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« on: Saturday 06 June 20 17:26 BST (UK) »
Does anyone know how often Ancestry updates ones common ancestors?

Just added quite a few new people to my tree and I'm hoping to pick up a few more common ancestors...

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Re: common ancestors updates
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 06 June 20 17:33 BST (UK) »

It depends on how often others update their trees as well

Getting common ancestor hints

To get common ancestor hints, link your (public or private) family tree to your AncestryDNA® test and fill it out as much as possible. The more people you have in your tree, the more likely you are to share an ancestor in your family tree with a DNA match.

When a potential common ancestor is identified, we compare several aspects of the person in each match's tree: their names, birthdays, locations, parents, spouses, and children. If everything lines up, a hint is created.

Because common ancestor hints depend on information from family trees, they're only as accurate as the trees themselves.

Ancestry do tend to stretch credulity though by resorting to some very dubious trees.  It's always best to check the lines thoroughly.

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Re: common ancestors updates
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 07 June 20 11:57 BST (UK) »
I find that they can come in a couple of days after the update. You need to check your common ancestors list though. I don’t think they are being flagged on the new filter on ThruLines if it is an older match being updated with a common ancestor suggestion.
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