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Mary Ashdown
« on: Tuesday 16 June 20 23:52 BST (UK) »
Hi this is an update and revised version of a message I posted back in 2018.

I am trying to locate the christening of my ancestor Mary Ashdowne who married William Ovenden and hope someone here might be able to help. The following is a summary of what I know:

William Ovenden and Mary Ashdowne were  married in Rotherfield on 24 April 1683.

William Ovenden died in 1690 leaving a Will dated 20 April 1689. In his will William names the following people:

"Mary my loving wife"

"my brother John Ovenden and my brother in law William Ashdown"

"my son William" [who was under 21 at the time]

"William Butcher my uncle"

"my two daughter Mary and Elizabeth" [both were under 21]

He appoints his brother John Ovenden, and his brother in law William Ashdown as Executors, and then names his uncle Joseph Moone, his father in law William Ashdown, and cousin John Ovenden as Overseers.

William and Mary were married in 1683 and so I suspect Mary was probably born in the 1650s or 1660s.

Given that one of the overseers is William Ashdown, who is described as "my father in law", this along with the details in the will suggest the following:

Mary Ashdowne had a brother named Willliam Ashdown [who is the William described as "my brother in law" and that both were children of a William Ashdown snr [who is the William described by William Ovenden as "my father in law"]

Unfortunately despite extensive searching for 2 years now I have not found a William in the area who had a daughter named Mary and a son named William in the right time period.

There are, however, the following christenings in Rotherfield in the right time period for her christening

Mary Ashdowne - christened 1652 - daughter of John Ashdown
Mary Ashdowne - christened 10 May 1663 - daughter of John Ashdowne
Mary Ashdowne - christened 17 September 1665 - daughter of John and Mary Ashdowne

William Ashdowne - christened 2 February 1650 - daughter of John Ashdown

Several trees on Familysearch show Mary Ashdown who married William Ovenden as being the daughter of John Ashdown and not William Ashdown.

I am wondering if William Ovenden made a mistake and mixed up the name of his father in law and brother in law when making his will and ended up calling them both "William" in error. I've looked at both the registered copy of his will and the original copy of the will and in both the name of his father in law is clearly given as "William Ashdown" but I am now wondering if that might be a mistake.

What does everyone think? Could he have put the names down wrong?

Alternatively can anyone pinpoint a William Ashdown who was christening children in the 1650s and 1660s who had a son named William and a daughter named Mary?

Many Thanks for any help


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Re: Mary Ashdown
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 20 June 20 19:37 BST (UK) »
Scrub that read the date wrong
Webb (Sussex), Barham (Sussex, Norfolk/Suffolk), Day (Somerset), Rowett(Somerset, Cornwall), White (Leighlinbridge), Deane (Roscommon), Quinn (Roscommon)