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Re: Good News
« Reply #9 on: Tuesday 16 June 20 16:48 BST (UK) »
Hospitals already use remdesivir, to treat Covid-19 it is said to shorten the duration of infection.
I assume they will now use Dexamethasone if the patient needs oxygen therapy or to go on a ventilator.

I was not meaning at the same time, the way I understood the recommendations was assessed patients would be given a short course of remdesivir, in one of the first stages by the time they need a ventilator it is too late to try remdesivir. The treatment with dexamethasone is for patients who require forced oxygen therapy or treatment on a ventilator machine.

Those requiring hospital admission for Covid-19 require either oxygen or oxygen and ventilation. (Some are treated with black box therapy, but they still need oxygen).

If remdesivir helps some of them, and dexamethasone helps some or them, then I would fully expect a trial into whether remdesivir and dexamethasone combined helps them, is dangerous, or needs dose adjustment. Which is what I suggested tongue in cheek in reply 3.

Anyway, it is fantastic news.

Regards Margaret
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Re: Good News
« Reply #10 on: Tuesday 16 June 20 20:41 BST (UK) »
This is groundbreaking news - absolutely wonderful. I think I'll go to to a rave to celebrate.*

* I'm jesting of course

The wonderful thing is that it's readily available, and easy to manufacture. It's been around since the 1960s too, so it must be good.

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