Author Topic: The last Civil War pensioner dies in 2020  (Read 478 times)

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Re: The last Civil War pensioner dies in 2020
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 09 June 20 00:36 BST (UK) »
My GGF served in Company A, 17th Volunteer Illinois Regiment.

The only artifacts I have are papers.  One looks like a certificate or evidence of his service.  The other is a Pay and Clothing Allowance page which proves he was at the Battle of Shiloh.  That's the one where General Grant was surprised and retreated on April 6, 1862 but obtained reinforcements the next day and won a great victory.

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Re: The last Civil War pensioner dies in 2020
« Reply #10 on: Tuesday 09 June 20 01:44 BST (UK) »
I had two gg-uncles in Company G of the 32nd Wisconsin Infantry, two in Company K of the 17th Wisconsin Infantry and two in Company D of the 21st Wisconsin Infantry.  Numerous other more distant relatives and in-laws also served in the Union Army mostly in units from Wisconsin, Maine or New York.  I have photos of some of them but no physical artifacts.
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Re: The last Civil War pensioner dies in 2020
« Reply #11 on: Tuesday 09 June 20 09:54 BST (UK) »
Wasnít Grant supposedly drunk at Shiloh?
Whatever a great victory.Somewhat back and forth over the same ground.
It is a long time since I saw the programmes ,I must watch them again, they are videos, and our player will do that but instructions lost and so will have to wait until son can come in to set it up for me.

Beauregard ,I seem to remember was rather ineffectual, but my memory may be amiss there.
I ought not to say that until I am sure .
The names are so biblical, Shiloh,Manasseh .
How poignant it must have been that the surrender was in the same farmhouse as the declaration of war, canít remember the name offhand.
Grant on Traveller ,all the Confederate troops patting the horse .
I had a wonderful book ,donít know what happened to it, written from the
horseís viewpoint, really informative and a really good read ,probably lent it !
Well thank you both , what an honour to have those connections , thanks for sharing.
Look up the song Lorena, it was much loved by both sides and indeed was banned by one as it really depressed the troops .
Longing for home and wives and sweethearts.
 Cheerio, thanks again .