker asking loads of questions so I didn't pursue this.  As it turned out the bus wasn't too late.  I saw her glance up when the bus pulled up and then she hurriedly began writing.  I don't know what this was all about but it does feel reassuring that the bus company appears to be keeping an eye on things, whatever this might be.

I saw that there was a notice stuck up on the second bus home today relating that it has come to the attention of the bus company that there are some passengers who are engaging in repeated and unnecessary travel.  The notice went on to relate that the bus company intends to report such people to the police.  I think the bus company is right to try deter people from unnecessary travel and promote safety.   I know I would not be very happy if I could not get to or from work because the seat I could have had was taken by someone possibly out for a joy ride.  However, the notice also makes me feel a little perturbed.  It feels a bit like we are in a Big Brother scenario and once again I can't help thinking how surreal this all seems.  Just a couple of months ago, I never would have dreamt that travelling on a public bus could possibly be a reportable to the police incident.  Strange times indeed!

By the time I got in I had a stotting headache, which I attributed to over tiredness and dehydration.  I felt much better a short while after taking some pain killers and had something to drink.  Then once I had had some sleep as well I felt totally right as rain again.

I went out again to clap at 8pm along with others in my street.  I was pleased to notice that there were no fireworks this week. There was some car hooting and cheers.

I finished the night with some more reading of 'Doomsday Book' by Connie Willis, a story about a time traveller called Kivrin who accidentally ends up in 1348 during the time of the Black Death.  The time Kivrin has come from (2054) is engulfed in a flu pandemic so there is reluctance to instigate a rescue attempt. The 2054 scenario is spookily like the time we are experiencing now!
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Re: Diary - Thursday 21st May
« Reply #6 on: Friday 22 May 20 17:08 BST (UK) »
Good to read your diary Annette, I think mine is pretty mundane, sometimes I think I could just write 'ditto'! But the minutiae of other people's days is interesting and has been said previously, these diaries give the feeling that we're all in it together and offer support.

RTL- good to know that the bus company is keeping an eye on things, I wouldn't worry about her thinking you're a nosey parker, they're providing a public service and you're a member of the public.  :)  And a loyal customer too. It's a bit thick that some people are taking repeat journeys, I can understand the need to get out, particularly for people like Annette whose exercise area is limited, but why can't they content themselves with once a day?

Your novel sounds interesting, spooky indeed! It's six quid to download at the moment but I'll be keeping an eye out for a Kindle price drop on it.
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