Author Topic: Wooer or Wooar or possibly Ower - from around Eastry, Fredville and Nonington.  (Read 207 times)

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I'm currently hypothesising that my 11th great grandmother is one Jane Wooer who married John Castle on 3 October 1584 in Nonington. Ancestry has suggested that her father may be a Richard Ower of Eastry and her mother Elizabeth Boys, sister of a knight Sir John Boys and daughter of William Boys Esq. from Fredville (and Fredville Manor near Nonington). A grave inscription in Canterbury confirms Richard had a daughter Jane as well as another daughter Christian for whom I found a separate record with the surname Wooar.
I have a couple of questions:

Is it reasonable to consider the surname Ower as a version of Wooer or even Wooar?

While I have no idea of the occupation of Jane's husband (John Castle) or his societal standing, I have no reason to believe he was of Jane's (hypothesised) class (or perhaps I should say, to date, my ancestors have been farmers, etc, never of the upper echelons of society). Would it be unusual for a gentleman's daughter to marry say a farmer or is it plausible if a certain set of circumstances exist?

I probably have lots of other questions that haven't quite formulated yet so any observations or theories will be gratefully received. TIA

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